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Different types of electrical switches and their uses

Different types of electrical switches and their uses


Electric switches are electromechanical gadgets that are utilized in electrical circuits to control electricity, sign controllers of the whereabouts of machine parts and workpieces, control gadgets manually, manage the lighting, and so on. Electrical switches come in loads of styles and can be operated by hand, foot, level, or objects. Switches can be simply on-off types or can have multiple designs and positions that, for instance, can manipulate the rate of a multi-speed fan. Switch operators can be in diverse shapes and sizes, like, toggles or buttons, and come in various colors.

Types of Electrical Switches

There are many types of electrical switches such as foot-switch, pushbutton, LED dimmer switch. As mentioned above they come in different shapes, sizes, colors. Not only that but different switches have different purposes. 

  • Foot Switches

Foot Switches are electro-mechanical devices used to manipulate electricity in an electrical circuit by means of foot strain. They are frequently used on machines in which an operator needs his or her hand to stabilize a workpiece. Its key specifications include the number of pedals, switching feature, voltage score, and current rating. Footswitches are used in lots of press applications in which hand controls can’t be used to actuate a cycle. They also are normally used in medical equipment and office machines.

  • Level Switches

Level Switches are electro-mechanical gadgets used to detect the extent of liquids, powders, or solids. They are mounted in tanks, hoppers, or bins, and can give output to a control system. In a few instances, they may be used to actuate a tool directly, along with level switches used in residential pumps. Key specifications consist of measured media, output type, switch type, voltage, and current scores. Level switches are used drastically in the technique industries to observe tank and hopper levels. They are used in normal appliances also.

  • Limit Switches

Limit Switches are electro-mechanical gadgets designed to sense motion and position routinely and offer output alerts to a controller. They are accessible as bare switches, or in rugged enclosures meant for the tough environment. Key specifications encompass actuator type, voltage, and current score. A type of actuator sorts from rods to whiskers guarantees that any component or workpieces can be sensed with the help of a limit switch. Limit switches are used in lots of common customer machines which includes washing machines. In their ruggedized shape, they may be used in many types of manufacturing centers inclusive of steel turbines and paper plants.

  • Magnetic Switches

Magnetic Switches, also called reed switches, are a form of an electric switch in which the switch closure mechanism is operated through the presence or absence of a magnetic field. In a regular design, the switch contacts are usually open while a magnetic field isn’t in close proximity to the switch. One application for magnetic switches is to control the opening and closing of doorways and windows as part of a safety system.

  • LED dimmer switch

A LED Dimmer Switch is used to manipulate or alternate the speed of a fan or once in a while to exchange the depth of light among bright and dim. Earlier, the regulators used to rotate in steps, each step represented a particular level of fan speed, but the LED Dimmer switch regulator lets you rotate it smoothly without any steps or levels.

  • Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches are electro-mechanical gadgets used to feel fluid stress and provide output indicators to a controller. They frequently use a diaphragm because of the sensing means. Key specifications encompass the stress type, media measured, the material of diaphragm, connection of the pressure, minimum and maximum operating pressures, and switch current. Pressure switches are used to keep the pressure under the limits in the lubrication system wherein over-pressure or below-pressure conditions can bring about harm to the machine or equipment.

  • Pull Chain Switches

Pull Chain Switches are electro-mechanical appliances that are hand-operated and used to turn a circuit on and off. Their most usual utility is in lighting fixtures in which they may be used to turn lamps on or off. Pull Rope Switches are used as emergency prevent devices like in trains. Key specifications include switching characteristics, voltage, and current scores, and also numerous functions particular to e-stop applications such as detection of the broken-cable. 

  • Pushbutton Switches

Pushbutton Switches, also known as Push Switches, are hand-operated electro-mechanical appliances used for switches and switching circuits. They are the most common kind of switches used on commercial control panels. Key specifications encompass single-throw or double-throw switching characteristics, type of contact, type of mounting, type of actuator, and type of panel cut-out diameter. The 30 mm cut-out is a common commercial size. Pushbutton switches make up the majority of manual switches used in industrial controls. They are accessible in a number of shapes and styles to cover almost any manual operation controls. Depending on the predicted environmental working situations, pushbutton switches may be equipped with protecting sealing boots which are designed to prohibit the intrusion of foreign matter and particles, inclusive of sand, dirt, dust, or maybe liquids, etc.

  • Slide Switches

Slide Switches are hand-operated electro-mechanical gadgets used for switching circuits. The switch operator is in the form of a slider that slides from position to position to manage the circuit status. Key specifications consist of single-throw or double-throw switching characteristics, type of mounting, and dimensions of panel cut-out. Slide switches are used in electric and electronic devices or machines where the switching variety can be limited, and economizing is essential. They are typically used for on-off buttons or simply as a control switch.

  • Wall Switches

Wall Switches are hand-operated electro-mechanical switches that are used in residential and commercial buildings normally to control lighting, fans, and electrical outlets and other appliances. Key specs consist of combination device characteristics, type of actuator, and additional switch capabilities together with LED dimmer switch control, fan speed control, etc. Wall switches are mainly designed to operate on-line voltage and get fitted inside the electric boxes. A decorative style or designer patterns can differentiate these switches from industrial switches.


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