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Diego Ruiz Duran- Crazy Laws in Mexico 2021

Mexico’s crazy laws continue to increase in number. It is a political problem to have so many restrictions placed on citizens. What can a person do when they just want to do their job? It is a difficult situation and that is why I love Mexico.

You must know about Mexico because it has some of the craziest laws on the books. And they say that the laws don’t stop with just the municipal ones. The government can ban anything they want if they feel like doing it. There have been rumors that the Mexican government will soon have control of the media, but there is no truth whatsoever.

I love Mexico because they have one of the most formidable drug defenses on the face of the planet. If you get caught buying or selling marijuana, you could spend the rest of your life in prison. That is crazy law in Mexico. The government has very little power over the country’s drug trade, and the criminals are running rampant. The authorities do not have the funds to fight the drug war, and the drugs are still coming down the pipes.

The list of crazy laws in Mexico is long and varies from state to state. But, most laws are pretty straightforward. Take the Mexican law against wearing a sombrero on the beach: it’s clear to comply with that law. So why would someone want to break that law? If you do, you need competent lawyers like Diego Ruiz Duran.

Drinking laws- Diego Ruiz Duran

Not only is Mexico one of the most challenging countries to navigate when it comes to driving, but it’s also a place where you can get into all sorts of trouble. A law in Mexico says that you can only drink alcoholic beverages within two hours of being served. It also says that you cannot drink alcohol unless you have a cold one. Mexico is a very socially conservative country so drinking alcoholic beverages at bars is highly illegal.

It’s not just drunk driving that can get you into a bit of a bind. Anytime you see a street sign with a picture of a crazy person or a devil, keep a lookout. These street signs are considered nuisances, and violators are often shot or killed by police. If you do decide to obey this law, make sure you know what the consequences will be.

Driving maneuvers

When driving, you need to know precisely what sort of maneuvers you are getting into. There is a phrase in Mexican called “tanto banco,” which means “little bat.” It means that you should keep your head down and don’t drive around a lot. Another interesting phrase is “paseo,” which means “pipes.” It means keeping your eyes on the road. If you are caught doing either of these things, you can expect to pay dearly.

“Caricatricious laws” are the worst Mexican laws. You can be arrested for being rude or naughty. If you’re driving down the road, and you’re pulled over, it is most likely that you will be issued a ticket. It is possible to be asked to remove your shirt, take off your glasses and take off your shoes. You may be asked to take off your shirt, remove your glasses and even take off your shoes if you don’t follow the police orders.

Get a lawyer

If you are in Mexico and become the subject of one of these laws, you should consult an expert such as a lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran. Some lawyers specialize in just these issues, so it is best to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. In addition, you can research the Internet to see if you can find other examples of crazy laws in Mexico and other countries. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for any situation you might find yourself in while driving.

Drunk driving laws

While in Mexico, you should also be aware of the many different drunk driving laws that are in place. Although they are not as crazy as the caricatricious laws, these laws can still prove to be quite challenging to understand. You should contact an experienced DUI attorney who will help you know the specifics of these laws. It is important to note that police officers do not have legal authority as judges and juries. Police officers cannot arrest you on suspicion alone; they must have reasonable doubt to do so.

Restaurant laws

You should be very cautious before you leave the premises of any Mexican restaurant. Any Mexican restaurant in this country that serves alcohol is strictly illegal under Mexican law, so you should avoid these establishments if you want to enjoy Mexico and its culture. Although you may be tempted to grab a Margarita after your meal, you could find yourself in serious trouble if you are caught doing so.

Some other crazy laws in Mexico that you may want to check out are ones you probably won’t care to hear about, like one stating that it is illegal for a man to squat on another person’s lawn. Can you believe a guy walking around, taking pictures and videos,  to have their lawn taken care of? I guess you can see how someone could get charged with trespassing if they did it in the wrong state. Not only is that a crazy charge, but it is also probably an illegal violation as well.

Passenger seat law

Another crazy law in Mexico states that drivers can only drink when sitting in the passenger seat and the car is stationary. What a silly idea! Someone should make a list of all the stupid laws in the world and then make it a point to drive around and try them all while going. That would be fun.

Beer law

There are many more in Mexico, such that you can only have half of a beer. It’s pretty funny when you realize that half a beer only comes up to half a litre. Are you beginning to see how crazy some of these laws in Mexico are? I certainly hope so.

It’s also pretty interesting to note that all the crazy laws in Mexico seem to apply only to vehicles travelling on Mexican soil. Now you’re beginning to see why I think it’s essential to get your car all set up before you even leave the United States! Don’t wait until you get to Mexico to learn these laws. Get a good guide and save yourself some trouble.


As you can see, the laws in Mexico are reasonably crazy. Not only do they put police officers in a precarious situation, but they can also be very confusing for foreigners. Suppose you get pulled over for a broken tail light or a speeding ticket while you are in Mexico. In that case, it is highly recommended that you retain a Mexican lawyer to translate the police officers’ confusing laws for you. The same goes for any other laws that you need to understand. Hiring a qualified criminal lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran in Mexico will help you take full advantage of Mexico’s laws while also taking care of any embarrassing situations you may run into while in Mexico.

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