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How To Develop a Custom Web Portal For your Business in 2021?

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Nowadays, every business is creating its own online presence through various web solutions. Almost all businesses have their web portal. It is much required for brand promotion and connecting with the potential customer base. Some businesses are creating websites, mobile applications, web applications and portals. Basically, all of the business creates their portal at first then moves towards mobile and web applications.

The fine web portal remains capable of maintaining all the ongoing processes and increments of employees and customers automatically. So, if you want to create your own unique portal, then hiring the best enterprise product development services can ensure your stress free management. As they are capable of developing a dynamic and responsive web portal according to the requirements of your business.

To know more about the web portals, and how to create them, please continue the blog.

What is a Custom Web Portal?

Usually, a custom online web portal is basically an access point where everyone can get information about the business. Every user associated with a company has their own unique code to access the same web portal. The information present in the web portal is categorized and made accessible through various links.

For example, if users can go through the description, vendor list, and details about the product from the same online web portal.

custom web portal

For login into a web portal, everyone has to create their own logging in ID and password. Plus, the portal can accede from multiple sources, which makes it more user-friendly. So, to ensure a better web portal for your business, you can partner with some reliable portal or website development services.

How To Develop a Custom Web Portal For your Business in 2021

First, you should know creating a responsive web portal for your business requires considerable time and money investments. And its development process is mainly divided into 2 major parts i.e., portal development and designing.

There are many steps included in the development process, all of them are inter dependable to each other. That means you have to execute all the stages successful, to expect a better quality of web portal.

Here are the development stages, for you to understand the development lifecycle effectively,

1. Preparation

Sometimes business owners skip this step, as they think collecting data can be a waste of time. And prefer to start the development process as early as possible. But this is not the way, as you can end up hiring the wrong portals development services.

So, always conduct thorough research on the market and the web development companies available in it. Also, gain knowledge on the drawbacks and weak points of your competing businesses in the market.

Now the planning stage can be divided into 3 sub-stages such as

  • Fix your Goal and Key Tasks to Achieve it

Here you have to fix the main goals of your business. After fixing the goal, you will be able to fix the tasks that you have to perform to achieve that goal efficiently.

  • Fix your Target Audience

At this stage you have to fix your target audience, to who will serve your services. And earn a better revenue by providing better quality services to them.

  • Find The Drawbacks of your Competitors

This can help you to get a better grasp of the market. Finding out the flaws of your competitors and try to solve them. Always remember you can gain success only by solving real issues of users not providing the same services as your competitors.

  • Shortlisting of Features-

It is one of the most important stages of preparation where you need to prepare the list of features that you want to implement in your custom web portal. The features can make your website awesome if chosen carefully.

2. Planning

While planning for the web portal, you have to plan your development process efficiently. So that you can implement your business as well as the revenue model effectively.  If you don’t conduct this stage successfully you might get end up with a web portal not fit for your business.

Also, changing or implementing a new revenue model and business model will require a considerable number of money investments.

Hire a dedicated developers leverages customization can help you to plan your web portal development according to your business requirements.

3. Design

The design of a web portal is a very important aspect of the development process. Sometimes developers use high-end designing content to attract more and more users to your services. But this can make your web portal slow and will take more time to process any command. So, always provide all the necessary features and functionalities without compromising the performance of your web portal.

Nowadays there are many designing templates that are available in the market. But it is better to create a customized one specifically for your business.

4. Development

the development process is the main stage where you have to execute all the planning technically. The custom web portal development services will use all the development tools, needed to develop your web portal. Choosing the right development tools and the right development framework can provide you with a responsive and scalable web portal.

5. Testing and Launch

After executing the development process successfully. You have to conduct a testing stage, to get rid of all the drawbacks and glitches in your web portal. Otherwise, you might end up with a web portal that can affect the reputation of your organization.

Your hired web portal developer will follow various testing procedures and There are a set of testing procedures that your hired web portal developer will follow. and launch your portal on the internet after every process is done.

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6. Maintenance

Launching your web portal is enough to expect a larger user base. For that, you have to conduct a proper web portal maintenance procedure for any issue of your users. Also, this will help to increase the scalability and implementation of new features according to the market trends.

Choosing the right web portal developer can help you to conduct all the development stages successfully at affordable rates.


As a website or application, web portals are also very important for any organization. It provides single-point access to the users with their unique set of IDs and passwords. A web portal always provides detailed information for every product and service an organization offer to their customers.

That is why creating your own unique and attractive web portal can ensure your success in the market. You just have to take your time, find the perfect web portal development services and execute every stage of the development process successfully.

Important FAQs

  1. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom Web Portal?

It is most important to know the cost when you are looking for having custom web portal development. With basic features, it can cost you around $10,000-$25,000. You should also note that the development price depends on the features and functionalities you want to implement.

2. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Custom Web Portal?      

On average, it takes 2-3 months to develop and launch a custom web portal. Although the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can be developed in less time.

3. How do I start a web portal?

There are some points you need to take care of while before to start a web portal which are following-

  • Define your goals
  • The type of portal you want to build
  • What kind of technology do you want to implement?
  • How much do you want to invest in hosting?
  • What kind of UI/UX do you want to have?
  • Testing of the final product
  • Marketing & promotion


Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking eCommerce web development company in Dubai. With 11+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.

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