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Health and Fitness

Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy helps both mother and the baby inside stay healthy and enjoy the process. Any workout routine like light aerobics, stretching, moderate yoga, or safe weight training will prepare your body for better feelings and sleep, control diabetes and blood glucose. Some exercises involve the chance of falling down, and they must be avoided. However, before you start exercise during pregnancy, consult with your obstetrician about the matter, and she will give you some guidelines that are very important. There are some exercises that should be taken specifically for the purpose of easing the process and pain of pregnancy and delivery. Even after pregnancy, the common back-pain is reduced to a greater degree through exercise during pregnancy. In this article, you will come to know about exercise during pregnancy that will give you the confidence of living a fit and healthy life.

It’s been proven that a girdle is one of the best aides you can use while dieting and exercising in order to get your shape back. Make sure you get the best postpartum belly wrap possible so you can be comfortable while you work out. It should also give you much better results than just any generic girdle.

Here are 6 exercises that will make life comfortable exercises during pregnancy:

Anterior Posterior Pelvic Tilt on Back

Lie down on your back on a yoga mat with a moderate cushion under your head keeping your body relatively relaxed position with your heaps and knees bent and feet flat. Connect your pelvis and your lower back, and start the first movement with your belly which should be coming forward and backward direction. Your belly will be going down and be making an arch in the forward position. This is a pain-free and initially very small movement. If a woman has pain for 39 weeks, she will be able to move very little. But any movement is much better than nothing at all. On the other hand, a new pregnant will make a long arch forward. It will be very good for those joints. Repeat five to ten times and maintain normal breathing.

Side Pelvic Girdle Up Towards Armpit on Back

Lying on your back and posturing as in the picture above, draw one side of your pelvic griddle up towards your armpit, and then bring it back to that neutral spine. Draw the other side up towards your armpit, and then come back towards the middle. Repeat through your range comfortably. At the end of this exercise, you will feel that you have gained mobility. The core is made up of four muscles – diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverses abdominals, and deep multifidus or lower back muscles. They should function correctly together to stabilize the spine and pelvis prior to movement.

Exhale and Draw the Baby Back Towards Spine

Posturing as shown in the first picture of this article, First, connect with your core. Second, take a big deep breath. Third, as you exhale, gently draw your baby back towards your spine. Fourth, let your abdomen and baby go down, hold for a couple of seconds, and then relax. When you are in the third trimester, this exercise will feel alive to you.

Pelvic Floor Lift and Gluten Squeeze

Glue muscles are the key that prevents back pain because they stabilize the entire body from the backside all the time. Lying and posturing from the starting position as discussed in the first exercise, squeeze your glutes, lift your pelvic floor up as shown in the above picture, and you continue breathing, and then come back down to the starting position. Repeat several times depending on your mood and stamina. If you feel pain, just do not lift your pelvic floor too high. You can just a little even which will also give you enough positive results. When you are pregnant, sometimes you get urinal leakage while you bend, lift, or do some other daily activities. This exercise will help you prevent those leakages, and you will enjoy strong lower back and glutes muscles that are so important during the time of your pregnancy.

Belly Drop and Push

On a yoga mat, place your wrists directly under your shoulders, your knees under your hips, and just like the left pictures shown above, let gravity and the baby drop your belly down. In this position, you will feel comfortable and relieved since the weight of the baby has just been removed from your spine. So, you can rest in this position for some seconds you wish. In this position, your belly drops down towards the floor, making an excessive arch. Now, exhale, and just like the right picture shown above, push your belly button round up to the spine. Try your best to get some length in the lower back and the glutes. Repeat 5 to 10 times in each direction moving the pelvic floor.

Wagging Tail

Just like a dog wags its tail, draw one side of your pelvis up into your armpit as shown in the picture above. Get length on the left side of your lower back and tighten your right side. Come back to neutral Draw the left side up, getting a length on the right side of your pelvis. Repeat for your desired number of reps. It is a very helpful one as you can do little movement by your waist as a pregnant person.

What Exercises to Avoid

There are some types of physical activities that should be avoided during pregnancy. Sports that involve chances of getting hit on the belly like karate, boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling, fencing, basketball, hockey, cricket, tennis, and soccer etcetera should strictly be avoided. The exercises or activities that include the risk of falling or slipping like skateboard diving, diving, high jump, long jump, gymnastics, and kung fu should be avoided. Yoga is safe, but hot yoga or extreme level yoga should be avoided during pregnancy. While performing weighted squats or deadlights in the gym, weight should not be heavy, at least during pregnancy, it is better to carry minimal weight for your safety.

Pregnancy causes many problems like back pain, depression, constipation, diabetes, weight gain, lack of fitness, and weaknesses in blood vessels and heart. All these problems can bring bigger threats or worse consequences for the life of both the mother and the baby. So, precautions must be taken in this regard. And exercise during pregnancy is the best solution that you may take up following the above tips. If you are working as a surrogate mother such as madre surrogate you have a contract with your surrogacy agency or surrogacy clinic when planning to change the exercise method. Hopefully these tips regarding exercises during pregnancy are worth for you.

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