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Cuba’s Crazy Public Transportation System

When visiting Cuba is easy. Travelers can hire almost any type of vehicle, from bicycles to a vehicle. So, the question “Transport Cuba” is practically gone as all kinds of transportation are readily available which includes:

Cycling is a well-known mode of transportation for people living in the area. It is not difficult for tourists to lease a bicycle and you can get the bike from local residents for a modest cost (about $1 per day). It’s still safe to rent bikes in hotels (for instance, Riviera, Capri) but the rental costs are obviously more expensive: around a dollar per hour.

When traveling across all over the world, you have be aware that you can’t leave your bike in the road in the places we love it and for this reason, there are special , inexpensive (2 pesas) parking spaces. If something goes wrong with our vehicle, you are able to make contact with the specially-designed Workshops of Pocheria.

Public Transport System Cuba

The public transport system in Cuba is not well-developed and therefore tourists are often forced to lease a car even though it is expensive (about 60 dollars for a day). Additionally, one liter gasoline is 0.5 dollars. Additionally, you have to put down a certain quantity of cash. Tourists will receive a car with red numbers.

Most demanded best Car services in Cuba have a variety of shades of numbers, including black, red blue, brown, and blue. Each color has its own significance and meaning, for instance, black is for diplomats, and yellow is for those who are not diplomats.

When signing a contract, you must carefully examine the vehicle to ensure that you do not have to be liable for any flaws that may be present. There are plenty of companies involved in the rental of limousines and other cars for Transport Cuba The roads throughout the country leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, it recommended to travel out of the city in a jeep.

If you are driving in Cuba transport it is important be aware that there are a lot of police officers in the streets who closely monitor the rules.

Famous factories from America

In the past the factories of America kept to the public. But when their doors were opened

for visitors, crowds tourists immediately set out to explore the unexplored areas in the nation. Factory tours started to gain popularity.

Jelly Belly, Fairfield, California

Who wouldn’t love to go to the candy factory? The management of the factory has decided to offer two options for visitors to the option – free and paid. The difference is that during a paid tour you’ll be provided with more details about the factory and guided through the shops, and be introduced to the various stages of production. When you leave they’ll serve you delicious desserts and will give you a brand new T-shirt.

Ford Rouge, Detroit, Michigan

The most well-known of the factories tours are the one that takes you to that famed Ford factory. For five hours, visitors are shown the various phases of production. The tour isn’t always offered, in the event that there is an overload of industrial equipment in the plant, the doors are shut for visitors.

Ben & Jerry’s, Waterbury, Vermont

This famous ice cream manufacturing facility best visited during the week. You will also have the chance to taste various kinds of delicacies made at this location.

Boeing, Everett, Louisiana

Boeing’s manufacturing facility is large and a tour of it can take about portion of the time. The plant is located close to Seattle. Visitors will see what jet engine technology is constructed for airplanes. Boeing 747 as well as 767 and 777 can seen, being prepared to go into operation.

TABASCO, Avery Island, Louisiana

This trip will be particularly love by those who love condiments. The guides will guide guests to the process by which various condiments are created. In addition, near the plant is a shop selling the company’s products. There, you can purchase any seasoning produced from the facility. The majority of these seasonings aren’t likely to be sold in the store windows of your locality.

What is a tourist likely to experience while visiting Los Angeles

Los Angeles. Many people have heard of this city? But very few know this city is actually the capital of culture for the State of California situated in the West Coast of the nation. It is also worth noting that it was only founded a few years ago when compared to the older cities of Europe there is plenty to be seen on excursions to Los Angeles.


It is among the most popular points of interest that is located in Los Angeles. Everybody has been aware of Hollywood however, few realize that it’s located on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Some believe that it is a different city where films are thriving however, others think it’s an ordinary mountain with large white letters. Both are only partially true. It is exactly the kind of suburb, and it’s located at the foothills. Visitors can be familiar with the complexities of filmmaking, and occasionally get to meet famous actors.

Hollywood Walk of Stars

The alley, which reflects the accomplishments and successes of a variety of world-class movie stars, and their surnames and names particularly. A favorite place for film professionals, and even tourists since, particularly during the evening it is possible to get to meet some of the icons.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The alley situated in the Grumman’s Chinese Theater. It isn’t as grand in terms of size, but is influential in the eyes of the crowd. In the whole time of its existence just 200 people were given an honorary place on the slab. Only the most well-known actors have left footprints and their hands upon their slabs. While here, visitors can test the footprints of their idols’ legs, and sometimes, they wear the prints.

Beverly Hills

It’s impossible to travel to Los Angeles without visiting its most lavish area with Transport Cuba. Even though it is only Hollywood “bigwigs” as well as stars reside there and that the entire region is considered one of the most expensive areas in the world it is possible to walk around without cost, while admiring the extravagant decor of mansions in the area and marveling at the bizarre vegetation that is found in this area.

Grumman’s Chinese Theater

It is also among the most frequented places of this city, California Capital of Culture. Built in the style of Chinese architectural design It will offer its visitors an opportunity to be closer to cinematic art and also take in the unique spectacle of the architectural collection.


Yes, Yes. The letters on the hill of Maun City are also one of Los Angeles’ most haunted landmarks. Anyone has seen them on television screens or in their favorite films? However, the act of touching them with your own hands is quite a different story!

Griffith park

The park is huge. The locals joke about it being “the central park. Over 10 million people each year visit the park. It is a place to enjoy there. It is possible to visit the Greek Amphitheater and an observatory, and most importantly, of course, the iconic panoramic platform, offering an amazing view across the town and the surrounding area.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Hire a best limo service for, The hall was only opened only a few years ago, but has already secured its spot on the top list of Los Angeles attractions. This is a unique work that visitors from across the globe strive to view in person, not just because of its architectural design, but because of the grandiose events that are frequently performed at this venue.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Museum

It’s impossible to go to Los Angeles and not visit Madame Tussauds. What better way to capture a photograph with some of the most famous celebrities of all times and cultures? The wax figures in the museum aren’t the only thing you can see in this museum. The people who run the exhibition have always put together a number of thrilling events for visitors.

The fascinating and exciting world of the city isn’t over with these sites. USA Tour Operator California Land Travel, can arrange visits to places like Los Angeles Chinatown with its amazing Chinese restaurants, Natural History Museum, Griffith Observatory, California Science Center, and of course, world-famous Disneyland, which, although located 35 kilometers from Los Angeles, is definitely worth a visit.


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