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Instructions for drawing snowflakes: how to draw a snowflake

Instructions for drawing snowflakes: how to draw a snowflake. Drawing snowflake is a lot more comfortable than you might believe! Learn how to make your snowflake design with our simple guide

The air is fresh, and the temperature drops rapidly: if you watch the sky cross your fingers, hoping for the snow, you are not alone!

We think there is something so magical about this time of year and one of our favorite things to do during the winter season is the arrival of those beautiful and intricate snowflakes falling from the sky.

Today we’re going to show you how to create your snowflake design, from skeleton to something more detailed if you dare to go a little further.

This tutorial is for toddlers and adults alike, and we’ll build on these more straightforward steps over time, so this is an excellent activity for you and the kids to have side-by-side fun!

It’s also a fantastic way to get them to practice their math skills secretly – snowflakes are generally six-sided and symmetrical.

To get the most out of our design, we use rulers and measure our lines in the process.


This can be a little tricky for younger children as it requires a lot of patience and precision, but once they have created their first snowflake, it becomes a little more natural, although they may need your guidance.

Start. You can always replace the ruler with a protractor if it’s easier to do; otherwise, a standard 12-inch ruler will work just fine.

The best way to think about your design is that the space between each of your six arms is a “slice” of the snowflake, and each slice should look identical to the others.

If you feel that some sections are not entirely correct, it is always best to take the ruler back and use it to check if your measurements are slightly different; It’s nothing a tire can’t fix.

We recommend using pencils in the beginning to erase mistakes, but you can create your snowflake design with almost anything – once their designs are finished, don’t let the kids add their snowflakes—snow with glitter glue, pastel chalk, or paint. You can also see pencil drawing ideas. For the snowflake design, we recommend a lighter color first – let’s use a sky blue pencil – as this makes it easier to correct the work and build shadows and details later.

We think these snowflakes look great on Christmas cards, and your family will love the children’s handmade drawings,.

so clean up the dining room table, grab your paint supplies and get ready to try the simple tutorial on how to draw. The snowflakes!

We’ll cover the kids’ part of the tutorial first, but adults should be careful too – you’ll follow precisely the same steps, just with a few extras at the end.

Read on to learn how to make your simple snowflake design. Read along to know how to attract a snowflake …

How to draw a snowflake

You will need

A4 paper

A clear ruler so younger artists can see what they are doing

Graphite crayons or colored pencils, we’ll use a couple of shades of blue, plus a purple and a light pink

Eraser or filler

White charcoal pencil (optional) for mixing colors and adding sparkle

Simple snowflake design for drawing snowflakes

Step 1

First, let’s draw a small circle in the center of our side. If you have a protractor, you can use it, or any household item you can track will work just fine – we used the plastic cap on a spray bottle. Add a small dot in the center of your circle.

Our first row is vertical from top to bottom. Use the point in the circle’s center to draw where that line should be. Our bar will be 14cm long, with the 7cm mark on the ruler aligned with our tip.

drawing snowflakes

When drawing this line, try to avoid drawing across the circle if possible. If younger artists find this problematic, there is always room to erase the mistake later for removing snowflakes from drawing snowflakes

Then let’s add two more angled lines on either side of our centerline with the same length and style.

If you like these stripes to be completely aligned, draw a line, measure the distance between one of its points from our first centerline, and use it to illustrate where your second line is on the opposite side of the page.

step 2

Each of your six lines should be about two inches long from the circle to the end. Line up the 0cm point on the ruler where the process meets any sequence. then add a few minor marks at the 4cm and 5cm points and repeat this step for each of the six sides.

drawing snowflakes

We said the marker at the 4cm point, drawing a line 1.5cm long, starting from the line and facing outwards, mirroring it to the other side – it should look like a V shape.

If you want these lines to be precisely mirrored, after adding the first line, you can measure the distance between the middle branch and the end of your new chapter like here – with us, and the space is 1.5cm in diameter – so add a point for the same area on the other side to show where the line is drawn for drawing snowflakes.

Repeat this step every 4 cm on each of the six branches. Younger children may find this step a little tricky, so that we may need that help.

step 3

Next, we use the same technique on our 5cm stitches, but our lines are 1cm on each side. Again, use the ruler to draw the corners of your lines to make them beautiful and symmetrical.

drawing snowflakes

So take a look at the basic structure of your snowflake – if the lines don’t look quite right, you can permanently delete them and try again until you’re happy with their appearance for drawing snowflakes.

Step 4

We will now add a small mark between each of our “snowflakes” – in the space between two lines – while adding some pointed triangular shapes to form the center of the snowflake design. With the ruler, mark a point 2 cm long from the circle up, between two branches. If you want to find the center point where you want your process to be, use the ruler to measure the distance between your discs and determine where the center point should be – if your snowflake discs are not central to each other. On the other hand, we can change that distance with each layer, so we recommend measuring it for each section.

drawing snowflakes

Add an angled line running back from either side to the point where the bottom of your large branch meets the circle. It should look like a pointed triangle once this is done on both sides. Do the same for each of your snowflake discs, and you’ll eventually have a tapered star shape in the center of your design.

Step 5

The central snowflake is ready, so it’s time to add some fun touches! We added diamonds to each of the six points, circles at the end of our triangles, and an extra small branch to each of the six components.

drawing snowflakes

What you add here is entirely up to you, so be creative! Why not try using colored pencils to add some extra detail to add excitement to your snowflake?


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