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Bomb Curly Hair Extensions To Buy On Black Friday

“Your hair is gorgeous; I wish I had curly hair like you!” is a common thing ladies with curls hear frequently. Don’t get us wrong, and it is a huge compliment. However, it is also not a hidden fact (hair extensions) that it is difficult to make your curls look and feel healthy and stunning.

Curly hair has its mind, which makes them unpredictable, and sometimes out of control. 

The good news is whenever your curly hair starts to act out, there are alternative solutions that will offer natural looks without any drawbacks: hair extensions. 

There are a lot of brands that deal with hair extensions; however, Indique Virgin Hair has one of the best hair extensions for women with curly and kinky curly hair. 

Take a look at these bomb curly hair extensions that you should buy during the Black Friday sale. We have compiled a list of curly clip-in hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions, and hair bundles just for you!

Breathtaking Curly Clip-Ins

Curly clip in hair extensions are the quickest form of achieving breathtaking lengths and volume. They are easy to install and remove, making them a go-to for women of various ages. Check out the collection of breathtakingly beautiful curly hair clip-ins on this list.

Remix Organic Curl Clip-Ins

Clip in hair extensions
Clip in hair extensions

This bomb Remix Organic Curl Clip-In Extension in 1B tone is a bomb extension with heavily textured curls.  

This extension has five different widths that help you mix and match your look with ease and flaunt versatile looks. 

The cuticles in Remix Organic Curl run in the same direction that helps keep the extensions in top-notch quality and shape. 

This curly hair clip in extension is available in two lengths, i.e., 14 and 22 inches, giving you the styling versatility you desire. 

Remix Coil Curl Clip-Ins

Remix Coil Curl
Remix Coil Curl

Remix Coil Curl Clip-In Extensions are virgin hair that’s been machine drawn, aligned cuticles, and in natural 1B color. 

This extension has riveting spiral curls that begin less than an inch away from the weft. 

Like the clip-in curl extension mentioned above, this curly extension also comes in 5 various widths that allow you to recreate multiple hairstyles.

Studio Perfect 10: Organic Curl

Studio Perfect 10

Studio Perfect 10: Organic Curl is one of the best hair extensions that perfectly resemble 4c hair. The 10 in the extension’s name means there are ten clip-in extensions. 

Shop for two lengths to mix and match your holiday looks with gorgeous lengths because the texture is perfect for 4c hair. 

Studio Perfect 10: Coil Curl

Studio Perfect 10: Coil Curl
Studio Perfect 10: Coil Curl

This Studio Perfect 10: Coil Curl is another 10-piece clip-in curly hair extension with 5 different widths to meet your styling needs. 

It is one of the most popular clip-in sets that always sells out, so make sure you get them as soon as they are restocked! Who wouldn’t want lustrous clip-in extensions that add instant volume and length without the commitment? 

Studio Fishnet: Curly

Studio Fishnet Curly
Studio Fishnet Curly

The Studio Fishnet Curly Clip-In Extension is a slightly different clip-in than the ones mentioned earlier. 

The clip-in sets mentioned above come in individual extensions, but Studio Fishnet is a single-set extension with 9 interlinked wefts that creates a unit. 

This is one of the best hair extensions when you don’t have time to install multiple extensions at a time. With the Studio Fishnet Curly Extensions, you will achieve a fuller look in a snap. 

The natural black color of the extension with stunning curls makes the hair very popular among women of all ages. 

Curly Drawstring Ponytail Extensions

Now, take a look at these stunning curly drawstring ponytail extensions that are super easy to install, curated just for you! All the following curly ponytail extensions are from Indique’s Remix Collection; all the products are available in 1B tone.

Remix Curly Ponytail

Remix Curly Ponytail
Remix Curly Ponytail

Indique’s gorgeous Remix Curly Ponytail is an easy-to-use extension that is perfect for beginners and seasoned hair enthusiasts. 

The ponytail has gorgeous loose curls and is available in 2 lengths, i.e., 12 and 22 inches. 

Aside from the drawstrings, the extension also comes with a comb for additional security.  

The aligned cuticles help you achieve a natural and seamless look regardless of how you style your ponytail; from a sleek ponytail style to a messy one, Remix Curly Ponytail is the perfect choice for you!

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail is another beautiful ready-to-wear ponytail extension with medium luster. The ponytail extension is perfect if you want to recreate the wet hair look. 

The in-built comb and the drawstrings are all you need to sport any look you want for every upcoming occasion!

Remix Organic Curl Ponytail

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail
Remix Coil Curl Ponytail

This Remix Organic Curl Ponytail Extension screams “go big or go home.” The ponytail extension is made from virgin hair and dyed to achieve the black color. 

The Curly Ponytail Extension is perfect if you have 4c hair or want to achieve that voluminous and gorgeous afro ponytail look. The corkscrew curls are low luster, and you can wear any ponytail style with this Organic Curl Ponytail Extension for any occasion. 

Make your voluminous ponytail hairstyle become a reality with two incredible lengths, i.e., 12 and 22 inches!!

The Best Curly Hair Bundles

Check out these best curly hair bundles to achieve a semi-permanent hairstyle through sew-in, protect your natural hair and flaunt stunning curly hairstyles in envious lengths. 

SEA Fiji Curl Bundle Deal

SEA Fiji Curl Bundle
SEA Fiji Curl Bundle

SEA Fiji Curl Bundle Deal offers 4 beautiful lengths where you get 3 bundles and 4 lengths with 4×4 closures each. 

With Indique’s Bundle Deal Collections, you can choose from various lengths to create the desired look with or without closures. 

The curly SEA Fiji Bundle has beautiful spiral curls that will make you the center of attention with ease.

SEA Tahitian Wave Bundle 

SEA Tahitian Wave Bundle
SEA Tahitian Wave Bundle

SEA Tahitian Wave Bundle offers the perfect mix of tousled and waves that resemble the soft curly version of water wave hair. 

This Tahitian Bundle has tapered and textured ends with the perfect volume. 

The bundle is perfect for your upcoming holidays!

Pure Curly Bundle

Pure Curly Bundle
Pure Curly Bundle

Indique’s Pure Collection has a variety of bundles, braiding hair, and wigs with jaw-dropping textures that range from straight, wavy, to curly. 

The Pure Curly Bundle’s unbelievable texture offers you a glorious crown of ringlets that can also be flat-ironed to achieve a sleek look. 

If you desire a carefree look with bounce and texture, then Pure Curly Bundle is the best hair extension that money can buy!

Whether you want a bob-length curly style, shoulder-length style, or amazing long style, Pure Curly Bundle has all the lengths you could ever want!

Bounce Coil Curl Bundle

Gorgeous curly hair with Coil Curl
Gorgeous curly hair with Coil Curl

Are you that woman who desires tight curl patterns that are soft, defined, and packed with volume? Well, Bounce Coil Curl Bundle provides just that, plus the bundle is super low-maintenance. 

The curls’ unique pattern allows you to create various hairstyles with ease, and you can brush the bundle out to achieve an afro style.

Bounce Organic Curl Bundle 

Organic Curls
Organic Curls

What if we told you, you can achieve kinky curly hair that is lightweight and looks natural? It might sound a bit unreal, but Bounce Organic Curl Bundle is the answer to your prayers. 

Bounce Organic Curl is one of Indique’s tightest curly hair that provides a full look with a low natural luster. 

Choose from 4 lengths to get the look of your dreams. 

These are the best hair extensions when it comes to curly hair. Now you can enjoy and revel in compliments about your curly hair because the hair extensions mentioned above are low-maintenance!!

Shop for the curly hair listed above from Indique Hair during the Black Friday Sale and enjoy up to 50% off on your purchase!! Hurry, these curly hair bundles and extensions will sell out in no time!

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