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Complete Guide of Web 3.0

What difference internet has made to your life in the past years? Your answer to that question would not be much different than the rest. It has taught you new recipes, been the reason for your entertainment during the pandemic, or kept the world connected when there were no physical meetups. However, the internet might some drawbacks as well. Just as the parents accuse the internet for minimized physical activity and overuse of digital gadgets.

The internet has always been a reason to change or evolve ourselves not just digitally but also physically. We can adopt new behaviors, start a better lifestyle by getting inspired by influencers, or might even start a business. The Internet has the supremacy to change us not just on the outside but the other way around as well.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 stands for its name. The new version of the interface is yet to experience. It’s almost on every person’s mind. But what is “Web 3.0”? Web 3.0 is an even better of the internet we are experiencing and have experienced. Web 1.0 was the read-only format of the internet that did not have enough features for users to perform an activity on the internet. Soon after the advent of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, is the current version of the internet we are experiencing. It has multiple activities for users to interact with, such as sharing files, sending messages, communicating, voice recordings, cameras, etc. But there are still a lot of them missing.

How is Web 3.0 better?

Web 3.0 is going to be within the audience soon. It allows more interaction and many more features and functionalities. Not just that Web 3.0 defeats the previous interfaces in terms of technology but also envisions future tech. The internet is about to take a 360 turn around to explore and tailor experiences for each individual. People will be able to explore the internet wholly.

The upcoming internet version will be fascinating. It allows users to buy and sell. Staying everywhere is for both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, but the latest has advanced features. Describing web 3.0 in three simple words is Read | Write | Execute.

What functionalities will web 3.0 have?

Web 3.0 is the future of the internet. The improved version has many new features across the websites and social media platforms. Nevertheless,  Web 3.0 will introduce many new features, including Ai, 3D graphics, Semantic Web, blockchain involvement, and NFTs buy, sell, earn and own characteristics. The latest functionalities include a modern era of the internet that seems to include AI, 3D Graphics, Blockchain, and NFT.

The developers predict that Web 3.0 will be a massive hit to the digital globe. It will be the cause to bring the world closer. Growth in entrepreneurship rates after Web 3.0 drives more business. The growth of youth interest in e-currencies will rise as people will begin to own NFTs and sell them through e-transactions supported by blockchain management systems.

Predictions about Web 3.0?

It is predicted that Web 3.0 will come up with new latest features that will function to make the world more accessible and easier to communicate across the globe. There are already many variations from google that makes us prepare for the upcoming interface of the internet. However, these changes have a higher probability rate that the updates are as per the features of the Gen-Z web. Reading that, professionals and people eager to welcome the new interface drop a shady image that might be a depiction of Web 3.0. Web 3.0 will have the list of the following features:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The role of AI on the internet will be excessive. It will help the user to have more customized and tailored search results by depicting human emotions and search intent. It will help the internet understand human psychology and bring out the most effective results for people to find what they are looking for much faster and easier. Filtering data and context gives the most reliable search results according to the user’s preference. Web 3.0 understands the power of AI and machine learning; hence, it has found its way to digital exposure to provide more flexibility in the third generation of the internet.

  • 3D Graphics:

One of the critical needs of the internet is the virtual reality facility to have a 100% clear view of the other parts of the world. Web 3.0 allows much better and more focused graphics to be experienced that will help the world make an even clearer view within the digital medium. It helps users get a better experience but also helps in significant domains like medical, real estate, machinery, etc. In involvement of 3D graphics will uplift the entire look and feel of the internet and will be advanced to the best version ever experienced by the human race.

  • Semantic Web:

It means to be present in two different parts of the world at the same time. This feature is also possible in the current version of the internet, i.e., Web 2.0, but Web 3.0 has something new coming up with the same quality. Just a little enhanced to perfection. Omnipresence allows you to operate in more than one place at the same time, which helps save time and effort. Since Web 3.0 is coming up with many effective execution plans, it will allow people to be present in various parts of the world, whether it is about business dealings, serving clients with digital services, or getting educated from another pole of the globe.

  • Buy, Earn, Sell & Own:

Bitcoin and Crypto are already making a heads-up in the digital world, creating astonishing changes. Web 3.0 brings up this new feature to allow people to buy, sell, earn and own their NFTs, blockchain, and other digital assets that add value. The advanced version comes up with Decentralized Dapps that help people keep a record of data and have smart contracts that are quicker and safer. Since Web 3.0 is about making the internet fully decentralized and ecosystemic, the world has yet to witness the power of the internet.

  • Blockchain and NFTs:

Web 3.0 will focus on blockchains to make the internet more effective, efficient, and safe. Transactions with bitcoins have already been a new feature of the internet. People can own and create NFTs and buy & sell them. Maintain a track record on a Dapp using blockchain developmental aid, digital transactions, and social media sites. These functionalities and involvement of NFTs and Blockchain make Web 3.0 known to allow users to read, write and execute. Nevertheless, with the arrival of Dapps, P2P apps and BaaS apps are also seeking heights.


Just like other arising technological innovations and ideas, Web 3.0 is not flawless. Despite all the gigantic predictions about Web 3.0. The internet has a lot to deal with to make Web 3.0 accurate for the world. The latest version of the internet can not begin without sorting out issues like cyber security, fraud activities, etc. Certainly, Web 3.0 will be a massive addition to the digital world, which will somehow transform the experience one has ever witnessed. If you are planning for your website launch after the advent of Web 3.0, make sure to contact a professional agency that is an expert in custom web design services. With as surreal features, what can stop web 3.0 from becoming the internet’s future? And indeed, the internet is interesting while Web 3.0 is taking it to the next level.

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