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Look For Real Life Characters To Create Fictional Characters

Real-life characters can and should be used for inspiration, but they should serve as an escape route where the author can create someone greater than life. Their extreme traits can be painful, memorable, and / or humorous. They helped the following.

1). They give the writer a lot of features, which makes it easier to write about them.

2). They can be equally limited, because they should not be used as words, literary cases: the author must be free and flexible to create a person who goes beyond the characteristics of a real life person. You can take example of Kobold fight club.


There are a number of factors a writer should consider before naming his characters, however.

1). Their age.

2). Their heritage or nationality / religion.

3). Their place of birth (place).

4). Their family traditions, such as Harrington III.


Methodist Stanislavsky once said, “There are no small parts, only small actors” and he was right. The same philosophy should apply to the story of the author or the novel.

The richness and reliability of the story will depend on the supporting characters. They can bring relief from comedy, add to conflict and drama, move on to action, add challenges and problems, or accomplish all these purposes.

In fact, the younger characters have to play bigger roles.

However, younger characters can often be brought down to clichés, because the reader has already created a pre-judged view of them because of their contradictory nature.

Examples of these types of characters include a blonde mute, an unbearable boss, an unthinking neighbor, a human door, a distraction, a soap box, an appeal, Kobold names and Weird Al.

To avoid this trap, the writer has to look at the following tips:

1). Identify the moments described by the characters — that is, the experiences that changed you so that they too were three and did not stick together.

2). Establish early on why they are in the story. Whether they were there to help or rescue a hero, throw problems in his path, confuse him, be a comic cartoon reinforcing his plans, or come unexpectedly adding to the mystery.

3). Set communication between them: personal, professional, family, neighbor, classmate, partner, or opponent? Think of unusual ways for them to meet, or continue to meet.

4). Explain their differences, such as physical characteristics, age, gender, culture, political affiliation, religion, education, interests and desires.


Describe at least five main characters that will play a key role in the story. If you have more than five, you will definitely improve.

Mention their names, relationships with the main character, why you know about them, how they will interact with the main character, and finally the reasons they give in the story.


In order for a writer to know where his or her main character is going, he or she must first know where he or she has been: The circumstances and attitudes that shaped his or her future before he or she faced life changes, which fueled the event.

And the best way to capture his history is to have an in-depth discussion that asks exploratory questions. Start with the ones below and enter your own. You will not only be surprised by the answers, but you will also meet supporting characters.

1). What was your childhood like? Small or large family? Was it a happy family life?

2). Did you grow up in a small town? Where was it?

3). What is the religion (s) of your parents? Was the family imprisoned in a house of worship?

4). Who was the director of discipline? Mom or Dad? Isn’t it? Both?

5). Where were you on the birth list? Only child? Older? The child? In the middle?

6). What is your zodiac sign? Do you believe in astrology?

7). What is your greatest hobby, love, and skills?

8). Are you married now? Unmarried? Divorced? The widow? Children? Action kids?

9). Do you consider yourself to be literate or street wise?

10). What was your highest level of education?

11). Describe your experience in high school. Ever been lonely? Famous? Very popular?

12). Describe your physical characteristics. Are you attractive or modest? Short or long? Thin or fat?

13). Can you tell the joke? Can you take a joke?

14). Describe the one thing you want in life that you have missed so far and describe the obstacles that stand in your way.

15). What’s your biggest secret – that is, what is something that no one else, or almost no one knows about you?


After the hero (protagonist), the villain (opponent) is the next most important character. To make the villain believe, students must understand his motives. (Consider Dr. Smith in Lost in Space, for example).

Sometimes it is easier to be evil than the hero, because the wicked can have many mistakes.


While a hero should look at his habits and be careful not to say or do things that might divide a student, the villain can do or say whatever he wants. In fact, the more opposition he brings, the more effective he becomes.

In many ways, the villain is a heroic transformation. While a hero needs a mistake or two to make him look real, a villain can gain a good quality or two to make him look human.

To cite a well-known example, in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker has flaws, but his choice to do what is right makes him a hero.

Darth Vader started with the same opportunity and background, but he got worse as a result of temptation, which led him to make the wrong choice voluntarily.

The Best Strategy For Warcraft Gold

Warcraft gold strategies are important when playing this game that requires a lot of knowledge and skill to get the gold you want. Here is some useful information and my opinion on how to become an expert at it.

For any newbie’s, World of Warcraft also known as WoW, is the most successful multiplayer game played online all over the world and I love it like crazy.

So I thought I would share with you that some of the best military tactics have helped me, but to name a few;

1) – Used items are more important from the expansion set than waiting a few weeks later.

You will be able to make as much money as possible without any work in the first few weeks with vendors which means a fisherman or herbalist.

Everyone will need a product that is harvested in large quantities while developing their skilled technology just like we we need skills in the game like Kobold fight club.

Note that there will be more people on their own but in any case, there will be a greater need for AH.

One strategy is to find a price where everything you write is sold quickly in 24-48 hours. But remember, your price should not be the lowest price in AH and in fact, you probably want to raise your base line price instead of lowering it.


I would suggest you use the price when you are much lower than any of the larger items posted, and spend a much lower auction. This means they will be purchased soon.

Another warcraft strategy I’ve encountered is the job of sending all your stock at the most expensive price – like 49% above average, and then waiting for someone to fight for state success to clean up the AH completely.

If you have a skilled trading career, do not ignore any desire to grow your own business. It is a good idea to separate any decision between farm implements or use ready-made commodities.

Things To Note

Note, If you decide to use leather, or fish for the first month in your business, remember that you got it and planted it yourself, you would have sold it for a lot of gold, which means you would lose what you could sell so think carefully about your gold warcraft strategies carefully.

Think of it this way, you can plant 50 skin stacks in the first week and use it to measure your skin worker in relation to a new head. Or you can sell stacks, hold the gold for a few weeks, and buy up to 100 stacks with it if the price goes down. There is a good idea to plant early and do art later! Also Read- Kobold Names

2) – Being able to go from level 75 to 90 level has made me about 10k gold, without touching AH. Revenue from earning, selling equipment to AH, selling unused earnings in earnings was important in this.

Obviously, Playing a game is something that creates a lot of gold, and because all of these resources are packed in every expansion you can expect a lot of gold to reach 90.

Many do not enjoy these benefits because they expire quickly but do not forget that they exist.

Also, just playing this game will create a spirit connection that can be used for personal gain by getting more cool work on the floor or resources once you have acquired the artistic skill at the highest level.

These things are random drops from when you kill things, but not for trade.

3) – Another good idea that can often be considered is to look at where you are wasting your gold. My experience of focusing on purchasing power to earn more bang with my money can involve sacrificing things and being an effective strategy.

Some Examples

For example, if you want to accumulate a ride, level technology, then get into the ultimate PvE game made with gears. If you have a budget, you can only do one of them right.

If you spend your money as you earn, without prioritizing you will feel worse if you prioritize your general goals and direct your attention to money for one thing, for example, which can help you achieve other goals like measuring and reselling Minipets.

This can be an excellent income-generating strategy that you can use to fund, for example, off-gear gear or automated technology.

Important, because they are kept up to date and my experience has proven to be the best advice and tricks. It’s an easy way to find gold.

Warcraft gold strategies also point to a beautiful VIP area to choose from and are updated weekly with secret gold tips and tricks in Cataclysm, and at any level.

Gold warcraft strategies

The good thing is that all the gold warcraft strategies come from an expert and as the strategies are kept up to date you don’t have to worry about being outdated.

Also, published after the introduction of WotLK, and updated and upgraded with Cataclysm, I have always used gold warcraft techniques, there have been many reviews of them.

For example, the patch 4.2 update of the guide was released as soon as the patch started to work, if you think it was an important piece, the correct update time has also been noted in football.

It has allowed me and anyone else who wants to follow the same gold warcraft strategies to make 1000 gold per hour, which is logical and sufficient depending on the strategies involved.

Also great are the gold warcraft strategies that include maps and images that make the strategies easy to follow. It is impossible to fail and make a gold tone strategically easy. Very easy to follow.

Another Method For Warcraft Gold

One of my favorite gold warcraft methods I weigh the best is the one we work with Auction House.

It does not confuse things and the strategies are explained in a simple way that can be achieved without being dragged, reaching a level that always saves time. Also, this has led to some gold warcraft techniques benefiting me greatly.

I will never be tired of not having enough gold for me! Or you, if you want to use gold warcraft techniques like I did.

Another good advantage is that there are powerful bonuses. The member’s location is also kept up to date on a weekly basis with tips for making premium gold for it

Also check Recablog for more articles.

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