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Damages That Occur When You Drive Your Car with Low Fuel

If you have the bad habit of always driving with little gasoline, stop! You can damage these components of your car.
Yes, there are. There are those who do not tremble a little in their circular hand with the reserve light constantly on and although some say that nothing happens because the cars are prepared to circulate like this (which is correct but not constantly), you can damage some components if It becomes a common practice for you that, beware, it can even bring expensive repairs, which would force you to buy a car online in the UK. That recharging with the autonomy in zeros is not recommended.

Petrol pump

This device is responsible for sending fuel to the engine, but when you allow with little fuel, you would be using the one that stays at the bottom and drags the impurities found in gasoline, that is, in Mexico it is not the cleanest. Although that is what the filter that retains them to prevent them from reaching the pump is for that, in the long term if you constantly circulate with little gasoline, the filter could clog and you would have to change it. This would also cause the gasoline not to pass in the same amount causing a loss of engine power and if it works with a shortage of the precious fuel, it will not work correctly, it would suck air and it would surely overheat, to the point of damage.

Engine damage

Now, if the gasoline pump does not send the adequate amount of fuel, surely not all the cylinders would be receiving what is necessary for correct operation. This will cause the engine to rattle and damage pistons or valves, which can lead to more costly expenses. The pump is unable to draw the required fuel from the tank and some of the cylinders could run low on gasoline and be damaged.

Catalytic converter

It is one of those that could have the least damage, the least likely, but it can happen, especially if you drive at high revs with little fuel. The signal we send to the car’s computer is to ask for more fuel and air when revving the engine. If the necessary gasoline is not obtained, the fuel can pass into the exhaust pipes and reach the catalytic converter in quantities greater than it cannot handle. While these types of conditions occur in extreme cases, the continued and repeated mania of driving on low fuel can pose real risks to the engine. If it happens to you, we also suggest that you do not demand it to avoid overloading the catalytic converter or causing any of the damages that we have described.

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