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Galaxy Buds Live (Galaxy Beans)

Galaxy Buds live

So as we all know galaxy launched it’s next generation ear bud , Galaxy Buds Live. Galaxy always lives upto our expectations but let’s see whether this time it can live up to our expectations or not. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of these Galaxy buds also called the Galaxy beans.

Galaxy buds live


Galaxy Buds Live’s eye-catching design stand out, even inside your ear. The buds reflect the curves of your ears and face for a natural look. They are also polished with a glossy finish and also come in a jewellery box inspired case, which fit in your hand wherever you go. Galaxy bud live connects very easily to your galaxy devices through Samsung account. When you first connect, your phones pop-up lets you pair fast, and once paired the buds appear in connected devices’ paired lists.

Then with Bluetooth info Sync, you can seamlessly shift between connections. It has three in-built mics and Voice Pickup Unit, we get the best quality of the true wireless buds. Voice Pickup unit senses whenever your jaw is moving , and the jaw vibrates the data is converted into voice signals to deliver better sound quality in spite of all the noise.


galaxy buds live

The galaxy’s true wireless buds keeps the noise out with the first Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for open type. It reduces the background noises without missing the important things, like voices and announcements , so you can hear what you want. It has 12mm speakers with sound by AKG work together with Galaxy Buds Live’s ergonomic design to deliver spacious sound, the large driver and bass duct help emit deep bass with air flow that lets sound flow seamlessly.

It has a smart assistant which wakes up to your voice. Bixby voice wake-up is ready for you whenever you call. It let’s you control your phone without lifting a finger. You can manage your calls , adjust the volume or check on weather while on the move. The battery lasts for 21 hours on single charge and then stays for encore. Charge only for a few minutes and get on with your work. Five minutes of charge gives you one hour of power. If you need extra power at anytime , you can transfer your phones power to your galaxy buds live.

The galaxy bud live are all together very nice ear buds with all the necessary features needed in ear buds for a low price. The Galaxy Bud Live costs Rs. 14,990 or $169.99. They are available in three beautiful colorways . They come in Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, or Mystic Black to add a flashy touch to your look. These totally gorgeous ear buds a must buy for all those who want long lasting power and different features.

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