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Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods By Govt. Approved Pest Control Company

This article is designed by govt. approved pest control company i.e. Home Care Pest Control India. The motive behind this article is to make people aware of non-toxic ways to control pest at home. Before coming to the measures, you will need to understand more things about the pest.

Pests are the living organisms considered to be detrimental to human concerns. Any species that damage corps, invade human resources or cause a nuisance to human environment are called pests.

Human being the smartest social species on earth have concluded his resources in a category and has made the environment around as per his requirements thus human have become intolerant of any other species to occupy the same space at the same time which could disturb the human activities at the particular place. These pests are generally considered to be of two types.

Animal and bird pests are the living species of certain animals which damages the corps or forest, corrupt the poultry or destroy buildings and works as a carrier for bacteria and virus. These Animals can be called pests for different reasons at different places in different times.

Animal pests are the animals present at a wrong place at wrong time. Like forest bears and leopards are not welcomed in a village especially near the sheep’s nest. Elephants in a farmers land is not welcome during the corps season. Snakes and ants are also animal pests.

Bird Pests are the birds like pigeon which is a health hazard in urban areas, seagull is dangerous at the beaches when it starts attacking passerby. Woodpecker are nuisance when they start making holes in buildings and beams.

Disease Vector pests are the pests works as a carries for the microorganisms like protozoa and bacteria responsible of some deadly disease in human history. These disease vectors are mosquitoes, flies, lice, mites, ticks, fleas and sand flies.

Plants pests are the plants which invade or occupy the space or nutrition from the soil required for the plants important to human resources. Some plants with a hazard to the livestock or human health are also considered pests.

Human have always considered to be an aggressive species in its survival and so are the ways we use to control or regulate the pests mentioned above.

These ways to control the pest can be differentiate in categories as bellow.

  • Chemical pest control is a term used to describe pest control thru synthetic chemicals and pesticides. A pesticide basically is consist of a chemical or biological agent like virus, bacterium or fungus which helps decapitating the pest or controlling its population. The covering area of pests they control is very vast and includes a variety of insects, plant pathogens, weeds. Molluscs, birds, mammals, fish, roundworms and microbes. practically any living organism working against human interest for the ecosystem as human require can be considered and controlled with the help of pesticides specifically made to control or eradicate the specific pest.
  • IPM or integrated Pest Management is a term used widely for the pest management. This government approved pest control system has specific means to control the pest population and to eradicate them. The system came in practice soon after Second World War when too much use of plastic and synthesize chemicals was started to effecting the crops and agriculture. It was decided to control the pest and keep it as near to the eco system as possible without interrupting the living organism life system. The principles on which the IPM stands are
  • Acceptable pest levels which clearly stands for controlling the pests and not killing the entire species. Human have to accept the pest and their ecology up to a level where it become a real danger to the crop and till that there is no need to take aggressive actions.
  • Preventive cultural practice are used in some pest controlling techniques that basically lessen the pest hazard by adding up some bacterial fungi in to the potting media.
  • Monitoring the crops on regular basis is rather important and crucial to prevent any dangerous effect of pests on crops. This basically means visual inspection of the crops and insects habituating the area and have a closer look at their physical development and behavior along with their breeding.
  • Mechanical controls are only advisable when a pest population and hazards reach up to an acceptable level of nausea. Then and only ten one can start picking insects or using tillage by the help of simple tools like shovel and hand pick.
  • Biological Control on pests include using natural biological process and materials which can be really helpful in controlling the pest because of their biological compositions like some poisons fungi are very much helpful in controlling pests if are allowed to breed in the crops.
  • Responsible use of synthetic pesticide can also be allowed in IMP if pests of certain kind go out of control but then too the pesticide use should be responsibly and carefully watched over as what amount of chemical should have no or low effect on humans but is effective enough for the insects it is being used on.

Govt. Approved pest Control Company like Home Care Pest Control India provides pest management services. You can call their experts for assistance and get rid of pests at your home or garden.

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