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Get Facebook Likes: Tips for your Facebook Marketing

An Ultimate Guide to Likes

You will get Facebook Likes for the entire page as soon as prospective customers have marked it with “Like” and have thus automatically subscribed. Or you can get post likes for your posts. Both forms of Facebook likes are extremely important for the success of your Facebook marketing. But what is the best way to get a lot of Facebook likes?

In order to answer this question, it is important that you change your perspective and look at your offer and your Facebook page from the perspective of the subscriber.

What sense could it make for the user to subscribe to your page and access your posts regularly?

As with all editorial work, the W questions are decisive: Who belongs to your target group? What are your subscribers interested in? How should the contributions be structured? When and how often should you upload posts?

Inspire by content and get Facebook likes

Which content is of particular value for your target group depends largely on your industry and your offer.

What for whom: differentiate between followers and fans

As a rule of thumb, everything that is educational, entertaining, enriching everyday life or knowledge of a specific topic can represent such added value for subscribers and followers who are interested in services and creative offers. But fans want to be excited. They don’t expect advice from their favorite band, but rather insights into the backstage area, fan communication, interesting things about planned tours, photos of your favorite musicians.

Are your subscribers more followers or more fans – for example, a car brand, a fashion label, a lifestyle magazine? Align your posts to get Facebook Likes UK!

When creating an editorial plan, remember to leave space for flexible/spontaneous posts that you upload on certain events. Thank you for 100 subscribers or start competitions on special occasions, report anniversaries, special offers, the start of something new, the continuation of something popular.

What exactly that always depends on the size of your company. Loyal followers who are really interested in your company will also be happy when the walls are repainted or the office dog moves in.

How exactly: harmoniously adapt the visual and textual design

There are also a handful of clear basic rules regarding the nature of your contributions. The most important are: Design them with high quality and if possible with a focus on the visual representation. Even if you link a difficult legal text, you should do so with a picture that shows the facts in such a way that a fleeting viewer immediately becomes aware of it and curious about more. However, do without click-baiting.

Add a short description to each post so that the viewer does not have to guess what (you) are actually about. If you want to provoke a certain action, let your subscribers and prospective customers know in a short but warm call to action.

Content is King

We often hear that content is king. This statement is really true without any doubt. Generating and posting goof content may help organically. You will not need to pay bucks for getting likes in the advertisement of your page.

It is true that when users see the quality content, something urges them to like your page and post without any special reason.

Where and when: Analyze user behavior to get more Facebook likes

If you’ve already uploaded a number of posts, use the statistics to analyze what went down well and what you got a lot of like. Also, take into account when you posted something and where you promoted it – outside of Facebook. For this purpose, you can explore Facebook analytics which gives detailed data about everything of your users including behavior, active timing and much more.

The longer and more intensively you do your Facebook marketing, the better you will be able to create a versatile editorial plan that meets the taste and requirements of your target group. If you need a little help getting started, you also have the option of getting Facebook Likes by buying a suitable package of Facebook Likes. This is possible for your page, but also for your contributions. I usually follow all these same strategies to get Instagram likes. It simply means following these steps will also help you on other platforms.

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