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Django vs Laravel: Which framework to choose?

When deciding for a particular framework to use, we need to choose the different aspects where the technology would be beneficial to us and what supplement or support the web application development efforts. Developers and programmers need to weigh the pros and cons of each particular framework in order to come to a conclusion that decides which Framework needs to be chosen.

It is always the deciding factor and the preferences for the application being set by the company that determines the frameworks that need to be chosen for the development efforts to be undertaken. 

Developers and programmers work hard to create a web application and if the web application fails due to some of the drawbacks present in the framework, then it means that the business owners made a wrong choice when choosing a particular framework. 


In the battlefield we welcome Django, the long dominated framework that is an app for any kind of web development or eCommerce development any other website for that matter. This serves as a perfect tool for any web development effort. On the other hand, we will complete Django with laravel. Another web development framework that is highly popular among developers. Efficiently great some traction amongst developers due to its innumerable features and benefits that it has to present.


About Django


We are going to start the competition between laravel and Django, with the small face of competition Django Framework came into existence because of the development efforts of the Django Software Foundation. Django made its first appearance In the year 2005. And it has a good 16 years of rich history behind its back. The license for Django development is backed by a three clause software license supported by the Berkeley software Foundation. Many popular companies Such as Mozilla, Instagram, bitbucket, and Pinterest use Django in their software products. All of the core updates as well as maintenance and releases is managed by the Berkeley software Foundation. There has been a constant stream of updates and security fixes released to the general public that the programmers and developers are using. 


One of the major strong points of Django framework is its effectiveness in providing developers with the very easy and lightweight framework to use. The major objective of the Django framework is to allow developers to create applications quickly and easily.


Some Pros and Cons of Django


  • Developer or programmer does not encounter any kind of steep learning curve when mastering the Framework for his or her own use
  • Many security features and functions are provided by the framework, that I regularly patch and made available to developers and designers all around the world
  • This is the first Framework that offers mobile integration as well
  • The Django documentation is extremely thorough and well-defined for the used by programmers and developers
  •  there are multiple plugins that provide extended functionality for the use of Django framework.



  • Can be a little extreme set of features being offered for applications that are small scale in nature
  • It can be difficult for programmers and developers to use the basic routing functionality and implemented in their applications
  • If developers and programmers create any kind of errors in template designing. Then there is no kind of message being passed to the developer, error messages in short are not shown to the developer.


About Laravel

The contender for Django that is laravel was created and developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is been licensed under the MIT licence for software distribution services. Laravel made its public appearance in the year 2011, sweet as a good in 10 years of rich history behind its back. In order to enable full use of laravel, developers and programmers need to know the PHP language in depth. Having advanced knowledge of PHP is always welcome for using this framework. One of the major uses of laravel, is into the development and designing of content management systems. It help manage the content of different websites 


There is also a feature that allows applications to upskill themselves in order to handle high amounts of traffic as well as meet the increasing demands of the user. The Framework has the capability to reduce the time required for development of any application as well as is the process of application development for the developer and designer pretty easily and efficiently. Laravel provides good features for developers to design applications easily and efficiently without any hindrances.


Some Pros and cons of Laravel


  • Laravel provides a powerful templating system to use of Blade
  •  the routing function provided by laravel is simple and intuitive to use
  •  laravel also provides IOC support And there is a built in command line CL for use by programmers and developers 
  • Maintenance efforts for laravel applications seems to be easier and quicker for developers and programmers
  • Provide dynamic and intuitive ways for Laravel developers and programmers to create web applications quickly and easily.



  • Beginners for getting started with laravel and was looking to develop medium-sized applications can face serious security issues due to the nonproficiency knowledge of the framework.
  •  the learning curve for laravel is steeper than that of Django
  •  Laravel is all about web application development and offers little support to mobile application development.


Now Let’s compare Django vs Laravel with their features

Django VS Laravel



Both laravel and Django offer a great community support in terms of solving problems and issues that are faced by the developers and designers. Developers and designers can easily post questions in the community forums, and get the resolution for the problems that they face. Both these communities are ever ready to help developers. It also provide valuable resolutions to the queries that are faced by the developers. You will have no problem whatsoever seeking help from this community. It offers a great place to interact, learn, take help, and create applications for users



Both the framework are popular in the respective fields and sources. And can be used by developers and designers to create awesome applications for different kinds of users. If you want to create small to medium-sized application then you can go with Django. Even for large applications this Framework is suitable. Laravel is able to provide the required support and the infrastructure needed for creating web applications easily and efficiently.


Learning Curve: 

As far as learning curve is concerned, in order to master Django you need to know about of python, and its implementation. This will help you to to create applications and master the concepts pretty easily and efficiently. Django does not offer a steep learning curve as laravel has. This is because when it comes to simplicity and efficiency, Django is able to surpass all expectations from the users.



When it comes to speed and performance, there is no other Framework that also the level of performance as offered by Django, even level does not come closer to it. Django also supports hot and trending Technologies that supplement therefore software development is done pretty easily and efficiently when you use this particular framework.

Laravel does not offer high speed of performance, but it offers simplicity and efficiency for creating web applications effectively.



Security wise both frameworks are adequate enough, however you need to depend on the level of robustness. The safety offered by Django, as it is pretty difficult for users to bypass the security offered by Django. So even Django wins the battle here.


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Conclusion- Django vs Laravel:

So it depends on personal preferences as well as the amount of features offered that’s going to influence you to choose one particular Framework over the other. In our quest to deliver the best software development experience, we have compared and contrasted Django vs Laravel for you.

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