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Five Effective Ways On How To Steer Clear Of Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem in the e-commerce space. A potential customer visits a website, adds an item to the shopping cart, but then leaves without completing the purchase.

Before Hopping On How To Steer Clear Of Shopping Cart Abandonment Let’s First Understand The Reasons For The Shopping Cart Abandonment


The reasons for a user to abandon a shopping cart could be one of many. Sometimes it may not even be related to your website functioning or anything! But most of the time, there is a significant flaw in the structure of your website’s Shopping process that needs immediate attention. Every abandoned cart is the loss of money for an eCommerce online store

Here are some of the most common reasons for a user to abandon a shopping cart on an eCommerce website:


  1. The shopping cart design/process is not appropriate or specialized for your niche and market segment. That appears confusing or difficult to use to the user.
  2. Uncustomized shopping cart. An uncustomized shopping cart makes it unpleasant and often difficult for users to review their products in the cart and checkout. 
  3. When previously hidden charges come to light it makes it hard to trust the website and the store. Put all-inclusive prices (including shipping charges, GST, other taxes, etc) on product pages. So users know the total price before adding it into the cart. 
  4. Users get put off checking out when they have to register and create an account or sign in to complete the order process or to keep the track of the placed order or to do so. 
  5. Lack of suitable payment options contributes to high user shopping cart abandonment. Always provide multiple and easy payment options for the users to make the payment without any hustle.
  6. Glitch or slow functioning of your app store can be a reason for users to exit an app before they checkout. Unsafe payment solutions can cause a user to rethink entering their bank or card details on your checkout page. That results in an abandonment of the shopping cart.
  7. Not having an SSL certificate makes users rethink purchasing products on your online store. Always secure your eCommerce store with an SSL certificate. It’s one of the most important trust factors in website creation.

Now that we’ve Listed down the reasons for the high cart abandonment rate, how can we fix it? Let’s dive into the effective ways how to steer clear of shopping cart abandonment in your eCommerce store.

For online retailers, shopping cart abandonment is the biggest issue they face. Research has shown that the average customer rate, at which a shopper abandons a shopping cart is at a mammoth 81%. It isn’t fully possible to completely wipe out the problem, but surely shopping cart abandonment can be reduced by following a few effective tactics.

The below-mentioned tips will aid a digital marketing agency in Dubai to decrease shopping cart abandonment and provide your clientele with a seamless shopping experience that will possibly encourage them to complete their buying journey.

1. Add Slight Pressure to ignore the Shopping Cart Abandonment

Sometimes all a shopper might need is that extra nudge or incentive to complete the buying process.

  • Shortage in-stock can sometimes motivate a consumer to hit the “pay now” button. Highlighting that a certain product is low in stock, allows for a higher probability that the consumer will purchase the product in fear of missing out.
  • Another good way to use “pressure” is by incorporating a countdown timer. This usually works when there are sales and discounts on offer. When consumers see that they have a limited time duration to buy a product, they’re more likely to make the purchase immediately without wasting much time.
  • Additionally, a brand can use social influence to communicate with potential leads, showing them that several customers have already bought a product and are satisfied with it. This also creates a longing in the shopper’s mind, pushing them to test out the product as well. 

2. Steady Pricing & Shipping Costs reduces the rate of Shopping Cart Abandonment

When a customer is fully aware of the accurate shipping cost, it will encourage them to complete their order.

The more evident and transparent the shipping cost and taxes are, the clearer it will be for the customer to decide faster.

  • It is not recommended to change the shipping cost at every step. One key mistake that brands tend to make is hiding the shipping cost up until the last step, and/or keep fluctuating the cost at every step. The most efficient way of displaying shipping costs is at the sidebar so that it is right in front of the customer to view. Be completely upfront.
  • If there is a promotional offer for the shopper to avail, ensure it is prominent enough for them to see. Furthermore, you don’t want your customers to later find out that there was a coupon code they could have redeemed during their purchase.
  • A fuss-free, super smooth, quick, and efficient experience is what every customer is looking for. The more complicated you make the process; the higher will be the chance for shopping cart abandonment.

3. Improve Online Forms

A majority of online stores use generic forms, but instead, be smart, personalize it, and only ask for necessary information at the checkout stage. Simplify and support the user with a swift transaction process.

Right from the start, ensure steps are kept at a minimum, be mindful of over-complicating forms as this tends to be a major factor contributing to shopping cart abandonment. Do your research, visit several eCommerce sites, carefully assess the information being asked, and eventually use the one that requests minimum information as your reference point.

4. Provide Ease & Exceptional Customer Service

As e-commerce retailers, it is crucial to understand that people today are living fast-paced lives and do not want to waste too much time purchasing a single product. They want a basic page with minimum questions.

If you want to retain customers and hopefully get them to refer your brand to their friends and family, you must guarantee and provide a convenient checkout process.

  • Additionally, entice customers by offering them an extra incentive. For example, if a customer leaves a website without completing their order. It would be smart to send them an email with a special discount code valid for a certain amount of time. Moreover, include useful tips on the checkout page to ease the customer experience.
  • Customer support is another vital pillar. Customers must feel that they are in safe hands and being treated fairly with respect when interacting with customer care. Train the representatives to listen carefully, be polite, and always provide a solution while on-call.
  • Lastly, ensure mobile app users are not forgotten. If purchasing a product or service via a mobile device is taking too much time and getting a bit complex, users tend to drop off. Get rid of all barriers in-between.

5. Provide Warranties to prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • As an E-commerce website developer in Dubai, it is your responsibility to offer guarantees on pricing, quality, and even customer support. This practice will retain customers and persuade them to stick to your client’s website and thus, become a loyal consumers.
  • A generous return policy or a price-match policy can increase the prospects of putting an item in a shopping cart and completing the transaction.

These five tips are based on our experiences with our clients and have proven to be viable solutions. Towards,  reducing shopping cart abandonment. To reiterate, simplify the process, be transparent with your consumer, remove unnecessary obstacles and never overcomplicate.

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