Grow your business with a phenomenal uber clone script
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Grow your business with a phenomenal uber clone script

For the taxi business owners like you, nothing can give you immense pleasure than providing a convenient online taxi service to customers. But, it is very much hard to streamline your business operations without a striking taxi-hailing app. So, a reliable taxi booking app is a must for your taxi business to earn more revenue. In this blog, we can see the benefits of developing a  taxi dispatch solution for your business and the key requirements for building such an impressive and user-friendly Uber clone script.

Why you should develop a taxi dispatch solution for your business 


  • An amazing taxi dispatch app with user-friendly and impressive features will capture more eyeballs and gives broad visibility and popularity to your business.
  • Your taxi business can grow in an autopilot mode by developing an effective taxi dispatch app and connecting users and drivers in real-time.
  •   Through custom features and integrations in your taxi booking app, you can meet your specific business requirements.
  • You can enhance the quality of service and the level of standard you provide to your passengers and drivers with the development of a top-notch taxi dispatch script.
  • With the higher quality and reliability of your taxi booking app, you can get a better return on investment (ROI).


 The workflow of the uber clone

It is essential to understand the workflow of the taxi booking application in order to come up with an out-of-box solution for your transport business. So, here is the basic workflow of the Uber clone solution.

Registered users can log in to the taxi booking application, request a ride, and can pick a car size of their preferences from the list available such as medium, mini, etc. The taxi booking app sends notifications to the drivers in the nearby location after receiving ride requests from users. After the driver accepts the ride request, the user can view the driver information in the app. Users can track the location of the vehicle through GPS tracking.  The users pay the amount after completing the ride. The calculation of the price completely depends on the total distance traveled and the base fare. Users can then provide ratings for the drivers based on their ride experience.

Let us now see the features available for passengers, drivers, and admin in the taxi dispatch application.


For passengers

  •         The users can register and log in to the app with simple steps. They can use their email or social media accounts to register.
  •         GPS gets activated when the user log in to the app. This activation is to simplify the riding process as the drivers can easily identify the user’s current location to arrive earlier.
  •         After logging in, users can request a ride.
  •         Once the booking is confirmed by the nearest available driver, the users are then notified with the name of the driver, current taxi location, registration number of the taxi, and anticipated arrival time, i.e. estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  •         When the taxi reaches the pickup location, the users are informed about their cab arrival. This notification is to alert the user that the taxi is ready to start the journey and the driver is waiting for the user.
  •         After the payment of fare, the users can rate the driver and ride based on their experience. They can specify if there is any need for improvement in the car, about driver’s knowledge of city and roads, driver’s behavior and many more. These reviews will help prospective customers to know more about the quality of service.
  •         Users can also save their favorite location in the app to access it easily. It greatly helps during the situations when they are looking for a ride from or to that specific location on a regular basis.  

Features available for drivers

Registration process

Drivers can register on the taxi booking app along with their profiles. The driver’s profile can include their driving license, years of experience and desired work schedule (if applicable), and many more, in addition to their basic information such as name, mobile number, age, etc. 

Accepting/denying a ride request

 The driver receives a notification in case of a booking request raised by the user. They can either accept or deny a request as per their conveniences such as customer location, previous history with the specific user, destination, and many more.

Navigation feature

Navigation technology is available to the drivers to help them with the route to any location. It makes easy for drivers to reach the places they have never visited before, and find the shortest route to the destination. Also, they can get updates on the traffic on the route. As per the requirements, the drivers can use GPS technology, Google Maps, or Google places.

Viewing of reports

Drivers can view the reports with the details such as total cost incurred for the day, total rides undertaken, distance traveled, customer experience, average ratings from all the rides, idle time spent, and many more.

Features on Admin panel

Admin manages the driver and passenger information, availability of drivers, queries of drivers and passengers, payments, analyzes the rating and reviews and also take required actions based on the situation.

Vehicle and complaint management

Admin manages the vehicles that are available for bookings. They can also address the issues raised by the passengers and drivers under the complaint management option. 

Tracking of taxi location

Admin can track the location of all cabs connected within the booking network. This greatly helps in reducing the idle time of drivers, cutting down unnecessary cost increment and avoiding possible mishap with customers.

Revenue generation through Uber clone

Most of the renowned taxi booking service providers such as Uber, MeruCabs, and OlaCabs collaborate with the cab operators to arrange rides as per the user request. In these platforms, the revenue generation is based on the measure of pay-for-performance. For every sale, a commission fee is charged to the cab operators. The operators are also charged a fee for enjoying the facilities of the booking software. In addition to these charges, the taxi booking service providers make use of the following methods to generate revenue through the taxi booking app platform.

  •         Charges for premium car services
  •         Surge pricing during peak hours
  •         Extra charges for change of schedules or delays
  •         Special charges for other delivery services

How to build a successful Uber clone script

Developing a ready-made taxi booking solution is not an easy task. It requires meticulous planning and the use of innovative techniques to arrive at the desired solution.  You have to consider all the aspects of the taxi booking business in order to be successful in the current competitive marketing atmosphere. The ease of use must be ensured by including appropriate functionalities and features in order to promote the user’s purpose. You can definitely boost the user-satisfaction levels with the help of certain practices and through the perfect combination of technology, reliability, resources, and infrastructure. Deploy the following ideas while developing a personalized taxi dispatch solution for your business.

  •         Customize your taxi booking app and include enthralling features to give a better ride experience to the users. For example, users can choose the vehicle of choice; they can ask for the air-conditioning facilities, child safety gear in the back seat and so on.  
  •         Include a brilliant theme and attention-grabbing user interface to give an aesthetic look to your app. Make the design simple but attractive and clutter free to gain more attention.  
  •         Include several add-on services in your app. A localized call center service can be made available to the users around the clock. To ensure complete security, an emergency contact number must also be shared with the users. In addition to this, the app must be displayed in more than one chosen language.
  •         Render a broad range of vehicle choices to make the users pick from them according to their necessities and convenience.
  •         Offering affordable rides will make you a unique and best ride-hailing platform when compared with other taxi dispatch solutions. You can also offer the split fare option for the users to lessen their ride charges.
  •         Offer convenient and at the same time secure mode of payment options to the users to gain quick popularity and thereby enhancing your brand awareness among the target audience. Provide all possible payment options such as credit/debit cards, hand cash, and digital wallet to meet the user’s payment preferences.
  •         You can allow users to schedule their rides by setting the date and time of pickup. Also, display the fare details at the time of booking to make users pay conveniently at the scheduled date. This scheduling a ride feature along with the ride cancellation and trip details modification options will impress the users.
  •         A convenient multi-stop feature in your taxi booking app will make users enjoy their rides.

From the aforementioned points, you might have got a clear understanding of building a successful uber clone script for your taxi business. Now, if you have a question on how much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app, then continue reading this blog.

Cost of developing a taxi dispatch app for your business

 The cost of developing such a remarkable taxi dispatch app for your business depends on several factors. These include

  •         The choice of platforms across which the app is to be developed
  •         Design costs
  •         Features and functionality to be added in the app
  •         Complexity of the features included
  •         Customization requirements
  •         Custom Integrations


Looking for an effective solution to streamline your transportation business operations? Why still waiting? Approach a renowned taxi dispatch app development company to develop an astonishing Uber clone across iOS and Android platforms to attract a wider set of your target customers. Gain immense popularity and attain success in your transportation business by using such a top-notch and cost-effective taxi dispatch script with features that exceed all clone applications in performance and quality.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Also, check out complete guide to start your online business using app clone.


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