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Export Contacts from Yahoo Mail Account in CSV Files Format on MAC

With increasing technology and knowledge, the users are now aware of every problem around them, and then want a solution for it. And one of the recent problems that the users are facing is – How to Export Yahoo Contacts to CSV on Mac. Users search on the internet for a reliable solution to it but aren’t able to find one. Many users try on their own some of the methods listed on the internet, especially the Manual ones. There can be a risk in the Manual method because it is not a guaranteed one. Also, the method can put users’ data at risk of threats and viruses.

Extracting contacts in CSV format is the most common tactic. Since CSV format is the standard file format for contact lists. Thus, it makes users manage the lists in Excel sheets. As MS excel sheet is the perfect database managing application.

The users should not go for the Manual method unless they have great tech knowledge. Novice users should go for a third-party tool/ automated one because the third-party tool would not only provide a 100% guarantee of the results but also secure the user’s data during the procedure. Read the article and find out the right article for you.

NOTE: For Novice users, a third-party tool is recommended.

Discover More about Yahoo Mail & CSV format

Yahoo Mail is one of the demanded and famous email clients present. There are tons of users of the Yahoo email client, but sometimes there occurs a special situation. The users might want to get their Yahoo contacts converted to a different file format. There might be users who are an HR of a company where they need to maintain a proper contacts record of the employees. Therefore, the user then wants to maintain and organize their Yahoo contacts properly in a CSV format.

A CSV or comma-separated value is a file format that provides extensive and detailed information about the user’s contacts. A CSV file contains rows and columns like an Excel sheet; thus, management becomes easy and the user can edit it easily. Also, the CSV file can be accessed on any spreadsheet program like Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc. The data in CSV files can easily be edited and can also add more data to it.

A CSV file can be accessed on tons of platforms, on the other hand, Yahoo contacts can only be accessed by Yahoo users. Therefore, exporting the contacts in CSV file format completely is a great move. The CSV files can then be imported or transferred to another email client with ease.

Also, try out the application – Email Backup for Mac

Effective & Productive Toolkit – An Automated Solution

The application Yahoo Mail Backup for Mac is the ultimate and most probable tool to Export Yahoo Contacts to CSV on Mac. The tool will not only preserve and maintain the user’s data but also guarantee a 100% success rate in the end. The toolkit allows the users to operate the software effortlessly without any glitches and errors. The software is perfectly reliable and comes from a trusted brand. The toolkit is purely a standalone one, thus, the users don’t need to install any other application for its installation.

The wizard comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI. The tool not only allows the users to interact with the software in a friendly manner but also allows them to operate effectively. The users won’t need any external assistance to run the tool. The application preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the procedure including the text formatting, subject line, and other related Meta components.

The utility responds to the user’s command instantly without any delay. The software can handle the large Yahoo files effectively without any errors. The application comes with a flexible option to even choose the destination location and file naming convention of the resultant file.

Follow the steps in the article: How to Transfer all Emails from yahoo to Gmail on Mac?

Procedure to Convert Yahoo Emails to CSV Formats

Get the software on the official website & install it on your Mac device. Here I will give the simple steps for all the users to follow. Carry out the steps one by one and obtain the result you want.

  1. Launch the application right after downloading the application on the Mac OS.
  2. Enter the login details to the field provided and press the Login button. If the application is asking for any additional authentication, go to Step. Else, proceed with the next step.
  3. Now, all the folders in Yahoo Mail will be loaded within minutes. Choose the required files or folder as per the need.
  4. Go to Select Saving Option and choose CSV file format from the drop-down menu. Also, set up destination location and naming pattern for the resultant CSV file.
  5. If there is a need for selective conversion then go to the Filter option and set up the field such as Date Range, From, To, etc.
  6. Again, go back to Start Email Backup using the top navigation menu. From there, press the Start backup button to initiate the process to convert Yahoo contacts to CSV on Mac.

If you encounter authentication failure, then follow the steps below:

  • Login to Yahoo Account, go to the Setting Info.
  • Then, hit the Account Security option and Click on Generate App Password.
  • Now, you have to enter the Application name as given in the tool.
  • Then, copy the generated 16 Digit Password.

As a result, now this 16-digit password can be used as the current passcode to operate the application.

The Extraordinary Features of the Backup Wizard

Performing a process to export contacts in CSV format with a third-party tool does need an explanation. Therefore, here we provide some of the major benefits of using the backup wizard: –

  • Since the tool is all in one application that provides complete backup with different saving options.
  • The toolkit provides dual ways to upload the Yahoo files in the software. The users can either opt for bulk conversion or they can directly go for a selective one using the filter option.
  • The software produces 100% accurate results within a minute only.
  • The utility supports all the latest versions of Mac OS, like 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc.
  • The application preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and retains the original components of the file.
  • Get the live process right in the software panel, with which users can halt the process in between if there is a need.
  • Both selective and batch conversion give complete accuracy in the result.
  • There is no additional software or procedure required to export Yahoo contacts to CSV format. Within minutes all whole conversions will be completed.

Get the application to Split CSV into Multiple files MAC with Header

Final Words

The article gives the users the reliable and trusted solution to Export Yahoo Contacts to CSV on Mac. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface and guarantees 100% safety and security of the user’s data. The software provides dual-option to choose the Yahoo files either in bulk quantity or selectively. The utility provides free conversion of 25 Yahoo contact files to CSV on Mac in its trial version. The free demo version also has all the important features as it has in the professional version. Thus, the users can avail the benefits of the same.

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