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Does Kim Kardashian wear clip in hair extensions

Kim Kardashian, the beauty mogul, fashion sensation, and mom of 4, is regularly photographed wearing designer clothing and sporting gorgeous dark or platinum blonde hairstyles. Unsurprisingly, her followers have been curious about how much of her hair is hers. Whether you keep up with her on Hulu or Instagram, it’s well-documented that Kim Kardashian, in fact, wears extensions like tape-in and clip in hair extensions to create her showstopping styles.  The socialite’s hairstyles constantly evolve as she alternates between dark and platinum blonde hair tones. The reality star has sported numerous looks over the years, and we have hand-picked some of her gorgeous hairstyles that you can recreate with weaves, clip-ins, and ponytail extensions

The Silked Back Side-Part Hairstyle

A major throwback 

The most followed Kardashian sister attended a red carpet event in 2015 with this refreshing silked-back hairstyle with a side part. Kim’s worn several wet hairstyles since then. The hairstyle with the side part and shiny strands complement her crisp and minimalist outfit. It is one of the chicest styles of Kim’s that you can recreate with semi-permanent extensions like tape in hair extensions. The tape-ins will provide a ton of thickness while remaining invisible, and the wet look is ideal for any event or occasion.

High Ponytail With Ruffled Waves 

Kim K serving looks with ruffled ponytail hair extensions 

Kim Kardashian looked like a Greek goddess during the CFDA Fashion Awards, where she received the Influencer Award. While we love her ensemble, we cannot get enough of the high ponytail with ruffled waves you can achieve with ponytail hair extensions. The hairstyle is stunning for formal events and trendy and chic to post on the ‘gram. A medium-sized curling barrel and a styling spray will get you the Kim K look with ease! 

Beach Waves Hairstyle With Super Long Extensions 

Gorgeous Remy hair extensions 

In this look, you can spot the beauty mogul’s super-long hair extensions that go past her curvy hips, and the dark color adds luster. Regardless of the year or season, ultra-long beach waves hairstyles are fun and on-trend. The hairstyle is incredibly effortless and easily achievable with halo hair extensions. These extensions are low-tension and blend beautifully with long hair

Razor-Sharp Sleek Icy Lob 

Icy blonde hairstyle with tape in hair extensions 

Kimberly is no stranger to switching up her hair’s length and color with human hair extensions and often with wigs. This razor-sharp lob does not have an asymmetrical shape. It’s about the same length the entire way across her head.  Silver and platinum are, without a doubt, Kim’s color, and the dark roots on her razor-sharp lob add dimension and a hint of fun. We strongly recommend tape in hair extensions with rooted colors from Halo Couture for this look. The wefts will lay flat against the scalp, and you won’t need to worry about your Kim K-inspired lob looking bulky! 

The Platinum Wet Hairstyle 

The sultry platinum wet hairstyle 

Whether her hair is platinum or raven, Kim demonstrates her dedication to the wet style. She started her wet hair affair with silk and smooth when she began wearing it. In the picture above, Kim wore it with a bit unkempt and lived-in look. We adore how she appears to have just returned from the beach with semi-dried hair. 

You can achieve this sultry wet Kim K-inspired hairstyle with weft extensions and clip in hair extensions. The hairstyle is rather easy to achieve; you start with damp hair, apply a styling mousse to the roots and brush your hair back. Set the wet hairstyle with a glossy setting spray. 

Clip In Hair Extensions Use By Kim


This clip in hair extension is a seamless, natural looking ponytail with a tapered tip that allows you to wear it in any hairstyle signature clip in hair extensions are designed to be a versatile, easy-to-use extension that can be perfect for any style. These ponytail, tape in and clip in hair extensions are the perfect accessory for your everyday style. They can be worn straight or tousled, depending on your mood and how much time you want to spend styling it. clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding length, volume and body to your mane. They can be worn on their or layered for fuller results.

Ponytail Gives You Best Look

Premium ponytail, tape in and clip in hair extensions are the best quality you can buy. Use only top notch human hair from reputable suppliers that are tested for gauge and cuticle to ensure a smooth install with no shedding. Ponytail, tape in, clip in hair extensions are the perfect choice for you. These extensions will add volume and length to your hair without adding weight or taking away from the natural texture of your hair. Ponytail, tape in and clip in hair extensions are the most popular styles for women who want to add length and volume. Hair Extensions are perfect for those who want to add length and volume to their hair, or clip in extensions that blend well with your natural hair.

Sleek Half-Up High Ponytail With Weave 

Serve looks with ponytail hair extensions 

The 2018 Met Gala is one of our favorite looks by the mogul. Over the years, Kim Kardashian has donned several looks, but 2018 was one of the best she’s ever looked. The body-skimming Versace with catholic iconography and the sleek half-up high ponytail with weave

We have seen many variations to the half-up ponytail, like with waves and curls, but sometimes less is more– and it’s especially true in the fashion community. Kim sported this stunning half-ponytail hairstyle that caresses her hips with a subtle wavy pattern. It’s the ideal look for a date night with ponytail hair extensions and smokey eyes. 


The Raven Wet & Wavy Hairstyle 

The iconic raven wet and wavy hairstyle with clip in hair extensions 

This raven wet and wavy hairstyle is one of our favorite wet hairstyles donned by the reality star. The hairstyle is long, shiny, and wavy, and the raven color solidifies the appearance. If you want this look but need help figuring out where to start, head to Halo Couture’s website for clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions

The Barbie Bun Hairstyle 

Recreate Kim’s Barbie bun with Halo Couture’s rooted hair extensions 

Finally, on our list, we have one of her looks from September. The slightly messy rooted platinum blonde bun hairstyle with chunky face-framing pieces looks in line for the entrepreneur. This hairstyle takes a messy bun to a whole another level! You can recreate this iconic barbie bun hairstyle with Halo Couture’s platinum blonde ponytail extensions or with their wefts extensions. Both hair accessories offer styling versatility and a natural look. 



No one does platinum and dark hairstyles quite like Kim Kardashian. Whether she’s flaunting a new look with extensions or showing off her natural hair, she knows how to get everyone talking! You can recreate these 8 of Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles with clip-in, tape-in, and ponytail hair extensions from Halo Couture extensive line of Remy extensions. Shop today to get the look

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