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Geography and Why It Should Form a Part of Education in this Era

Kids deserve a high-quality education, especially when it involves geography. For instance, when you use a pencil, you have the entire world in your fingers as its raw materials have traveled from all over the world. Therefore, comprehending the pencil development will help you understand the diverse countries and their commerce, transport networks, and global trade. Further, you can understand manufacturing, markets, politics, productions, economies, and export.

However, in the correct instructor’s hand, a pencil can become a humble geography lesson that can inspire learners to explore exciting questions and provide geography homework help. For instance, the environmental influence of logging softwood forests to generate the shaft for pencils. The conditions of work for paint factories in Kazakhstan when it comes to the production of the yellow casing. The covid-19 pandemic situation and its impact on the Thai rubber industry, etc.

The absence of geography can forestall the mystery of how everything and the world fit together. Therefore, geography serves as a vision and skill of opening the learning doors to students to comprehend the globe’s interconnection.  You can get insights to link together connections besides measuring the individual actions and how they can transform the planet. Additionally, it can assist students in assessing the benefits and costs besides seeking solutions to the diverse, complex questions surrounding the subject of our planet. Therefore, geography offers an ideal avenue to address these challenges, especially in this dispensation.

Current Situation

In this era of crises such as a downturn in the global economy, a global health pandemic, a persisting climate crisis, deep-rooted racial unrest, and political partisanship in the US, learners have to come of age while taking in all these. Additionally, learners have to also contend with the unfamiliar learning environment and family hardships occasioned by Covid-19.

However, optimism remains as young individuals worldwide and their educators prove pivotal in offering solutions to the planet’s pressing challenges. If you equip a student with knowledge in geography, it implies equipping them with critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and change agitation, which the planet sorely needs. Therefore, a high-quality geography education becomes crucial to students, and everyone owes their kids this.

It also becomes critical to note that what all this implies entails more than rote memorization of the countries and ranges on a specific map. It entails the visualization of the entire picture. It should entail visualizing the future and transforming it in instances where you do not like what the future holds.

Key it all these entails the magic that geography holds: cutting across diverse disciplines. You do not need more geography instructors or the incorporation of extra geography classes. You can integrate geography into the existing lesson plans, such as those in science, art, or history. In this manner, learners will have the opportunity to engage with real issues.


While the covid-19 pandemic situation and the restrictions enforced have led to diverse challenges in learning, it becomes crucial to face the challenge and grow together. Therefore, explore the intersection between experience and place to provoke thoughts that can offer solutions, especially in this unprecedented moment.

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