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Experience the Adventure of the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

A morning desert safari in Dubai is one the best ways to marvel at the scintillating natural beauty of this vast desert. It gives a unique Arabian experience which enables you to fully appreciate the unending beauty of this Middle East. You can get a complete private safari which is suited for groups of solo travelers and all age groups, from big parties to lone travelers. The private safaris also provide an opportunity to bond with like minded individuals who share similar visions of how to see the sights.

What is Morning Desert Safari Dubai

The Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is a four-day tour which starts with a two-day stay at the Al Hajar Mountains. The gentle climate here is perfect for a perfect Dubai safari. The first day starts with a visit to the Qutab Minar where a breathtaking view of the skyline of Dubai can be seen from the highest point in the world. This viewpoint also offers a panoramic view of the rolling dunes of the Arabian Desert.

Al Hajar Mountains are home to a host of wildlife species and birds. The scenery here is picturesque with sand dunes, cliffs and oases. The wildlife safaris are best when the hot sun is out as it makes these places very hot and the sand hotter and moister. The cool wind blowing allows one to enjoy a walk on the sand in the morning. The morning desert safari in Dubai also involves a visit to the Satwa Safari Park for some fun activities. Here one can try camel safaris, bungee jumping or walk in the sand.

What will be in the Safari

The second day of the tour involves an excursion to the Al Hajar Mountains. Here one can see the amazing waterfalls and springs. The water flowing down towards the valley is a pure source of water that has minerals in it which contribute to the amazing beauty and visual appeal of this place. The views from here are spectacular and include an immense amount of natural beauty. The Morning Desert Safari Dubai also includes a visit to the Al Hajar Mountains Waterfall. It is a natural wonder that can take one back to the Stone Age.

One can spend the rest of the day sightseeing. A good way to pass the time during the day is to head out for the desert safari in Dubai. With the help of a comfortable and luxurious morning desert safari Dubai. This type of trip is an all-inclusive trip with accommodations in five-star hotels. The tour guides and driver who accompany you will help you find the best way to get to the different destinations and areas and help you enjoy the desert safari at its fullest.

Activities in Safari

Adventurers can take the ride on a jeep, a camel or a quad bike. These vehicles are spacious and comfortable to allow adventure seekers to enjoy the natural beauty and adventure in its most natural form. Adventurers can choose to camp in the desert or opt to have an early morning Jeep or quad bike ride. Camping in the desert during the hot summer months is the best way to enjoy the sun and see the sand dunes at their finest. The heat and adventure of these early morning excursions is a lot sweeter with the aroma of camel. And the wind rushing through your hair.

The ride starts off with the driver taking you through a nature trail. You can continue through the village and then take a halt at a sand boarding adventure center for lunch and an overnight stay. This will give you the opportunity to see many different animals such as zebras and antelopes. Then watch the sun rise over the horizon during your desert safari in Dubai. There are many companies that offer the best tour and travel packages to enjoy the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of nature in the early morning desert sun. These companies are well-known for offering adventure tours and travel packages to destinations across the world.

Other activities

After a short break. You and your adventure seekers can head back to the sandy dunes for more thrilling adventures in the morning. The dune buggy journeys that take you around the dunes and through the bush can be very adventurous and exciting. The terrain can be rocky and the vehicle engine might start suddenly so prepare yourself for the thrill of driving on the dunes. The dune buggy journey will also take you through the shallow waters and rocky areas. Where the animals are basking in the sunlight and waiting for food, water or a home.


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