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Do cannabis concentrate packaging Provide Durability?

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

Cannabis is one of the most consumed drugs in the world right now and comes in many shapes and sizes. It also comes in many different forms or as we call it concentrates. Cannabis is mostly smoked up in a joint but nowadays people know many more different and more interesting ways of consuming cannabis. They consume it through vaping it, dabbing, edibles, etc. There are many concentrates of cannabis that are also being used by cannabis smokers and produce a way stronger high than just smoking weed. There are many concentrates like shatter, wax, hash, crumble, etc.

used by stoners to give them a stronger buzz than usual. These concentrates although require a special kind of concentrate packaging because they are more sensitive than regular cannabis and are contain a higher THC level. There are many ways to handle these though, for example, glass jars, different types of plastic containers and etc. It is totally overwhelming for both consumers and businesses that how and where they should be storing their product in a way that it is the most durable.

In this article, we would be diving into some deep facts about how can the choice of cannabis concentrate packaging be affected by the types of materials used for their storage and how durable they are.

Cosmetic style Jars made up of plastic:

These jars are made specially to store chemical products to hold the contents of the substance inside. In a way that it does not interact with the outside environment at all. These jars are supposed to be clear so that the shatter or other THC products that are inside it can show the color of the shatter to the consumer, this type of THC concentrate packaging helps increase the sale.

Although there are some cons to this kind of packaging which is that it cannot hold too sticky concentrates. Because it mostly tends to get stuck in the plastic which creates a total mess of the product. Although this cannabis concentrate packaging is very good overall as compared to what most other states or countries provide in cannabis where it is illegal. Although highly concentrated products tend to change or react with the plastic bottle if kept in them for more than the actual time span.

Glass jars for concentrates

Glass jars are very common at dispensaries for medicines. Although glass jars have always been used to keep wax, creams, oils, etc. throughout history. And they have also proved themselves worth it because of the quality maintenance of the concentrate or product inside them. Glass is naturally nonporous which means unlike plastic, the concentrates won’t get stuck in them and the chemical present would not be reacting which the wax concentrate packaging that they are kept in.

Like all of the packaging, glass jars also tend to have a few cons and the biggest one is that they are the most difficult transport from one place to another because they tend to break. If you are a cannabis business owner, this THC concentrate packaging is which needs the most extra care when being transported from one place to another. But for cannabis users like me and probably you, these are only beneficial if they are treated with extra care. Because neither of us wants to get high, carry this around. Break it and lose all the lovely THC inside it!

Marijuana Ft. Myler Bags

Marijuana concentrate packaging can be done in many ways but the stickier the concentrate gets the harder the storage gets. Mylar is basically the best type of custom concentrate packaging made up of plastic. That can totally keep your shatter safe. These bags come in different colors, and they also come in transparent plastic which helps us peek. Through the bag and looks at the quality of the shatter or wax that can be determined by the color of it. Some bags are also half colored and half transparent. This helps many marijuana companies to come up with good and classy ways of marketing. And branding their products which may help their customers reach out to them again and again.

Envelopes for cannabis

I know this sounds very weird, but if your shatter is not too oily or sticky, paper envelopes are a very good option for people storing it. These custom concentrate packaging can be very economically friendly. Also are able to be designed and branded according to your cannabis business. Shatter that is to be placed in these should also be covered up with wax paper before being put in the envelope. This extra layer helps you protect the quality of the cannabis that you just stored in it. These envelopes usually carry small amounts of shatter that is so dry that it totally resembles dust.

Container liners to maintain Durability

To maintain the quality of your concentrate container liners were brought up to maintain the properties of your THC substance. These liners were made up of silicon or parchment papers just to seal the container so tight and good that no chemical escapes at all. Since plastic is already making us lose some potent product due to its porous nature. We don’t want to be losing more of it in any way at all. These liners are made into different sizes in order to fix different sizes of containers. But it should always be kept in mind that it is always much better. If you just wrap up your shatter in some wax paper before putting it in any containers.

Last but not the least, in my opinion, and also the experts’ the glass containers are the best ones. Not just because they are a classic and have been used since forever. But also because your cannabis is the safest in that container. Another reason for using glass containers I that these look the most elegant of all. Although you would always need to hook up with more packaging suppliers that would help you figure out. How you can protect the glass jars and help you trade your marijuana all over the place.

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