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Here Are A Few Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money

Plumbing services are extremely in demand these days. But unfortunately, there are some plumbing myths that people obey, which can eternally damage pipes and raise repair expenses. Here are some of these myths that you must avoid and instead reach out to a professional and experienced plumber at Surrey Hills for help!

  • Chemical cleaner

It has been said that chemical cleaners can disinfect the disposal. But this is a big myth, as it is so harsh that it damages your pipes and even ruins the disposal seal. So, don’t use such cleaners if you don’t want to damage the pipes more. 

  • Employing bleaching cleaning tablets 

You can’t disinfect your flushing system with a bleaching table. People think bleaching is fine and not harmful to the toilet. But it’s suggested you must clean the remains within 10 minutes. Otherwise, it may erode the toilet. You have to hire a plumber in Surrey Hills, which might cost you pricey service bills. 

  • Using boiled water with grease

It is a total myth that boiling water could help you remove grease from the drain. Grease is a sort of fat, and you must not let it go down the drain, or else it will create more problems. In addition, it may result in the breakdown of the drainage system or clog in the pipes, stopping the water flow, which can be the worst-case scenario. 

  • Most plumbing can be fixed by DIY

Most of us think that plumbing can be easily fixed, and to save money, they try to repair the problem all by themselves. But, it is absolutely a false statement, and doing so can create more problems instead of reducing them. 

You require proper skills and tools to fix any plumbing issues. That is the cause why professionals are being hired to fix issues. By engaging experts, you can be certain that the issue will be solved rightfully. 

  • Using the plunger

Using the plunger to wash the sink clog is not a good idea. While in some circumstances, it helps you a lot. It is undoubtedly a useful tool for clearing clogs, but the plunger may push the blocks further down in this case. Again, keep in mind that the chemicals can cause severe burns when using the plunger while pouring the drain cleaner. So it is better to avoid them. 

  • Hand soap can cleanse plumbing fixtures.

It is a myth to use hand soap to cleanse any plumbing fixes. The truth is, it actually harms the plumbing fixtures. The water and soap create spouts, and this directs to rusted fixtures. Thus, it is a bad idea. So, it is better to wipe the fixture instead of using soap and water to clean them. 

Bottom Line

Observing such myths can actually damage the pipe instead of repairing them. Thus, experts like Sven’s plumbing and gas advise strictly avoiding them, especially the DIYs, and suggest reaching out to experts for immediate help! 

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