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Gifts for Covid Couples Who May Need a Little Extra Love Right Now

Are you looking for gifts for covid couples? Don’t know what gifts to buy for her/him? COVID-19 has been a major reason for the cancellation of various weddings in the year 2020. The feeling of getting the wedding postponed or canceled is a mixture of disappointment and frustration. It is very difficult to understand the feelings of a couple who are stuck in a situation where they cannot get married or can’t make any arrangement for their event. At this point of time, the best thing you can do to bring a smile on their face is to send them a small gift or message which will describe that they are still on your mind and waiting for the day. There are a variety of gift options to choose from. Some of them are listed below:

  • Gift a Customized Anniversary Photobook 

Photobook is one of the most memorable things to gift someone. It will be more memorable and special for the person who has just got her or his wedding canceled. Gift your friend a customized photo book on the original wedding day to honor their new wedding day. Fill the book with pictures of the couple and add some messages which will describe each picture. This is a wonderful gift to cherish the new wedding day. 

  • A Quarantine Hamper 

A quarantine hamper is something that can surely cherish the quarantine couple. You can add their entire favorite thing in the hamper to make them feel special. Things like make-up products, mini perfumes, etc can be added to the hampers. However, you can also try adding some baked food for the couple who loves to eat. Bring your innovative side and make a beautiful hamper that will not only be useful to your friend but also will make your friend smile. 

  • Gift a Personalized Mr & Mrs. Wine Bottles 

Wine is the symbol of happy memories. This is a beautiful gift that will remain etched on their mind for their entire life. Instead of sending a plain wine bottle to the couple, you can get your friend’s last name inscribed on the bottles or user custom labels on wine bottle with some text messages. For this, you can create your own design or you can choose one design from the various wedding labels. You can also opt for etching the couple’s name or their new wedding date on the wine bottle. To make the gift more interesting, you can also add customized etched wedding glasses along with the bottles. 

  • Gift a Gallery Wall Décor 

Gifting a wall décor must always be something that will force you to look at it whenever you pass by it. For someone, who just had their wedding day canceled or postponed would love a personalized gallery wall décor that will have their names. You can opt for a wooden frame and get the picture of the couple stuck on it and some writing etched on the wood. This can be a wonderful as well as attractive gift for home decoration which will make them remind of their new date of the wedding and cherish it. 

  • Personalized Coffee Mug with a Message 

Presenting a coffee mugs can be the most favorite gifts for coffee lovers. A personalized coffee mug is something where you can not only add pictures but also add a few lines. Gift your friend with a personalized cup where you can add a few lines to the couple or their wedding. You can also put the old date, cancel it, and put the new date to make them realize how important the next wedding day will be for them. You can take professional help to create a customize label for coffee mug or you can design your own. 

  • Present a Wedding Day Menu and Seating chart 

This is something, most couples love. A wedding day menu is always grand and when the wedding date gets postponed or canceled, every arrangement gets canceled along with it. If your friend is a foodie, you can always opt for this option. But for this gift, you may need to perform some digging. You need to find out what was the menu on their original wedding date. Once you get to know that, create a beautifully decorated food hamper for your friend and include most of the food items you have found out, and send it to them. Apart from wedding day menu, you can gift wedding seating chart of guests that will help them in wedding arrangement and reduce stress or managing gusts. 

  • Present Customized T-Shirts for Bride and Groom 

Though customized t-shirts are too common nowadays, gifting a pair of customized t-shirt is a great idea for bride and groom. Why should only one take all the fun? Gift a personalized t-shirt with printed customized message to both for the bride and the groom. Twining is a new fashion and hence, this is a wonderful gift for a couple who needs some love. Print some emojis, text or cartoon characters defining the bride and the groom to make it more fun. 

  • Order a Wedding Day Cake 

A wedding day cake is very special for every couple. But when the wedding day gets postponed or canceled, there is no chance of cutting the cake on that day. Why don’t you create a chance for them? If you are good at baking cakes, you can try making one for them as it will be more special. But if you are not, don’t spoil their event, well aware of baking cakes, never mind, you still have the option to buy a beautiful wedding cake for them. You can order a cake online and create a chance for them to cut a cake on their original wedding day.

  • Decorative Wedding Venue with Wedding Day Candle 

Scented candles are great to make a day memorable for their beautiful fragrance. If you want your friend to remember both the original and new wedding date, gift two customized scented candles. One for their original wedding day and the other one for their new wedding day. This way they will have a memory of the fragrance of both the dates.

Candles play an important part in wedding day to celebrate wedding day, but the main point is how and what size and colour or candles to be used to suit any wedding colour theme. You can give some candle scents to the fragrances for her special day or design wedding venue, tables and other things with the customized candles. 

  • Gift a Custom Map of the Night Sky 

A star map is a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give someone. The sky looks different on all days. Capture the sky on the day of your friend’s original wedding day and gift it as a memory to celebrate the new wedding day. You can also caption it with the name of the couple and a small quote below it. Also, specify the old as well as the new date to make them cherish both the dates through this beautiful gift.

After months of planning, the cancelation or postponement of the wedding is devastating. Hence, the only way one can go through this feeling is by having the support of their loved ones beside them. Choose one of the above-mentioned gifts to make them feel better if not elated. This gesture of yours will definitely be appreciated.



Chris Myers is a writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. Chris Myers has a BA in English & Journalism and wide-ranging background in digital media.

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