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Gable boxes are not just for cookies, Bottles and groceries

Gable Boxes are, undoubtedly, the most commonly used food packaging solutions. But they can be used for other business sectors and for other types of products as well. These boxes are made of kraft or corrugated cardboard stock. Their exclusive shape makes them suitable for all types of products, be it small, medium, or a large one. Moreover, their rigidness makes it possible for the product manufacturers to get their items delivered to the retail market without being damaged. Customizable printing opportunity also adds value to these boxes as they can be printed in any color from the wide range of CMYK color scheme. Also, you can get them printed with any text, font style, font size, and image that you consider necessary for your brand. There are several finishing options as well that you can use to enhance the protection level of these boxes.

Custom Gables boxes are the most versatile item of the packaging industry. In most cases, they are used to pack bottles, food, or grocery goods. However, they are designed to accommodate all commodities from edibles to cosmetic products and health-related items to electronic devices. There are tons of options available to allow consumers to pack a variety of goods.

We will highlight some interesting features of these boxes to help you understand their usefulness;

As Gift Pack

The best colored & printed gable boxes have attractive shapes that are spacious and unique look. Their appearances make them special and different from all other types of boxes available in the market. You can take advantage of their different styles to send your gifts, treats, or other favors in them to your loved ones. Their smooth panels can be printed with themes of various occasions such as Christmas, Easter, New year, and other famous events.

Efficient Enough to Promote and Advertise

Kraft gable boxes are made from compostable materials that offer a larger printing area as compared to any other packages. They are perfect for promotion and advertising of only a product but a brand as well. To make your company famous among the competitors, you can print these packs with logo, name color scheme, and slogans of your trademark. They make it special for keeping commodities on sale due to their unique opening and closing styles.

Best for Retail Purpose

Another important feature of heavy-duty gable boxes is that they are spacious to have a larger area as compared to any other tuck end packaging boxes. They can easily store multiple retail items more attractively and with more shelf appeal as well. They make the product easy to notice by grabbing the attention of customers. For retail items such as rice, pasta, and other uncooked eatables, they work best for displaying commodities, including these as well. The kids’ section in any shop, bakery items, candies, chocolates, and other products can be packed in clear gable boxes as well to capture the interest of children. You can show a sense of transparency by using die-cut designs in their front panel to show important visuals of packed products more easily.

Suitable for Several Commodities

While choosing a packaging option, another point that needs to be put into focus is that if that particular product packages are versatile enough, that can accommodate many different products. The easy customization of gable packaging wholesale allows them to be suitable for several commodities. You can change their shape and size accordingly to make them more useful for you.

Work as Takeaway Packs

Gable Boxes with Handle are the most useful item. They are made by having built-in handles as their closing flaps. They are very convenient to carry and be used to carry any type of commodity that is packed in them. They do not require any extra items to carry; instead, they work as takeaway packs.

Provide Smart Display

Although custom gable boxes look different and unique from others. Their visual appeals are further increased by using special add-ons such as die-cut designs or different shapes of intersection locks. They provide a smart display of any packed commodities by using these designing techniques. They are light in weight and attractive in presentations that communicate brand messages with the customers to increase the probability of generating sales of a company.

Offers Exceptional Sturdiness

The main and the most compelling features of corrugated gable boxes is that they are made from compostable materials that offer exceptional durability and sturdiness like none other types. They help to keep the packed products stay safe and sound from any kind of damage when they are transported from one place to another. Their consumer can increase their durability by adding or removing layers of materials as per their respective demand.

By packing any type of manufacturing goods in customized gable packs, you can easily improve their value dramatically. They offer an amazing presentation that attracts many consumers to purchase the packed commodity.


Digital marketing consultant at Go Custom Boxes. Providing people with the right information regarding the packaging they should go for, for their items and products they are selling. These packaging solutions will help them to reach their goals for high selling and making huge revenues & developing high PR in between their customers.

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