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Easy Ways to Earn Money While Studying Abroad

Are you planning to get higher education from some foreign country, but have a tight budget?

If the answer is yes, then you must be looking for some jobs that you can do while studying abroad to support yourself during the stay. There are various students that earn while studying in a foreign nation to support them.

In the following post, we will be exploring the various important aspects of working while studying in a foreign nation. Apart from choosing the country that offers amazing employment opportunities for students, you also have to look for studying in a country where the crime rate is low. This is because you will be working late or in the early morning hours, as you will be having your classes during the daytime.

Now, read the following list of the jobs that you can take as an international student.

10 Easy Ways to Earn Money While Studying Abroad

10 Ways to Earn Money While Studying Abroad

  1. Writing Jobs

If you are a good writer, then there will be no dearth of jobs that you can take and accomplish from your room or dorm. The content writing is a booming field that allows you to write different kinds of content as per your liking and you can also experiment with your writing style if you want. You can also start your own blog if you wish to. Just like blogging, you can start earning decent money by creating a video channel and creating Vlogs. They are currently a massive hit among the masses across the globe.

You don’t even need extra resources, except a laptop and internet. If you don’t have a laptop, you can use your library computer as well.

2. Teach skills and languages

If you are a person that can speak English and has a good grasp over grammar, you can start teaching kids online or offline. Like English, you can also look for other language jobs that you can take to support your education. You can also teach other subjects if you want to. There are many online tutoring websites that you can register at and start working.

Further, if you have some skills, like Karate, Swimming, Dancing, Singing, playing musical instruments and acting, etc, you can make money by teaching them to other people.

3. Freelancing

If you are good at some professional work, such as website designing, animation, designing, fine arts, and dress designing, etc., you can work as a freelancer as well. You can also work as a paid intern at the local boutique shops that will also help you to explore your professional preferences. Further, it will be easy for you to show it on your resume when you appear for job interviews after completing the education.

4. Prepare students for tests

You can also look for students that want tutoring for school or college admissions tests, such as the SAT or ACT. You can also help them with the admission process and documentation and make easy money. Many students wish to take the same exam that you have already passed and you can easily guide them with the preparation.

You can also work in association with the agencies or companies or the study abroad agency that hires students to teach other exam aspirants.

5. Local Guide

Another amazing way to earn money as an international student is being a local tour guide for travellers. If you are good with words and can learn about the places and landmarks and other places of interest, then this is going to be a good job and you can make decent money in the tourist season. You can also make money by creating travel itineraries for the travellers or by offering them travelling guidance via your blog or vlog.

6. Babysitting

The number of families with both the mother and father working is increasing day by day. While these parents make money, they cannot leave their babies at home unattended to. When you are on vacations, or there is the weekend etc. you can babysit and make easy cash. You can also offer to babysit for parents that need a babysitter for a few hours during the evenings or night when they have to go out and the kids are at home. You can list yourself with some local babysitting agencies as well.

7. Offer translation services

It is highly common for people to require translation services and if you are good with words, you can also offer translation services. Translators are generally paid as per their own rates and are paid on an hourly basis. They can also offer written translation services for different kinds of projects. Once you start your career as a translator, you can easily make a good profession out of it, and offer high-level translation services as well.

8. Work at a hostel

Another way to support your education while living abroad as an international student is, to work at a hostel. You can visit the hostels nearby and ask for any hiring. You might not be able to find the listings online, as most of them don’t upload an online inquiry.

9. Waiting for the tables

Each country has a different rule for part-time jobs on a student visa. So, if you are going to a country where students are allowed to take part-time jobs, then you can make decent money by waiting tables or being a delivery person. You can easily find such jobs as there are many restaurants and hotels that need extra workforce at affordable prices.

10. Work on-campus

Many universities allow their international and local students to work on campus and support their education. The university will release a notice and the eligible students will be selected for such jobs. As you don’t have to leave the campus and you can work while being at the university, such jobs are perfect for the international students that have limited or no acquaintance outside the university or college and don’t have money to spend over registrations at employment agencies.

While the internet search is the very first thing that comes to your mind, consulting an overseas education consultant is the best option that you have. Apart from guiding you regarding the right country, they can also help you identify the various jobs that you can choose to support yourself while living in a foreign nation.

So, this brings us to the end of our discussion. We hope that the information proves helpful for all the students. For more guidance and expert tips, you can leave your queries in the comment section and we will surely respond.

Good luck!

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