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Discovering the Meaning of Religious Jewelry: Way to Spirituality and Protection

“May the lord shower blessing on us and we get the strength to overcome hurdles in life” 

Every morning begins with this melodious prayer by recalling God from the bottom of our hearts. God does not have any definition, and worshiping God is equivalent to the most pious work in the universe. Moreover, when a person is religious working on his or her goal, it is equivalent to worshipping God. In this busy world, we have forgotten our history and origin and how things were evolved to become better.

We all have Bibles at home and we promise to search for their proof and existence. To be accurate, Bible was never written first in English, this text came through an evolution from John Wycliffe Bible till The Great Bible (Includes both Coverdale and Matthew Bible), there has been the addition of stories and new testaments to make it religious and divinely important for the culture of Christianity. 

Religious Gold Pendants

History About Origination of Religion

There have been some movements after the American Civil war that encouraged people to have faith in Christianity. One of those movements was the Oxford Movement, a group of clerical Oxford dones in the 1830s, the Oxford Movement was a religious revival in the church that emphasized the church’s catholic heritage in doctrine, polity, and worship. Therefore, a lot of effort was put in to take the belief of people back again to the religion. 

Specifically, this beautiful world is full of people belonging to various cultures and religions. We are no one to bifurcate any religion from anyone but still according to religious beliefs we tend to follow our customs. According to the world’s population, one of the reports explains that Christians are over 31.11 %, People following Islam are 24.9 %, and People following Hinduism are 15.16 %, etc in the globe. Eventually, there are more Christian nations and the faith of people has been restored from the last decade towards the magical essence of Godly power. 

You might encounter this belief that why it becomes important to understand the concept of Religious Jewelry?

Know About Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual awakening of a body takes time and moreover it is a journey for a  lifetime. Being religious and going on spiritual awakening journeys are quite different from each other. Spiritual Awakening is the process of enlightenment which is an awakening moment and the person gets awake to a new life and new sense of being in the world. The feelings of nirvana directly affect the mind, body, and heart in a positive way. While if you are also in a meditative state and focus on experiencing an awakening, it is better to have religious medals and jewelry. There is no limitation in the state in relation to any specific religion as it is beyond that; covering the globe into oneness.

Peace is an innate quality that every human being perceives, but the external factors with time constraints evolve it to become a diverse thought. Tranquility is attainment similar to the spiritual awakening in the source of illuminating light of knowledge. The spiritual findings are the gift gem that occurs in the discovery of mankind with numerous questions such as

  1. How the world was created? 
  2. Who runs this world? 
  3. Who is God?

The one answer to this is spirituality in oneself, and we are ready to discover all those answers. On the path of the spiritual journey, you have to prepare yourself with a reason to start with. For instance, if you are going on a trek then you pack your bag with requisite things like a compass, jackets, mats, tents, water, camera, etc, so when you prepare yourself for the journey of spirituality then you must prepare your list as well. Take a deep breath and let us dive into the knowledge of religious symbols. 

Religious Jewelry

To discover the deeper meaning of religious spirituality, follow the below steps:

  • Change your perceptions towards life
  • Focus on finding a solution
  • Stop complaining, and procrastination
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Respect nature and mankind
  • Make a prayer altar at home
  • Give at least 5 minutes of your daily schedule in worshipping
  • Practice meditation
  • Do positive affirmations
  • Have a gratitude journal
  • Listen to soothing and high vibrational music
  • Eat a healthy and nutritional diet
  • Drink water
  • Read Holy Books
  • Keep Holy Symbols

Yes, you read it right. All the points are important to circulate in your lifestyle to go on a religious spirituality journey. Here we will discuss further the Holy Symbols. Significant to Christianity, there are few symbols that attain high importance and recognition in the hearts of people. These symbols are:

  • Celtic Cross

Originally, this symbol was found in Great Britain and Ireland. The Cross is straight up and edgy with cemetery crosses. It has carved stone depicting the passion scenes, and the round circle symbol is the emblem of eternity.

  • Anchor

The anchor is a Christian symbol of hope and steadfastness. Taken from the Hebrews 6:19, that says which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast. In Rome, these anchors are unscripted on the catacombs and considered as the old Christian gems. 

  • Fleurie Cross

The specialty of the Fleurie cross is that it has three graceful petals that resemble the fleur-de-lis. The three petals symbolize the Holy Trinity and it has become popular during the altar and pupil vestments during the Trinity season. Also, one of the popular symbols of Resurrection. 

  • Angel

Angelos is a word from the Greek language and the word Angel is extracted from it. The angels are the messengers of God and spiritual beings who directly connect with people on earth as per God’s direction. They tell us the news, as, during the time of Jesus’ birth, Angel came over, they are the true protectors of mankind from any harm. 

  • Star of David 

This beautiful creation does not have a story in the Old testament but represents the shield of King David. He was blessed by God and gained popularity as a sign of a symbol of faith. Since Christianity has its roots in Judaism therefore, it is highly significant for Christians.

  • Butterfly

The creation of a butterfly is a metamorphosis process of creation. The caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and then it completes its journey by becoming a butterfly. This is a pure symbol of resurrection. The same happened with Christ, he was born from a woman to become a human, crucified and buried in a tomb, and was then glorified after his crucifix and called Christ to us.

You can wear all the above religious symbols in religious gold pendant forms. Therefore, these symbols strengthen the faith in God strongly. When you start working with the religious symbol, you are closely able to understand the religion and it generates a positive and divine vibration in your mind, body, and soul. Even if you start understanding religion, you can work with religious symbols to experience the spirituality in your being.


Keep yourself in the circle of God’s protection and enter into the world of spirituality. This religious symbol will protect you from all negativity and generate the seed of positivity in your soul. We hope now you will be able to understand the meaning of the religious faith symbols whenever you see them. Thus, make a habit of wearing or keeping them with yourself. Let us know more about your views on religious symbols. 

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