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Essentials To Buy For A Super Clean Bathroom At Home

If you are setting up your home, one of the most important places you need to furnish with care is your bathroom. Here are some tips on the basic but essential things to stock and used to keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

1. Soap

The importance of washing hands and keeping ourselves germ-free has never been as apparent as in these pandemic times. One of the first things you’d want to keep stocked in your bathroom is a good quality liquid soap, to ensure this. Using liquid soap helps avoid contamination due to shared usage as in the case of bar soaps. You can choose from a variety of soap dispensers to store this–for home use, a simple manual soap dispenser should be fine.

Soap Dispensers
Soap Dispensers

Types of Soap Dispensers

There are a number of soap dispensers available in the market. The two broad categories are Automatic Soap Dispensers that are controlled by sensors, and Manual Soap Dispensers. Wall-type and counter-mount soap dispensers are automatic. The counter-mount soap dispensers occupy less space and aren’t visible to the user.

Among manual soap dispensers, the foaming soap dispenser is considered a luxurious dispenser. Other options are the bag-in-box soap dispenser, cartridge soap dispenser and the refillable soap dispenser.

After choosing the right soap dispenser for your needs and the kind of bathroom you have, you will also have to choose between the foaming and liquid soap options.

If you have an automatic soap dispenser, either wall-type or counter-top type, you need to buy foaming soap only. On the other hand, if you have a manual bag-in-box dispenser, liquid soap is what you need.

Difference between Liquid Soap and Foaming Soap

  • It is important to remember that liquid and foaming soap are not interchangeable in the dispenser. Using either in the place of the other can cause serious damage to the soap dispenser.
  • Foam soap is actually a soap in liquid form which is infused with air to create a foamy lather, thus delivering a luxurious foamed soap to the user. For this particular kind of aerated soap, a specialised foaming soap dispenser is required. Foam soap also might be available in a few varieties, such as alcohol and non-alcohol-based.
  • Foaming soap is also referred to as ‘Liquid Foaming soap’. While buying this soap, do make sure to check for the words ‘foam’ or ‘foaming’ in the product’s description.

2. Toilet Brush & Holder

Toilet Brush Holder
Toilet Brush & Holder

The ubiquitous toilet caddy, though a simple piece of equipment, is a must for any bathroom. Most people don’t give much thought to the toilet brush holder, or the brush for that matter, but choosing these pieces well can help you to keep your bathroom germ-free, neat and clean. When it comes to choosing a toilet brush, the most preferred type is a silicone brush with either angled or symmetrical bristles. Sometimes you can also buy a brush without a toilet brush holder but we wouldn’t recommend this. A holder or caddy for the toilet brush helps to keep it neat and organised.

3. Disinfectant


A good disinfectant can help to keep your bathrooms clean and hygienic. While you can use an all-purpose cleaner for places like bedrooms and living spaces, some areas like bathrooms and kitchens need more care. Using a disinfectant here will prevent the build-up of harmful germs and protect your family’s health. A disinfectant doesn’t have to be strong smelling any more–you can get them in a variety of pleasing fragrances today!

4. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Another basic but very essential product for your clean and hygienic bathroom is toilet paper. You can pick your preferred bulk toilet paper roll from a large selection in the market, depending on your individual needs. Some things to consider when buying a toilet paper roll:

  • Ply count–The number of layers of paper in each piece. More layers equal more strength and softness, but the paper will also be more expensive. Hence, 3ply toilet paper will usually be more expensive than 2ply rolls.
  • Plumbing–Thicker toilet paper rolls can impact the plumbing in traditional homes, so keep this in mind while making your selection
  • Impact–While some kinds of toilet paper are made from recycled paper, others are produced from virgin fibre i.e. made from newly cut trees. You might wish to check this before you pick a particular brand of toilet paper roll for your home.

5. Squeegee

bathroom squeegee

Using a bathroom squeegee after a shower is a great way to prevent the buildup of soap scum and watermarks in the shower/tub, and also to keep your bathroom dry and clean. These come with either plastic or metal handles, and you can also choose to accord to the wall mount attachment type–suction, tape, etc.

The quickest and most convenient way to shop for bathroom supplies and other cleaning products is through One Stop Cleaning Supplies. With shipping across Australia and the largest range in the country, why go anywhere else? Explore the offerings at and order now!

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