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Dealing CRM automation complexities with the star ‘field ops RPA Krista

Krista is an intelligent automation RPA, a general platform for automating practically anything from purely people processes to system processes. However, it isn’t a typical business RPA. It is a technological advancement in the field ops app development sector that leans more towards guys from non-technical backgrounds. Until now, salespeople used to think “CRM is this, CRM is that, but what’s in it for us non-tech Salespeople?”, whenever they were lectured by the senior management for not using a CRM.

But Krista the star of Conversational RPA has redefined CRM automation by making automation low-code no-code, which can be easily used by everyone. With Krista, updating a lead or getting more info about it is now as easy as sending a text. Intelligent Automation RPA is changing how people see and use technology. See this conversational Automation here and decide for yourself:

Use cases of our Enterprise RPA ‘Krista’:

Get rid of data entry clerks:

CRM automation ecosystems can get pretty complex at times and work off of Excel and you’re putting it in the CRM only when you close the deal is an easy(yet stupid) way out. Excel sheets are being presented to the executive team. You run sales and don’t need to be a data entry clerk. What’s the end result? Obviously poor business outcomes as compared to what could have been achieved with a CRM had it not been for the data entry. You end up conveying information that’s often weeks old.

But Krista can befriend your CRM and bring the best out of it. Updating the data in the CRM in a timely fashion will no more be a headache. With Krista’s conversational UI you can start a conversation and request an opportunity update, which would cause Krista to make sure that it confirms the most recent information, updated the CRM, and informed you if there was anything changed, it would be that simple. Krista is a business RPA that can drive better organizational efficiency for you any given day.

Salespeople don’t need to be technical guys, they need field ops RPA:

Salespeople are good at handling sales, why burden them with the technicalities of a CRM. 

Why do you have to go asking people for stuff that the CRM is already supposed to do, but can’t since you don’t have the right set of technical skills to trigger that. 

But Krista reaches out to you and it is the next step in field ops app development. You do not have to reach out to Krista. Take all the chaos down to a simple messaging based conversation with Krista that knows how to communicate with your CRM.

Integrate your CRM with your business:

CRM Automation is a huge beast. But to handle a beast you need to be trained well enough. CRMs like most systems of record are massive systems but with tons of complexities. We want them to do lots of complex stuff, but what we cannot do is give all of that exposure of all of that IT equipment, and all of the stuff that IT has to construct in order for it, to be able to process those complex transactions to people.

What you need is a layer that understands people, not technology, a field ops RPA that can make it easy for the salespeople to use the CRM easily. Krista honors this fact and delivers an enhanced experience for a CRM user. Krista can create really dramatic business outcomes by leveraging Intelligent Automation RPA. When we integrate Krista’s conversational processes, not just with a single domain or CRM, but with ecosystems like CRM, and other areas of the business as well.

Conversational RPA is the next-gen RPA that every business owner should be looking upto.!!

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