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Coolsculpting: What You Should Know

Are you among those who have already spent countless hours in the gym and tried every diet plan in a wish to achieve significant weight loss but still not getting any fruitful results? Well, fret not as you are not alone.

Millions of men and women find themselves lost in a struggle to reduce extra stubborn fat from their body but failed to achieve anything. A few years back, liposuction was the only treatment used to remove fat surgically. That said, it was a costly procedure that not only required downtime but also a prolonged recovery period. All thanks to the exciting advances in technology, now it is possible for people to try new yet more effective methods and get rid of the unwanted fat. They don’t even have to go under the knife.

If you are considering getting CoolSculpting in Dubai, it is pertinent to develop some basic understanding of the procedure, the way it works and the types of results it delivers. Let’s get to some important facts now!

Starting From Scratch

CoolSculpting is a procedure that permanently destroys fat by cooling fat cells. By using a precise temperature, the treatment kills those cells which are then flushed out of the body by the liver. Moreover, this powerful yet effective treatment that doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue or muscle.

Approved by FDA, CoolSculpting is used as a medical treatment and continues to be amongst the most widely accepted treatments in the nation. The procedure treats the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Neck

Coolsculpting Shouldn’t Be Considered as A Weight Loss Tool

While it is surely capable of delivering incredible results, it is pertinent for the patients to develop a real understanding of the treatment.  This treatment is ideal for those who are at or near to achieve their goal weight.

Moreover, this procedure is not meant to target visceral fat or fat that are located in the areas surrounding the organs. On the contrary, it gives a more contoured, sculpted and smooth physique by reducing the number of fats in the desired area. There will be a fat reduction of around 20-25 % in each area that is treated.

This treatment is not suitable for those who want to lose a large amount of fat. Ideally, during your appointment with the dermatologist, your condition will be analyzed and then you will be told whether or not you are fit for this plastic surgery in Dubai.

Patients May Need More Than One Coolsculpting Treatment Session

Once the treatment destroys the fat cells, the body will take some time to process the fat and then it will be removed from the body. This means that patients can see their results after a few weeks. Mostly, patients witness the body changes after 2-4 weeks following the treatment. Ideally, the single CoolSculpting session can give the desired results but those men and women who want to achieve significant weight loss may require more than one treatment.

So, if you have made up your mind to pursue fat loss treatment with CoolSculpting, book an appointment at Nova Clinic now! It is known to deliver some of the best services in the emirate. Even if you want to get Ultherapy in Dubai, schedule your consultation today, and learn more about how such treatments can assist you in fine-tuning your physique, and boost your confidence!

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