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Formula Milk

What is Formula Milk?

For those who wonder what Formula Milk is, it’s a powder made out of various ingredients to provide babies with the needed nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc. This type of food is usually used to feed babies under 12 months of age, but more and more products are made for older children to support their healthy development. 

Common ingredients used in infant formulas are protein types extracted from cow’s milk, including whey and casein. Other beneficial ingredients added to the mix are minerals and vitamins, and other essential nutrients extracted from the vegetables. If the baby is allergic to any ingredient related to milk, mothers can pick products based on Soybean protein.

Formula Milk is mainly used as a substitute for mother’s milk or a supplement. However, formula milk is perfectly sterile and safe for babies to eat. It’s essential to prepare it in a sanitized environment, with clear water and sanitized equipment to remove the baby’s chances of getting ill. 

If, in any case, the mother can’t breastfeed her child, we suggest a consultation with the doctor to help you decide what the best substitute for breast milk is, as there are formulas of different qualities in ingredients. If mothers have no problem with breastfeeding, there are plenty of choices with various vitamins and minerals that can be used to compensate for any nutrients the baby may lack. 

Formula Milk vs. breast milk

breast milk

Breast milk is the best food for the baby, and nothing can compete with it. Breastfeeding develops a bond between the child and the mother and provides the baby with all the needed nutrients. There are no additives, bacteria, and nothing that can cause an allergic reaction. Breastfeeding doesn’t cost anything, and it’s the way we are supposed to feed the babies. Mother’s milk provides the baby with antibodies and helps the baby build immunity, making the baby less likely to get infections or viruses.

However, there are a few “disadvantages” to breastfeeding, such as being painful. Mothers who are breastfeeding their child while sick may transmit their disease to their child, and on such occasions, it is not recommended to breastfeed. Other situations when it is not advised to breastfeed is if the mother is on medications.

It is highly recommended that the child is breastfed in the first six months if possible. Children that have been longer breastfed have some benefits, such as being smarter and healthier. 

Mothers that are breastfeeding need to take care of their diet and eat healthy foods and vitamins to provide their babies with the needed nutrients. As for the child, breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother as it helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, which helped many mothers to return faster to their pre-pregnancy weight. 

Mothers need to spend time with their children in the first months of their lives as much as possible, but some mothers want to get back to their jobs as soon as possible. The family’s financial status has a significant impact on whether the mother will breastfeed or use formula milk. Even though the formula itself is more expensive while the mother’s milk is free, not going to work may be more costly than buying the formula.

If any of these cases prevent the mother from breastfeeding, we believe that our formula milk will help the child develop a healthy way and provide him with all the needed nutrients. 

Our Formula milk

We provide the mothers with various products both for them and their children from month 12 and upwards. Our products come from Holland, and we are present in over 25 countries with many satisfied mothers and children. 

For mothers, we have the Frisomum Gold formula, a formula that pregnant or lactating women can drink as a supplement for their diet. Many important things happen during pregnancy, and the baby requires a lot of nutrients to grow and develop. One of the essential nutrients for the fetus is folic acid, vitamins B and D, etc. These nutrients help the baby develop the neural system and organs. These are only a few of the many minerals and vitamins that our products offer. 

Our formulas are made from toddlers from year one up to year three and upwards. Friso Gold Stage 3 is the milk formula that helps the children develop a healthy gut and brain by providing them with many different minerals. Our products don’t have any added sugars or flavors, and it is easy to digest. Friso Gold Stage 4 is the milk formula for children older than four years. 

Both of these products provide the child with the needed caloric and protein intake, but also with many other essential nutrients. The recommended daily intake is no more than two to three glasses a day. 

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