DIY Tips to Repair a Car Headliner

Repair a Car Headliner

Each time we get into our vehicle, we hardly look at the headliner unless it gets messy or starts sagging. The headlining is the fabric part attached to the roof of your car. It gives the roof a subtle finish with good appearance as well as prevents from hot or cold weather. Over time, the fabric of the roof lining can separate from its support board, resulting in the sagging roof lining.

So, make the thing simpler we have put together DIY tips and tricks to quickly and cheaply repair your sagging headliner.


If the headlining of your car starts to sag from its edges/corners, gluing is the best method to solve this problem. You can also use an adhesive spray, which will help you to apply and distribute the glue evenly on the board.

However, you need to apply the best adhesive glue because your ordinary glues are not very useful in repairing. If you want to get the best results, consider removing the roof trim panel from the car and apply the roof trim adhesive to the back of the fabric and place it firmly.

But if more of your car’s headliner is hung up, this hack won’t be of much use to you, as you will need to remove the entire roof trim panel.

Hairspray and stapler

Using a stapler and hairspray is an unusual method. Still, it is one of the cheapest ways to temporarily fix the headlining, especially if you’re not ready to put a lot of money on your old vehicle.

For this method, all you need to do is staple the sag pad with a staple gun on the board.  Once you are done with stapling, use hairspray all around the edges of the poster head and wait for it to get dry. After the spray has dried, you can remove the staples.

This method may seem scrupulous to you at first, but it is worth the effort. If you are looking for an inexpensive but temporary fix solution, this method is the best choice to consider.

Steam cleaner & Paint Roller

You can even try a steam cleaner and a paint roller if the material hasn’t started to sag too much. The steam cleaner helps melt the glue from the roof lining, and the paint roller helps the fabric settle evenly without creases or wrinkles. This is an ideal option when the headliner sags at the edges.

Remember that streaming can damage the material of the roof lining, so use the streamer to melt the hardened glue.

If you are having difficulty handling the sagging siding of your car, look for the best roof/hood repair service provider near you. For suppose you live in the Ipswich area, you can search online using keywords such as “hood lining repairs Ipswich.”

Clear-Headed Twisted pins

Using twisted pins can be affordable and offers a real solution for fixing the collapsed roof of your car. These pins are sharp from the end, and from the top, you can turn the bolts to keep the item firmly attached. When you push the pins against the panel to secure the fabric, twist it gently, and the headliner will stay in place securely. You can even use the clear head pin to create a unique design like circle, diamond, square, and many more on the roof of your car.

The best thing about using twisted pins with a clear head is that they won’t damage the back panel with holes like the other pins do.

Double-sided tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is a quick and unique solution for fixing the drooping headlining of your car. When configuring your headliner, you need to buy double-sided adhesive quality tape and place it strategically on all the free points according to the need and the location. Also, apply some pressure to the tape to make sure it adheres firmly to the roof frame.

The best thing with this method is that if you get the double-sided adhesive grade adhesive tape, the solution will give you a temporary solution as it will adhere well to both the roof frame and the roof material until you visit a professional.

Professional Help

Sometimes it’s hard to remove the roof trim panel from your car. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself by thinking you know what you’re doing when in reality, you don’t have any clues. Hence, there are many ways to make the problem worse, so keep that thing in mind.

So, if you are unsure of how to handle the sagging headliner, it is probably best to find a professional service provider like hood lining repairs Ipswich. With them, you can also save yourself from the hassle and can get a new headliner for your car quickly.

The Final Words

The DIY tips mentioned above are some of the easy, affordable, and time-saving ways that you can use to repair sagging car roof headliner. So whatever method you choose, the first step is to do your proper research or ask your friend. You can also browse the Internet, read blogs, and check which hack is right for your vehicle.

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