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Reference and Education

Effective online class management: techniques.

Class management is very important for the effective exchange of information and knowledge between teachers and students. An ideal virtual space of learning is directly related to the class management carried and maintained on the teaching platform.

Techniques for effective class management.

” Effective teachers have a classroom management plan with all the procedures with all procedures necessary for a classroom to run consistently and smoothly for learning to take place.” – Harry and Rosemary Wong.

Let us discuss some main techniques for effectiveness that will enhance the growth rate and success of the online teaching India platform.

  1. Following routines

Following routines with consistency is very significant for effective online class management. Teachers should create proper routines, schedules, and weekly timetables which students can follow is very helpful. Random events or classes can be difficult and uncertain for the students. But if they will be aware of the routine they are going to follow, this helps to prepare well, or come prepared to the classes. Teaching, learning, preparing, submission of the work, tracking, and getting results, all will occur and be completed as per the routine designed by the educators. This is a great way for effective management and completion of the planned tasks from the sides of both teachers and the students.

  1. Set guidelines and norms

Setting guidelines and norms is very important for maintaining proper class management and discipline in online classrooms. Teachers should establish standards and criteria that students must follow. Introducing, explaining, the guidelines and norms to the online participants are important to maintaining effective online class management. Also, instructors have to check that all students must follow and obey the created guidelines by the authorities.

Enterprise resource planning software in online education helps you deliver important information to the students as well as their parents. Proper implementations can also be checked with the help of this. A little strictness and rigid speak are necessary from the side of teachers so that students must implement the rules and regulations.

  1. Student participation and engagement

Encouraging and focusing on student participation and engagement is very important for the teachers to act. For effective class management, active participation of the students and two-way communication among teachers and students is very essential. Creating a learning environment where students can share, speak up their thoughts is essential for proper management of class and growth, development of the learners in the education.

First of all, teachers should figure out the what are the interests of the students. Activities based on their interests should be involved in the online classrooms. Such as gamification, quizzes, puzzles, riddles, etc. Secondly, focus on the strengths of the students and motivate, encourage them to perform better every day. This will help in the growth and success of our online teaching India platform. Thirdly, also find the challenges or difficulties that learners are facing in the class. Finding and providing solutions to the challenges will enhance student performance and automatically the class management.

  1. Acknowledge and appreciate

Acknowledging and appreciating the students is also a beneficial technique for effective class management. If the students are performing well, interacting, and trying their best in the classroom, don’t miss any chance to appreciate and acknowledge their progress, growth, or improvements. A class where teachers are not appreciating is not loved and enjoyed by the students. This leads to poor class management. To make classes healthy, optimistic, and positive, acknowledgment and appreciation are very important.

For acknowledging, first, you can track the student’s performance with the help of enterprise resource planning software. Maintain records and tracking student performance on an online teaching platform. By tracking, teachers can appreciate the students who are doing well and guide and focus more on the students who want more attention from educators. Optimistic response and positive reinforcement lead to better and effective class management on an online teaching platform. Teachers should surely include this in their teaching patterns.

  1. Emphasize bonding and relationship

Maintaining bonding and relationship with the students is very essential. Emphasizing this is very important for efficient class management.

If teachers don’t understand the emotions, and the feelings of students it leads to poor and inappropriate communication. When teachers don’t listen or pay attention to asking students about their problems or difficulties, bridge a gap or distance between them. This distance and lack of effective communication affect the class management a lot. Interactions, talking, exchange of information, views, participation, etc are affected which automatically lowers the class management.

When teachers interact with students individually, on a personal level, there is the growth of teacher-student bonding and interactions.


Class management is very necessary for both online as well as traditional teaching methods of imparting education to the learners. A class with effective management teaches students the important disciplines that will not only help them in excelling in academics but also in other aspects of their life. Effective education, better teacher-student interaction, punctuality, active participation, and motivation will be achieved with the help of proper class management techniques.

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