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Exploring Some Common Dentistry Treatments

Opposing to ideal oral health, most individuals suffer from various dental problems. It happens as a result of poor hygiene, lack of brushing, and other ailments that are detrimental in nature. Conditions like cavities, enamel chips, and malocclusion are some common issues sustained by most patients. General dentistry plays a major role in alleviating the effects of these conditions. These treatments are designed to offer both functional and aesthetic improvements. Through a comprehensive clinical evaluation, individuals can examine their dentition, gums, and jaws for diagnosing diseases, so that treatments can be provided.

Oral prophylaxis

Teeth cleaning in Naples FL is the most basic, yet fundamental dentistry treatment. When excluded regular brushing, bacterial germs accumulate between the teeth’s arches. Over time, these deposits will develop into hard yellow sediments, known as calculus. These gradually erode enamel surfaces and will eventually reach the inner nerve structure resulting in decays. Such complications are eliminated through routine dental cleaning. Dentists will utilize fluoride-based solutions during this process. It strengthens and revitalizes enamel; thus, protecting it from cavities or decays. After this, they will use an electric brushing device and abrasive dentifrice to remove germs that aren’t cleaned during prophylaxis.

Tooth extraction

Some decays are so severe that it cannot be treated with cleaning. In such cases, practitioners will suggest an extraction procedure. Removing an infected tooth salvages adjacent dentin and gums from cavities. During this process, clinicians will administrate numbing agents or anaesthesia to patients. This reduces the discomfort felt during extraction. Using a handheld tool, they will mechanically pluck a tooth and apply medications in that site. It is also adverse to leave a root socket empty, as it leads to more complications. So, individuals must get restorations like implants or bridges based on preference for replacing an extracted tooth.

Dental crowns

Certain accidents or injuries to teeth can impair its surface. As a result, the inner structure containing blood vessels and connective tissues become susceptible to infections. This further affects facial aesthetics as well. Additionally, irregular shapes can cause irritation while opening or closing mouth. Dentistry offers dental crowns in Naples FL for a definite solution for this issues. It is a prosthetic restoration employed for unevenly shaped or damaged teeth features. The crowns are bonded impaired dentin using resin cement and cured by a special light. Fabricated using porcelain or silver materials, this is durable and can resist biting or chewing pressure to an extent.


In general dentistry, braces are another commonly used treatment for malocclusion conditions. It is when the upper dentition arrangement protrudes in a forward direction. This creates improper biting patterns and speech difficulties. People may also experience concerns over appearance as well. Braces are devices consisting of wires and brackets that exert pressure and force a dentition arrangement to its optimal position. Patients must wear these devices for twenty hours a day and the treatment period is determined by their condition’s severity. If these instructions are followed properly, they can ensure ideal results with minimal downtime.

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