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How does an applicant tracking system improve recruitment and hiring?

Managing job vacancies and candidates aren’t just for large organizations with many vacancies. A further benefit of ATS software is that it increases the efficiency of recruitment software, allowing for a more efficient and easier hiring process. You can benefit from an ATS as follows: 

  • Conducting recruiting activities such as posting jobs, screening applicants, and communicating with them
  • A central location for job applications and resumes
  • By highlighting qualifications and filtering out unqualified candidates, the pool of candidates is narrowed much faster
  • By tracking applicants, you can determine how your overall process is going and where you may need to improve.
  • Easily transfer candidate information from a candidate profile to an employee profile once the employee has been hired since all the pertinent information is already in one place

Are there any improvements you can make to your ATS?

Assessing your options is the first step to improving your applicant tracking system. Using your current recruitment software, can you provide seamless and successful candidate experiences? 

What about your ATS? The introduction of a solution is a common starting point for a process, but it should suit your specific needs as well.

We can help you develop a workflow that meets your needs using our candidate tracking and HR software. Templates and workflow steps can help you automate the process. 

Data must then be used to determine what is working and what isn’t in your organization, as well as how to improve it. Your HR department will have more time available to work on these strategic initiatives once you have implemented an ATS. 

Tracking system to track applicants (ATS)

Applicant tracking system is at the heart of recruiting technology, providing a platform for storing and retrieving resumes, automating postings of job openings, and managing other aspects of recruitment.

Artificial intelligence capabilities, automated workflows, and reporting functions are being introduced into ATS software to ease the workload of recruiters, hiring managers, and job candidates. 

In spite of this, choosing a new ATS is becoming increasingly challenging due to the increasing number of platforms. Human resource leaders should consider customization options, user interface quality, candidate experience, automation features, integration capabilities, and easy-to-understand reports when comparing these systems.

A candidate tracking system: Why Do You Need One?

A talent management system will help you do more than you thought possible: 

  • Organize notes and tags about candidates.
  • Feedback from teammates is easily accessible. No need to chase them down.
  • Use templates to update candidates at each stage of the process.
  • Safeguard employee data in compliance with GDPR.
  • Real-time analysis of the market. 

As a result, you spend less time chasing down documents and chasing manual work processes and more time relying on the system to support growth, which reduces the time-to-hire, hiring costs, and overall hiring costs.

If You Have an ATS, How Can You Tell If It’s Working?

We enable data-driven decision-making within our HR software, as assessing your ATS is a key component of strategic HR. 

A Personio will generate a tracking link for your jobs page to show where candidates are coming from, as well as which channels are performing well. As a result, you know exactly where to spend your time and money to find the most qualified candidates. 

Additionally, Personio provides you with an overview of a candidate’s status and where they are in the hiring process. Consequently, when you are having difficulties, you can ask yourself some vital questions, such as: 

  • Are job advertisements ineffective or incomplete?
  • In what ways do recruiting channels fall short of candidate quality?
  • Do candidates back out of the process when it is too long?

From each of these questions, one can glean a great deal of insight, but it all starts with a solid foundation. ATSs that securely store all of this information allows you to use clean, meaningful data. 

Improved candidate experience increases the talent pool

Your talent pool will grow when you create a positive candidate experience. It is a sign that you have been lucky and are ahead of the game when you have loyal employees who send you resumes on a regular basis. The ability to find quality talent can impact by an unsatisfactory candidate experience.

Candidates who are provided with a positive candidate experience are more likely to stay with a company. It is possible for a job applicant not to be a good fit for the job but to satisfy with the recruitment process. In the future, he will therefore be more likely to apply for a position with the company. This will enable the company to hire more talent.

Identify and promote brand ambassadors

In the recruitment software, not every candidate can be hired. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they don’t have potential; rather, it means you haven’t found the right job for them yet. Avoid completely cutting off these applicants. By doing this, you will create ambassadors for your brand.

If you put candidates first and give them the best possible experience, you will see the same results for your organization. This is a win for both parties. Besides obtaining talent, you will also gain a brand ambassador.

Candidates who possess the appropriate abilities and experiences are accepted by our system for tracking applicants. This increases the quality of hiring while removing applicants who do not satisfy the standards. Job vacancies that are vacant must be filled as quickly as possible and the cost associated with vacancies is to be reduced.

Providing assistance to customers

The Customer Relationship Management program collects customer data and information, tracks their purchasing patterns, and provides that information to the appropriate departments. Customer service is, therefore, an integral part of CRM programs. Almost every department of a business, including sales, marketing, and management, should be aware of and understand customer complaints as well as customer needs. As a result, the company is better able to meet customers’ needs and deliver fast and perfect solutions, which leads to greater customer loyalty and trust.

Streamline your hiring procedure

A detailed hiring process is crucial to the success of an organization. You can improve your hiring process by creating a consistent hiring plan, if necessary. The hiring process does not end when an offer letter is signed. An organization must ensure a smooth transition from the acceptance letter to the onboarding process and into the early stages of employment in order to grow.

Make the most of the people you already have

Utilize existing team members to fill open positions to save on recruitment expenses. Engage your current team by following these three tactics. A successful hiring process is crucial to recruiting success

Due diligence should not scrimp on when making tough hiring decisions. Finding the right candidate takes time, and if you take as long as you need, the hiring process is not always efficient. Should a better opportunity present itself, you won’t have to wait around for the great candidates you’ve shortlisted. Several principles govern effective hiring.

Optimum interview structure & optimization 

It Maintaining a record of every interaction with a candidate can take a lot of time. When multiple interviews are conducted every day, it may also be difficult to separate similarly qualified candidates. Taking notes during an interview can create an unstructured process filled with unstructured data that quickly spirals out of control.


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