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Diamond Bracelet: Wearing Guide For 2021

During the time of the Indus Valley Civilization, many ornaments were discovered and one of them was Bracelets or Bangles. Initially, they were made of grass, shells, and many other diverse varieties, and slowly they started transforming and continued to become the trendiest jewel. 

Perhaps, the journey of the diamond bracelet was not that archaic but of course, it was only available to those who were reputed of their times. And, once you learn how to style with your bracelet then there is no looking back. You can stand out in the crowd and people will recognize you because of your taste in fashion.  

In this article, we will provide some bracelet-wearing tips guides in making your style elegant, unique, and distinctive. 

After going through the tips, styling up your accessories in the right way won’t trouble you. So, let’s get started with them.

diamond Bracelet wearing guide

What to look at when choosing diamond bracelets?

Unlike clothing that speaks volumes about your fashion preferences and just like that bracelet choosing also becomes essential. In short, keep your style simple and give yourself a reflective and expressive experiment to do. For instance, you can think about geometric patterns, or resonate the diamond stone cut with them or buy a bracelet depending on the season and function.  

How to get a perfect size and fit?

Firstly, you must measure the size of your wrist using a thread or a string of floss. Keep the thread across your wrists and overlap. Keep your bracelet a little loose so that it fits you comfortably. 

How should the bangle bracelets fit in?

To let your bangle bracelet fit in you should be able to fit in or slip two fingers comfortably. When the bracelet is too tight, the wrist might appear bigger and if it is too loose, the bracelet keeps on rolling. Even you can end up losing them if you don’t have a good fit. 

Time to choose the Bracelet Style

Choose the bracelet style that suits your time, action, and place as these three of the key points are worthy to keep in mind. You might be interested in getting a diamond bracelet for your regular office wear and it must be plain and simple enough to mark the value of elegance. Also, you might also look for a bracelet for your friend’s wedding which can be a little extra fashionable with dangling stars. 

Which metal to pick for the bracelet?

Perhaps, there are many options which metal to pick but most of the population uses gold and silver due to their affordability and durability.


The Gold bracelets appear to be sophisticated and glimmering. The unique feature of the gold diamond bracelet is you can wear them anytime, they do not get rusty or easily broken. Even when you are going out for a shower, you can carry them with you. 


Silver Bracelets are sort of metallic as they are durable and sturdy. The silver bracelet will look appealing to you anyway. 

Moreover, your choice of wearing the diamond bracelet depends on the look you want to style. Besides this, you must be aware of what places you want to style your bracelet with so that you exhibit your personality better.   

What is the occasion to wear the bracelet?

Well, are all diamond bracelets fit to wear anywhere? No, ofcourse!

Diamond Bracelet

A diamond bracelet definitely can help you in looking better but also remember there is a fine line gap between looking trendy and looking unrealistic. Sometimes, people fall into the trap of looking unreasonable and forget the three things – time, place, and action while going out.

For instance, imagine yourself in a business meeting wearing a chunky and over stylish piece of jewelry that will appear out of place at that moment. It will not create a good image of yours and can deteriorate your personality.  

Similarly, your overall styling defines your personality and here we are going to share with you some pro tips for each occasion so that you get your expertise in making a fine choice anytime.

Bracelet for a casual outing or daily wear

Diamond Bracelets, no doubt elevate the style quotient on multiple occasions. Also, there are many bracelets that you can wear every time. For instance, the gold simple bracelet can be worn on a daily basis because they are quite comfortable and require less maintenance. 

For casual wear, pair your fashion essence with jeans – a shirt or a beautiful light gown and wear it with a statement bracelet. Moreover, the foremost thing is to carry your confidence in whatever attire you wear. 

Bracelets for Office Wear

An office is a professional place and many people wonder whether they can wear bracelets in the office or not! Remember that bracelets fit everywhere, you just have to be keen and observe for the pieces you will pick. 

Bracelets for Wedding

A wedding is a great chance to get the spotlight on you. For wedding ceremonies there are a lot of options for bracelets, here you are free to choose the shiny, glittery, and beautiful pieces. Modify the simpler ones and mold them into a more exquisite and lavish look. You can even gift it to the bride or just get a statement one to increase the sentimental value of the bracelet.

How to wear the bracelet in one hand?

While you are wearing a bracelet on one hand, then you must keep the look minimalist which will help you to create a mark. And, bracelets are so versatile that you can wear them on either of the hands.  

If you are wearing formal, choose an elegant one and if you are wearing a wedding gown choose the sparky one. Nevertheless, go for what your heart desires. The diamond bracelet is an elegant combination after all. You can take the open diamond bracelet for your formal attires and beads adjoins for the wedding attire. 

Besides that, you must compliment your bracelet with other jewelry accessories like rings and necklaces.  

How to wear multiple bracelets?

Indeed, Women prefer wearing multiple bracelets and layer them in stacks. To have multiple bracelet appearances, all you need is to have two-three types of similar bracelets. Multiple bracelets create a jingling sound. What if you do not have the same bracelets, then you can mix, match, and wear layering bracelets. 

Or you can also use bracelets of vibrant colors and different widths to give a contrasting and bolder look. Besides, many people wear these bracelets in one hand but it is totally fine to wear them in both hands. In this way, it will add edgily and with a sense of balance. You must style on both hands in a balanced way otherwise it will appear a fashion disaster. 

How to wear bracelets with watches?

This is another way of wearing bracelets while combining them with watches. It is preferred for office-going people who can’t bear taking off their watch. It is also one of those bold gestures that make you the center of attraction. Moreover, you must select a sleek design bracelet for your styling. 


In particular, there is no right way of wearing the bracelet and it all depends on you to choose your own style. The diamond bracelets are versatile and kind of enchanting to every eye. Without any doubt, you must trust the diamond bracelets and complement your styling aura with them. We hope you found this article helpful in understanding more about Diamond Bracelets.

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