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Could we use CBD oil to relieve stress diseases?

The alarm clock rings very early, the children have to go to school, everyone is waiting for breakfast, the dog has to go out, and the children have to be driven to school. Then it goes on to work.

Pick up the children at lunchtime, lunch, homework and much more. No wonder that many people suffer from stress with such a daily routine.

Stress in itself is not harmful, and it is also not a disease. There is even stress that provides the inner drive, positive stress.

However, there is also negative stress. If this persists in the long term, it can trigger diseases. In the worst case, stress can even lead to burnout. CBD oil may be able to help alleviate negative symptoms.

You can also find out what you need to know about CBD oil here, today we will tell you more about best CBD oils and stress.

Stress in our daily life

The stress diseases that occur very often today, such as depression, burnout or anxiety disorders, have been traced back to a disturbance of the brain metabolism by scientists since the 1990s. This metabolism of the brain is different in every person. That may also be the reason why some people are more sensitive to stress-related illnesses than others.

However, the good news is that CBD is said to influence this brain metabolism positively. Thus, it could be possible that CBD can be used to treat stress-related illnesses. It is also possible that CBD could help prevent these diseases.

CBD oil is good against stress … but not intended for increasing performance

Anyone who now believes that they can take CBD during stress and then work through it indefinitely is mistaken. CBD is said to be able to relieve stress-related symptoms. But that does not mean that the current lifestyle can be continued.

First, the cause of the stress should be found out. Second, the intake of CBD should also be accompanied by adequate rest breaks, a healthy diet and, of course, avoiding drugs, medication, nicotine and alcohol.

Then it is entirely possible that CBD can help alleviate symptoms in times of stress.

The great advantage of taking CBD is that there are no side effects, and the active ingredient can therefore be taken over long periods without any problems.

Possible effects of CBD oil on the endocannabinoid system

This system is responsible, among other things, for the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, sleep, appetite, immune processes and also the perception of pain. The job of the endocannabinoid system is to keep the body’s reactions in balance. Stress can disrupt this system, as a result of which people get sick.

All mammals, as well as fish, birds and reptiles, have an endocannabinoid system. It is made up of cannabinoid receptors that span the entire body. However, these receptors are most concentrated in the immune system and the central and peripheral nervous systems. If health problems arise, the body’s cannabinoids are released by the endocannabinoid system, which is supposed to restore the balance. However, this system does not always work, one reason for this being, for example, chronic diseases.

The endocannabinoid system consists of endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors and enzymes. The endocannabinoids are very similar to the phytocannabinoids, i.e. the cannabinoids that come from plants.

It also includes CBD. To make it clear that these are cannabinoids formed in the body, they are given the prefix “Endo”. So far, two essential endocannabinoids have been identified, 2-AG and anandamide.

The cannabinoid receptors are distributed in all cells of the nervous system. The body’s endocannabinoids can bind to these receptors and plant cannabinoids such as CBD. It enables them to communicate with different body systems. They can also restore balance. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are among the essential cannabinoid receptors.

Since the receptors are distributed over the whole body, the endocannabinoid system can act immediately as soon as a body system is no longer in equilibrium. If, for example, a focus of inflammation is localized, precisely this problem in the body can be solved. It prevents other systems from being adversely affected.

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