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DIY: Wrapping Round Gifts Guide

A plain square is the ideal gift form when we consider our gift wrapping woes, but as everybody else, we strive to be diverse. Every present, no matter how big or small deserves to be beautiful! That is, however, it is frequently easier said than done. We understand how difficult it is to get a finish that doesn’t appear as you fought with the tape dispenser… But don’t worry wannabe wrap stars! We’re going to teach you how to wrap round gifts in style.

Our simple method will have your gifts appearing as an expert wrapped in them in no time. So, dive in to steal the show with your beautifully, aesthetically wrapped gift.

5 Different Methods on Wrapping a Round Gift

When it comes to gift wrapping, here are some tips on how to handle various circular things. This is all you need to know before you are popularly known as expert wrapper.

1. The Outer Box Method

If you don’t want to figure out how to wrap a circular/round/spherical thing, why not put it inside a box and wrap the package?

This wrapping ‘hack’ is one of our favorites, and we use it all the time when we have an unusually shaped present that we don’t want to wrap! You may always wrap the actual gift in tissue paper and then set it inside a box to make it look more professionally wrapped.

This is especially useful if you have many unique goods to wrap and don’t want to do it all by yourself. Just make sure the box is large enough to accommodate the item comfortably.

Clever…right?!?! With outer box method for round gifts, you avoid all the hard work and still wrap your gift in best possible way!

2. The Tissue Paper Method

Consider the tissue paper technique if you still don’t want to bother with wrapping paper on your present but still want to wrap it without putting it in a box.

Tissue paper is easier to deal with than wrapping paper, which is prone to tearing. Take your tissue paper and wrap it around the object, collecting it at the top. To keep the tissue paper in place, bind it with a ribbon or other knot. We strongly recommend adding a personalized not to it then. Personalized wishes, hand made notes take gifting to another level.

To make this approach work, make sure you have enough tissue paper to cover the item entirely. Get different colors of tissue paper and stack them before wrapping to add to the appearance.

Get a lovely piece of ribbon to tie everything together, and add a bow if desired, as well as any other finishing touches. You may also trim the top section of the tissue paper that goes past the ribbon into tiny pieces to make it appear prettier, but this is entirely optional!

Wrapping a spherical or cylindrical item in this manner is the simplest and fastest method.

It takes only a few minutes to complete. Just few minutes to beautifully wrap your gift. Simple and Easy.

3. The Pleat Method

If you have a cylinder-shaped object, this wrapping approach will work. In a nutshell, all you have to do is roll the thing in wrapping paper and secure it by folding the edges in a pleated manner. Don’t worry if this seems problematic.

The most crucial aspect of this wrapping procedure is that you have enough wrapping paper. You must ensure that both ends of the paper have enough to pleat around the cylinder.

You’re finished pleating and taping both sides! You may complete the present with a ribbon, a bow, or any other gift-wrapping embellishments you choose. And again, add a note to it with your wishes, hand made and hand written.

4. The Twist Method

This technique is a hybrid of the tissue paper and pleat methods. You may use wrapping paper instead of tissue paper, which will likely work better. This will work better if you have more cylinder-shaped objects, but it will also work with spherical stuff! Make sure you have enough tissue paper or wrapping paper on both sides of the thing as you lay it out.

Wrap your object in the paper and tape it down. You’ll have to deal with both sides now, and instead of pleating your paper, you’ll twist it! Twist one end simultaneously (as if wrapping a piece of candy on either edge) and fasten with thread or DIY floral ribbon. Repeat on the opposite side, and you’re finished!

This is another relatively simple approach that everyone can master (we promise- you can do it!) It’s crucial to have enough paper on both ends, just like with the pleating method, so you can grab and twist it. When in doubt, it’s better to have a little more paper than not enough. Make sure you have an equal number of items on each side.

If you find that you have too much excess on one or both sides after wrapping and taping the item, cut it off with scissors! Twist and knot both sides together, and you’re done! Not difficult at all. You might be wondering why you had been spending money on getting stuff wrapped. 

5. The Gift Bag Method

If you’re in a rush, don’t forget about the gift bag, which is everyone’s favorite wrapping item. You can always toss it in a lovely gift bag, add some tissue paper, and be on your way in a heartbeat, no matter what form of item you have! If you neglected to wrap your present until the last minute, this is a simple solution that guarantees your gift will look fabulous.

When it comes to wrapping, dealing with oddly shaped gifts may be difficult, and circular items, in particular, are complicated! However, when it comes to gift wrapping, you have a variety of alternatives, ranging from effortless ways (such as the present bag) to more complicated ones (such as the pleated method). Whatever you pick, you’ll end up with a lovely wrapped present.

Now you know all gift wrapping secrets for round gifts. So, be ready to make your gift look super special with these easy DIY techniques.

Do you love getting crafty and wrapping gifts for the holidays, or do you usually opt for the gift bag? Please let us know!

Parting Thoughts on wrapping round gifts

We don’t know about you, but selecting the appropriate present isn’t often the most stressful part of gift-giving; it’s figuring out how to wrap it! And you would have nailed it with the techniques discussed above.

The rounded corners give the impression that gift wrapping is intricate; however, this is not the case! It’s a little tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Even better, you can wrap a circular item in various ways, ranging from quick and simple to more involved. You can discover the correct technique depending on how crafty you want to go!

Do you have any other easy, crafty technique that you would like to share with our readers? How have you been wrapping your round gifts? Do let us know through comments. Passionate gift giver as we are we love hearing newer gift ideas and anything related to gifting.

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