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Digital Marketing



DIGITAL MANTRA ACADEMY is leading digital marketing Course in Aurangabad. Along with that, we have started digital marketing training in Aurangabad. Digital mantra Academy is the best Training Institute offers certification oriented Digital Marketing Training. Our participants will be eligible to clear all type of interviews at the end of our sessions.

Digital mantra Academy is building a team of Digital Marketing trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in the subject. Our training will be focused on assisting in placement… Our Digital Marketing Course Fees is very affordable compared to others. Digital mantra Academy is the only Digital Marketing Training Institute and digital marketing company in Aurangabad, who can share video reviews of all our students.

Digital mantra Academy

digital mantra academy

We digital mantra is Aurangabad’s 1st practical digital marketing training centre in Aurangabad. At our Digital Marketing Institute in Aurangabad we cover all the aspect of Digital Marketing which includes Search Engine Optimization, Search engine marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, Lead generation which includes but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Digital mantra Academy is the first Digital Marketing company in Aurangabad & Digital marketing training in Aurangabad after we get a good response from the market, we decide to conduct the training our trainer will give the latest trending digital marketing tools and technique. The main factor which makes us one of the most popular Digital Marketing Institutes in Aurangabad, we will give guidance to our student how to make a career in this field… We are not only preferred as placement training or job oriented training institute in Digital Marketing but also are the first choice of Digital Marketing aspirants as the best place for Digital Marketing Training in Aurangabad.


Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing training in Kolhapur

Digital Marketing gives you a very easy way to reach audiences, target prospective customers and measure its success using the various tracking tools in an effective manner. Seeing such a huge effeteness and high demand of skilled digital marketers more and more people are looking for Digital Marketing Certification In Aurangabad, &Digital marketing training in Aurangabad And if you want any digital marketing services, you can contact Advert Digital Mantra company that is 1st digital marketing company in Aurangabad & Digital marketing training in Aurangabad.

Digital marketing training in Aurangabad


Digital marketing training in Aurangabad


Digital marketing is an essential skill for a large number of business roles in the industry today. Through our Digital Marketing, digital marketing Course in Aurangabad, we have trained 500+ entrepreneurs, professionals, and students since 2019.

Here are the key reasons for which people take an Online Digital Marketing Course:

  • Marketing Professionals: Upskilling
  • Professionals in other Roles: Upskilling, Career Shift, Freelancing
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Promote Business, Manage Agency
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: Career Growth
  • Students & Freshers: Job, Freelancing



Digital Marketing offers 100% Job Placement Assistance after completing this course.


Each student is provided with a soft copy of in-depth study material which helps in understanding each module in detail.


After successful completion of the course, every student receives certificates that too represents his/her achievements.

Industry Expert Trainer

Teachers specializing in this field offer 100% to help students in every situation. Our staff is fully dedicated to developing each student.

Live money spend on ad campaigns

During our classes, we get students to understand the concepts by conducting live advertising campaigns. This includes bidding strategies.

Affordable Fees in the Digital Industry

Most affordable fees compared to the current market so all of them can grab the opportunity. It covers 10+ certifications under one course.

Interview question answer preparation

Students are prepared for an interview through presentations, assignments, live projects practical and mock interviews. digital marketing Course in Aurangabad, Basic interview question-answer sessions.

Google Adwords & Analytics Certification

Assuming that the certificates add weight to your resume. That’s why we choose to partner with Google, gaining the highest level of certification in search engine advertising with specialists.

Student Feedback Sessions

After completion of each module, feedback is received from the students regarding training, instructors, class environment and their concerns.

100% Practical Training

Complete practical training for each unit of digital marketing from industry experts along with theory. Knowing that practical knowledge plays an important role in digital advertising.

Live Projects for Practical

Practical knowledge is vital so we are mandatory on live projects. Live projects are also individually assigned to prospective students.

Google Webmaster Access

We provide direct access to Google webmasters so that students can learn their work and structure Learn how to remove technical errors and search engines. digital marketing Course in Aurangabad, Check for website backlinks

Flexible Batch Timing

Our batch timings are flexible enough and suitable for all kinds of students. Variable batch timings are available so that every candidate can attend the classes according to their convenience

Friendly and Cooperative Staff

Industry expert teachers give 100% to their students in every case. Our staff is best dedicated to the development of every student.

Presentation on each module

After completing each module, students are required to come up with a presentation to make their concepts clear and comprehensive.


Regular updates to our courses and curricula make this digital marketing program inclusive of the consortium of other digital marketing organizations & Digital marketing training in Aurangabad Digital marketing is wide and broad, so digital marketing curriculum programs must be updated. Our approach to digital marketing training in Aurangabad is comprehensive. You will learn different techniques of digital marketing through a series of more than 40 modules.

We believe getting Digital marketing training in Aurangabad is the best way to train in digital marketing. Our experience in the field of training since 20019, along with the clear requirements for learning digital marketing, shows us. Since all research and applications related to digital marketing are done online, you must be on this platform to learn.

Hands-on Digital Marketing Online Assignments

The real value of a digital talisman course lies in its practical tasks. Course assignments are divided into unit assignments and case studies. Successful completion of our digital marketing course with these tasks makes training in your digital marketing more practical.


Assignment Promises

  1. Select the best keywords to make your website rank better on Google.
  2. Execute on-page SEO techniques & measure the performance of your website pages.
  3. Conduct research on your competitors & examine their websites.
  4. To attract a relevant target audience, learn local SEO and Mobile SEO.
  5. Take into account the keywords and strategies used by your competitors.

Tools you will Learn

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. SEO Webpage Analyzer
  3. Yoast SEO


Assignment Promises

  1. To run ads without interruption on and its related properties from Google, create a Google AdWords Account.
  2. To run and optimise your ad campaign’s performance, learn how to create Ad Groups, target the right keywords.
  3. Create responsive ads on the Google Display Network with an aim to show ads on all devices.
  4. Create a Merchant Centre account and create an ad group to run Google Shopping campaign
  5. Join AdWords solutions with your marketing objective to achieve a business’s goal.

Tools you will Learn

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Merchant Centre


Assignment Promises:

  1. Develop a profitable Facebook page that majorly converts viewers into customers.
  2. Implement strategies to develop your network of existing & potential customers.
  3. Use the power of Social Media Platforms to post your most viral content.
  4. Design and run effective ad campaigns to target the right audience.
  5. Benefit from the power of Twitter for your brand awareness.

Tools you will Learn

  1. Canva


Assignment Promises

  1. Know the Legal Aspects of sending Emails in various countries.
  2. Save your emails from entering into Spam Folders – Be well-versed with key techniques
  3. Learn to manage your emails professionally & use MailChimp
Tools you will Learn
  1. MailChimp.


Assignment Promises
  1. Execute effective strategies to extend your reach without increasing the budget of your Ad.
  2. Understand the process of nurturing emails automatically.
  3. Build a conversion-oriented landing page.
  4. Execute the Drip Marketing Campaign to nurture your leads.
Tools you will Learn
  1. Unbounce


Assignment Promises
  1. Present your data through the medium of storytelling & note down your observations.
  2. Create a Google Analytics Account to evaluate the performance of your business blog.
  3. Examine your business reports based on real-time, audience, acquisition and behaviour.
  4. Register yourself on Google Merchandise Store & know how the dashboard works.
  5. Plan the timeframe for your campaign and assess it accordingly.
Tools you will Learn
  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Merchandise Store

Digital Marketing Course FAQs

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing includes marketing for people who use electronic devices connected to the Internet, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Digital marketing Focuses on channels such as search engines, social media, email, websites and apps to connect with digital marketing prospects and customers.

What are the career opportunity in digital marketing?

With the popularity of the Internet increasing and its use constantly, companies today have a wide opportunity to reach the world around the clock, seven days a week, and influence people through various digital media. The prevailing need and direction of digital companies have led to a tremendous demand for professionals familiar with the art of digital marketing – people with knowledge and skills required to creatively utilise the power of the Internet for drawing the attention of prospective customers, Digital marketing training in Aurangabad engaging the audience and drawing sales and rewards. Digital marketing training in Aurangabad

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing has reached the point where a large number of professionals consult with brands to develop effective strategies or implement programs. If you are new to digital marketing or lack expertise or resources, you should consider engaging an experienced multi-use digital marketing expert.

What Salary I will be getting after completion of my digital marketing Course?

Salary is not considered a restriction for most companies, it is related to the number of efforts you make to improve digital marketing skills, and if you scan the certificates completely, you will get a great package. It also depends on the field of digital marketing that you are an expert like, Digital marketing training in Aurangabad content marketing, SEO specialist, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. Your salary ranges from 15k to 1.5k per month.

These are benifits of Digital marketing training in Aurangabad.

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