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Choose The Beautiful Balcony Tiles

Choosing the beautiful tile pattern for the balcony is the question of many homeowners.

In particular, when people’s lives have improved remarkably today, the balcony is not simply a drying place as before. Today’s balcony tiles are like a relaxation space, separate entertainment for the house, a place to relax, have a few cups of coffee, read books, and admire the scenery.

A balcony is a place that is affected by seasonal weather, so when choosing tiles, homeowners should pay attention to choose a good waterproof, good resistance to temperature changes, reasonable size compared to space, non-slip ( in the rainy season), suitable for the general architecture of the house.

Today there are many types of balcony tiles

– Stone & Gravel Balcony Motifs – Often used on large balconies.
– Imitation wood tiles for balconies: they are used a lot, creating a feeling of closeness to nature while still enduring inclement weather.
– Encaustic cement tile with a checkered pattern, crisscross or complex shapes, is suitable for classic and neoclassical styles.
– Monochromatic balcony Pavimenti e rivestimenti in ceramica Italia, neutral color – This type of tile is used a lot in balcony tiles, and it is used a lot in modern style.
– Currently, the trend of tiling for balconies is going in the direction of the natural, original, simple but no less subtle. The tiles line is very popular in balcony tiling, highly appreciated by architects for its quality and aesthetics tiles.

Here are some pictures of the actual use of tile ceramic balcony tiles

Random tiled style

Like a story full of surprises and bright colors, the random layout allows the space owner to choose freely. This way of making tiles does not have specific instructions, because it depends on the “hand” of the creator. You can randomize without any rules. Or you can also create a random array of tiles on a different style tile background. Spaces that require breakthroughs and shapes like cafes, family homes. Art creation rooms will be potential “pages” to paint these interesting random hues.

Tiled Checkerboard Style

It also provides balance, but with a bit of an accent, the checkerboard-style tiles design still creates a new interior taste for your space. The art of arranging checkerboard tiles brings an expansive feel, a delicate connection to the architectural space. It’s still the living room, bedroom, and kitchen – popular spaces fit in well with artistic tiles stacking. Homeowners with a passion for classic and contemporary styles are sure to dedicate special feelings to this tile chess board.

The checkerboard effect is the best decoration of the classic and contemporary space

Use tile materials, and choose for yourself such an artistic style, and create your own story, your space will be full of personality. The art of masonry is not just a traditional way of organizing, but there are many other subtle options. Ship the places you love the interior color and style you are passionate about. Tile always accompanies poetic works of art, priceless architectural works.

People come to the cafe not only to come to enjoy the taste of the cups of tea. The glasses of water but also to enjoy the landscape, relax, talk. A series of new models of cafes are born to cater to the tastes of the users. There are shops that pretend to be cheerful and disruptive for young people, there are shops dedicated to creating tranquility in the soul: book cafes, others that evoke nostalgic, old, subtle traits of the time. How to design the space of the cafe, the tiles will be an important factor in helping your store attract customers with their own style. In this article, we’d like to introduce you to some awesome coffee tile samples, to help you inspire your coffee space design.

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Some Notes When Choosing Coffee Tiles

Speaking of the design style and surface effect of coffee pavers, we must first talk about the properties of tiles. A cafe is a busy place for visitors, full of different ages. So first, we must pay attention to the quality of the tiles

– You should choose tiles with rough surfaces instead of gloss. Matt ceramic tile surfaces typically have higher friction and better non-slip.

– Tiles with good antifouling resistance should be chosen, so they will be convenient for cleaning and cleaning the workshop. The accumulation of tea/water on the surface of the tiles almost always occurs in cafes. Therefore, the factor that it is easy to clean, store owners should also pay attention and consider.

– You must opt ​​for neutral, light tones, easy to combine with furniture. If your coffee shop is not designed in an “out of the way” style, neutral and neutral colors are a safe choice and will occupy most tastes.

– You should choose high-quality tiles instead of cheap tiles. Many people think that the design of public spaces does not necessarily need to invest in good tiles. We usually buy good tiles for our house. Such thinking is wrong. If you choose good things for your space, your store will look better, attract more customers. The quality of work is long-term, stable. Without worrying about the repair. At the same time, it is also the point of attracting guests. Poor quality tiles over time with many people traveling will easily wear out. lose the enamel layer, slide easily, lose their aesthetics. At that time, you will upgrade and repair and repair costs., You just lost time and money due to the suspension of the store.

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