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Drupal Development and Top 8 Technical Advantages

What is Drupal?
Drupal is a flexible CMS based on the LAMP environment, with a modular design that allows adding or removing functionality by installing or uninstalling modules , and allows the appearance or design of the website to be changed by installing or uninstalling themes . The Drupal base download, known as the Drupal core, contains the PHP files necessary to run the basic functionality of the CMS, various module and theme options, and multiple JavaScript, CSS, and image resources. Many more modules and themes can be downloaded from the Drupal.org website .
choice of Drupal
The choice of Drupal CMS as the main development tool has many reasons. After the first days of learning about Drupal, many developers . confirmed the unlimited potential of this CMS as a flexible builder. Compared to WordPress and Joomla, . the Drupal admin panel seems a bit simple, . but it has enormous flexibility and the ability to edit any element of the website. Today we invite you to study the main advantages of Drupal over the competition.

Technical advantages of Drupal for B2B projects

Many of Drupal’s technical advantages come from two main factors:
  1. This is a content management framework . built on top of a well-designed and popular symfony framework. Other popular CMS are . developed without a framework or a framework used only in that particular CMS.
  1. This is an international open source . project developed by hundreds of IT companies around the world. They also contribute to the. development of the Drupal 8 module that simplifies the operation of this CMS.
Among the other advantages over the competition are the following:

1) Headless Drupal and web integration

Unlike other CMS, Drupal supports . CRUD operations on all resources using RESTful . web services thanks to its advanced core architecture. It also supports the HAL and JSON API standards.
Drupal is design and ready to go in headless mode right out of the box. All content and settings on a site can be manage using web services and not HTML user interface pages. Allows integration with any . web service using Enterprise Service Bus configuration (such as Apache Service Mix) . to ensure delivery of messages and events. This point is decisive when choosing Drupal to create . B2B solutions with a high degree of integration with web services.

2) Cryptography

Full support for public key infrastructure (PKI, X.509), . including certificate authority (CA) and . the ability to generate on-site certificates for users, enable digital signing of documents, . and organize secure interaction with any number of global suppliers at low cost. This element has no analogues in other CMS.

3) Performance and scalability

This CMS supports all the typical ways to scale web applications, . such as reading from slave database servers to offloading master servers. Additionally, Drupal implements several features absent from most . other CMS that simplify horizontal scaling:
  • RabbitMQ queue support. All the time-consuming operations . that can arise from exchanging and processing large amounts of data. are perform by Drupal using queues. A flexible queue configuration mechanism allows . you to connect a RabbitMQ message delivery queue, process tasks on the line. , ensure their guaranteed execution on one of the servers, . and reduce the load on processing tasks from the main web servers.
  • Support for cache proxies like Varnish. It allows you to reset the cache when changing data on the site.
  • Elasticsearch support. Speedup and scale site work while allowing you to work with Big Data.

4) security

In many other popular CMS, it is common to release updates in the admin panel. But, it is not safe. Drupal runs and updates without write access to the kernel from the web server.

5) Quality of the Code

The Drupal core covers 23 thousand tests, which are distributed with this CMS. Essential modules are also often covered by extra tests. Meanwhile, other CMSs are release with no test coverage at all.
In recent years, the Drupal kernel and modules have been rewritten using new PHP features, . completely cleaning up legacy code and submitting to strict coding standards. The system has a competent and . well-developed architecture and is base on the symfony framework. Other CMS have backward compatibility and a large amount of legacy code. Many alternative CMS modules are base on outdated code and have outdated architecture.

6) Semantic web and OWL ontologies

Drupal is the world’s most advanced platform to support Semantic Web technologies. : it has RDF support at the core, exports the structure of all site data to machine-readable OWL format. , supports schema.org annotations, etc. . Support for these technologies simplifies integration with any existing information. system and automates integration with various web services. Meanwhile, other CMSs do not provide their analogues of these technologies.

7) Development tools, support and updates

With more developers and the support of the international community. , Drupal has code generators and tools to verify coding standards and security . A unique feature of this CMS is configuration management. All configurations and modules of the site are export to text files. Drupal’s configuration management tools guarantee . the transfer of changes between the stable version of . the site and the development version. This mechanism allows you to simplify the development process, . increase the speed of implementation of changes and has no analogues in many other CMS.

8) Qualified Professionals and Drupal Reliability

Unlike company-develope CMS, there are world-class specialists in the labor market . who are involve in Drupal development. Large international companies and entire countries trust him. : PayPal, FedEx, eBay, General Electric, Pfizer, Puma, Weather. com, BBC, Société Générale, Royal Mail, Johnson & Johnson run their businesses at Drupal.
Procter & Gamble has developed around 150 sites for its products on this CMS. Drupal also powers the websites of the. US White House and the US Department of Commerce, and has been chose . by the Australian government as the platform for . all government websites in the country. Finally, the World Bank, UNESCO, Unicef ​​and 33 . websites of the TOP-500 Fortune companies are made in Drupal.

Why Drupal is better than the competition

According to many studies, WordPress, Joomla! And OpenCart are the most popular alternatives for Drupal.
WordPress is the most used and free content management system. More than 35% of the websites worldwide are power by this engine. But, WordPress users often encounter website hacks compared to Drupal. Additionally, many WP modules can threaten site performance.
Joomla! It is one of the top five CMS. At the basic level, you are protect against unauthorize access. But, installing third-party extensions reduces . the level of security, so the piracy statistics are disappointing. There are also performance issues when it is use for large projects.
As for OpenCart, it was designe to create online stores. For other types of sites, the OperCart functionality is not enough. This CMS is suitable for paid hosts . because free ones do not usually meet the requirements of the CMS system.
Still, each of the content management systems can be a good solution for your site. It is critical to consider the topic, project scope, and performance requirements. But, the facts mentioned above make Drupal the preferable option.
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In conclusion

Drupal is a free system that can be download as a core or assembled with sets of modules. It is flexible in customization, which makes it popular with developers. For novice users, Drupal can also be a good option, especially if . you use community-tested out-of-the-box solutions to create your projects.
When choosing Drupal, you need to check its functionality and complexity. The motor is efficient when you need to create a large project . that will be characterize by stability and a high level of safety. There are simpler tools for launching small blogs and shops . between CMS and in the niche of site builders.

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