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Project management today is regarded as the most rewarding career option for professionals who are dealing with and handling complex projects across several segments and across various industries. Project managers play a crucial role in the development of the entire project. They are one who steers the project in the right direction consequently. They are also credited for producing the desired outcomes and the results that are warmly welcomed by the stakeholders and the consumers alike.

To be a project manager is a great achievement that offers career-enhancing opportunities and possibilities to those who get certified with the PMP qualification. To encounter this tremendous change one must first take the initial step which is to initiate the process of getting certified with the PMP certification online.

In this paper, we are going to discuss the major characteristics of the Project management professional (PMP) certification along with the complete guide for the Project management professional (PMP) certification requirements. Keep following to get enlightened.

What is Project management Professional (PMP) certification?

Project management refers to everything that is related to the planning, organization and management of projects by sticking to the allocated funds and resources. To be able to produce what is desired with the minimum of resources possible. What makes a Project manager competent and therefore organizations across the globe are looking for candidates. Who are able to exercise full control over the projects so that desired results are achieved. A project manager also adds volume to the entire productivity of the firm. Project management is currently the most in-demand job today.

The Project management qualification is a major credential. Allows Project managers a scope through which they are able to demonstrate their abilities and capabilities to the prospects.

What are the major certification requirements?

As far as the major requirements are concerned, the Project Management Institute regulates and formulates the guidelines that affect the PMP certification. The general requirements released by the Project Management Institute for taking the Project Management qualification are as follows:

  • One of the major requirements for taking the PMP examination is that the professionals must have a collection of thirty-five (35) Professional Development Units (PDUs). These are crucial from the examination point of view which is a necessity for getting certified with PMP certification.

  • Another major requirement for mastering the Project management qualification is the experience requirements. The experience category is categorized into two parts. One stands for the graduates and the other is for the non-graduates. The project management experience for the graduates needs to be of three years or 36 months. And the same project management experience required for the non-graduates should be of five years or 60 months.

  • Another major requirement is to have some experience with directing or leading projects. For graduates, this experience bar is set at 4500 hours whereas for the non-graduates 7500 hours of experience is required. In order to take the Project Management professional qualification.

These requirements are mandatory for professionals and hence they must ensure to have these before planning for the PMP certification training online.

The Project management qualification provides a plethora of opportunities and hence the benefits are numerous. The major benefits associated with taking the Project Management qualification are as follows:

  • Endless career-enhancing opportunities through which professionals can have a great work portfolio that will enhance their overall performance in their journey as a Project manager.

  • There are certainly more advantages of taking the Project management qualification such as it is a validation of your skills in the Project management domain. The certified professionals are hired and they have a much greater employability rate as compared to the non-certified ones.

  • Through the Project management qualification. The professionals are able to become available for endless opportunities not only in the PMP domain. At the same time they are able to maximize and increase their intellectual dimension by taking other related certifications. They are going to upgrade and enhance their overall work portfolio.

  • Through the Project management professional qualification, the professional receives optimum recognition and acknowledgement for their work. With the continuous flow of appreciation and feedback, the professionals are able to embark upon a journey of self-modulation through self-improvement and through personal and professional growth.

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Project Management Professional Target followership

There are certain candidates and professionals that are the best audience for the PMP certification they have experience with project management. Are able to utilize this experience in broadening their horizons in the Project management field. The ideal audience for the online PMP certification training is:

  • Associate project managers

  • Project managers

  • Project coordinators

  • Senior project managers

  • Program managers

  • Project analysts

  • Team leaders

  • Project sponsor

  • IT project managers

  • Project leaders

  • Product managers

  • Project team members

Be a part of the PMP certification training and grab a chance to enhance your career in project management. I hope this column helped you with details and information regarding the PMP certification requirements. For more such information keep visiting our page

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