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Top 5 affordable cars in Pakistan in 2020

Buying a car has never been easy in Pakistan and every time someone plans to buy a car the prices go up and then they cancel their plans to purchase one. 

It is very common to find Suzuki cars in Karachi and can be seen on every road now because Suzuki has been one of the most reasonable priced brands in Pakistan for the middle-class people.

Notwithstanding, there are as yet numerous car parks that are endeavoring to present to you the most elite without begging to be spent. 

If you are on the pursuit to purchase a solid and savvy vehicle in 2020, we’re here to get you out. 

Here’s our rundown of the main 5 reasonable vehicles in Pakistan for 2020! 

  1. United Bravo Hatchback 

United Bravo Car Specifications and price in Pakistan – Overseas Pakistani Friends

Since its dispatch in 2018, the United Bravo hatchback turned into all the rage. The maker shared that they mean to carry a reasonable vehicle into the market without settling on its highlights. 

It was at first acquainted with offer rivalry to the Mehran, gives somewhat over 15 KM for each liter, and is evaluated simply under PKR 1 million. 

  1. Prince Pearl 

2020 Prince Pearl price, overview, review & photos - fairwheels.com

To reshape Pakistan’s car industry, Regal Automobiles Industries Limited (RAIL), dispatched Pakistan’s most moderate hatchback, Prince Pearl, on 31st January 2020. 

Sovereign Pearl is dispatched in the nation with an 800cc, EFI motor which produces 40 HP and is furnished with current highlights, for example, power windows, power control, and sight and sound framework. 

The fuel utilization of Prince Pearl is more than 15 KM for every liter. The expense of Prince Pearl is around PKR 1 million. 

  1. Suzuki Cultus 

Suzuki Way Of Life

Dispatched only two years back, the Cultus turned into a mainstream decision in Pakistan instantly, particularly for the young section. The mileage of the vehicle is 14 km for every liter. The cost of the vehicle is near PKR 2 million for the completely controlled rendition. 

It is crucial to add here that till 2019, Suzuki Mehran was considered as the most reasonable in Pakistan. Notwithstanding, Suzuki reported the finish to the legend and shared no more Mehrans will fall off the belt. And you can find genuine Suzuki car parts in Karachi easily and they are not that expensive either.

  1. Suzuki Wagon R 

New Wagon-R Ground Clearance With Comparison in 2020 - Autohexa

On the off chance that you need to get yourself a 1000cc hatchback in a spending plan inviting sum, Wagon R is the correct pick. The reward part about buying the Wagon R is that it has a low support cost, and the parts are promptly accessible in the nearby market. 

The fuel utilization of the vehicle is around 15 km for every liter. The cost of the vehicle begins from once again PKR 1.5 million. Suzuki also offers a warranty and genuine Suzuki car parts are also included in that.

  1. Suzuki Alto 

Suzuki Alto – Tamrin International

Another dependable, yet pocket-accommodating vehicle you can consider buying is as a matter of fact the Suzuki Alto. 

The vehicle has a normal of more than 20 km for each liter. Drivers can discover safe parts at the approved businesses of Suzuki just as in the nearby market. 

The cost of the essential variation begins from PKR 1.1 million in the nearby market. You can not find genuine parts for other brands but that is not the case here genuine Suzuki car parts are available everywhere in the country.

There is also an auto show that happens for Suzuki cars for sale in Karachi where you can buy used cars easily that are offered officially.

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