Different Types of Kangen Water and Their Importance
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Different Types of Kangen Water and Their Importance

The recent rise in the industrial workflow has led to severe consequences, including high levels of pollution. And because of that, almost all aspects of life have been affected in some form or the other. One major consequence is visible in the food and water people consume, especially the latter. Since it has high levels of pollutants and harmful bacteria in it, medical experts are prescribing Kangen water to people to help them restore their health and prevent themselves from falling prey to deadly diseases.

But what is this water and why is the medical industry around the world going crazy about it? Furthermore, what different variants does it come in and how can you leverage them to your advantage? Keep reading ahead to discover the answers to these questions.

This water is a fluid that is different from the one that comes from taps and water filters. The machine that is involved in making it uses a special ionizing technology coming straight from Japan.

That technology involves the use of electrically charges plates to break the water from tanks and taps into its acidic and basic types and add certain minerals to it to make it healthier and fitter for daily consumption.

Now, this fluid is immense benefits on health and this is the reason that health care experts and medical professionals are resorting to it and acknowledging its potential. Following are the different types of this fluid and the benefits they provide for you.

Decoding the Different Variants of Acidic and Alkaline Water

As mentioned above, the ionizing machine breaks down the solvent into acidic and alkaline water which come in different pH levels and serve different purposes. Before diving into the different types of these solvents, let us look into understanding the pH levels.

Scientists measure the acidic and basic nature of a substance with the help of a unit called pH. And to determine the readings, they use a pH scale that ranges from 1 to 14. In the middle lies 7, which symbolizes neutral substances such as common water that people drink.

1 hear means most acidic and 1-7 pH levels include acidic substances like the acids in our stomachs, car batteries, etc. On the other hand, 14 means the most basic/alkaline, and 7-14 pH levels include chemical substances such as baking soda, limestone, etc.

Now the common solvent that we drink is neutral in nature with a pH of approx. 7. What Kangen machines do is they take that solvent from whichever source it comes from, purify it, and while breaking it into acidic and basic variants with ionization, they alter the liquid’s pH as well.

Hence there are different types of such liquids that come in different pH levels. They include:

Strong acidic liquid

This has a pH of 2.7 and as the name suggests, is strongly acidic in nature. Hence it is obvious that it cannot be consumed but it has other implementations. It exhibits robust disinfecting properties and helps you properly clean and sanitize your workplaces.

You can clean your tabletops, kitchen utensils like knives, dishes, kitchen cloths, etc., and other objects that have the risk of spreading bacteria and contamination. By preventing germs and the spread of bacteria, you hugely reduce the risk of diseases in your homes, which is vital especially in times of the pandemic.

Furthermore, people use it in numerous commercially active sectors like beauty salons and spas, restaurants, pet shops, nursing homes, agriculture, daycare, etc. for effective hygiene and disinfection.

Beauty water

This liquid made by the Kangen water machine in Noida comes with a pH level between 4 and 6 and has numerous uses. It shows astringent qualities which means it is responsible for contracting the cells of the skin and other body tissues.

Because of this, people prescribe it as a face wash to firm and tone the skin, especially after a shave. In addition to that, you can further use it to wash your hair after a shampoo. You can use this instead of using other excess products like conditioners or gels. This will help you restore your hair’s health and shine.

Other uses for this fluid include hair washing for pets, cleaning and polishing glass objects, utensils, windows, etc., and cleaning the house floors and walls without any sticky residue.

Clean water

The Kangen machines also produce a cleaner version of the common neutral water with pH 7 which is free of dirt, sediments, rust, and chlorine. It is delicious and conducive for the body. Since our body easily absorbs this solvent, people prescribe taking medicines with this liquid. People also use it for preparing food for babies.

Kangen water

This is the flagship feature of the ionization machines as this is the solvent that has a pH between 8.5 and 9.5 making it slightly alkaline in nature. It is rich in antioxidants, especially hydrogen, that prevent your body from taking oxidative damage.

Furthermore, it provides a safe basic atmosphere for the white blood cells to grow and fight back harmful diseases and bacteria, hence strengthening the immune system. It is excellent for oral consumption and cooking. It restores the system to its natural basic state, ensuring proper functioning and health.

This liquid extracts the flavor from the ingredients added to it. Hence, it is used by chefs worldwide to prepare their food, exquisite cuisines, beverages like coffee and tea, and stews and soups. They can use a fewer amount of ingredients and achieve a higher taste without the need for extra seasoning.

Moreover, you can use it to properly clean your food items and enhance their flavor by boiling them in them. It provides freshness to the plants when watered with it and improves their growth.
And last but not the least, it helps keep the digestive system healthy and prevent gastrointestinal issues. You can safely drink it without experiencing any unpleasant smell or taste.

Strong Kangen water

This fluid has a very strong basic nature and has a pH of 11. Therefore, it is absolutely unsafe for drinking. But it has other uses such as cleaning your vegetables to remove their rawness and restore their fresh taste. You can also use it for cleaning hard spots like oil, coffee, sauce, and spice stains in vents and tabletops, cloths, etc.

Some people also recommend it for getting rid of toilet bowl stains. Because of its strong cleaning properties, people also use it to clean their dishes quickly. And as a result, they consume less fluid and are able to prevent excess wastage during the task.


So there you have it- the different kinds of solvents that ionized machines provide you with and the different implementations and health benefits they have. Seeing the modern scenario with a high increase in pollution density and concentration of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms, this fluid just can’t be avoided.

And consuming it is most important as drinking this solvent plays a crucial role in our body function and health and we cannot compromise with it at any cost. Your body deserves the best and you should choose to provide it.

By empowering your immune and digestive systems and restoring your bodies to their alkaline state. It provides you with life and rejuvenation that is the need of the hour during the troubled pandemic times of today.


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