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Hatta Tour Package What Tourists Can Expect From This


ARE you looking for a time-out exotic and adventurous destination for your busy life? then Hatta tour is the place to visit. Hatta, a softer city just 150 km away from Dubai, is ready to host you for this adventure۔ the Valleys of Hajar mountains holds all tourist attractions -from enjoying desert safari life to paddling in waters with your family۔

What To Expect from Hatta Tour Package

Hatta offers you beautiful locations in the desert; stone made village houses, Arabic food, nighttime open-air barbecue, museum of Aman heritage, lake view, and much more, all in lavish mode. You will get an offer of pick up and drop off via 4×4 at optimum fares with luxurious tents for a night stay in the desert. Also, you can enjoy the amazing sunshine in the early morning.

Here is a list of amazing spots and thrilling activities you can expect and enjoy from a Hatta Tour Package.

Hatta Village

You will feel the real delight and honour of hosting at the Village with your family. The stone-made houses give a memorable look at Arab history and hospitality. The Village is a reconstruction of a traditional mountain village in the Al Hajar Mountains, Dubai. It consists of almost 30 buildings, some of which are furnished traditionally. You can witness defensive towers, stone houses, and falaj, the traditional water system.

The management has also featured traditional weapons, crockery, and furniture. The mosque and houses were made from mud, palm tree trunks, stones, and other materials as well. The Village was opened to the public in February 2001, which is nowadays managed by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

Hatta Lake

A well-designed lake view and associated boating accessories are also made available for the tourists, the glittering sunsets are marvellous, and no doubt the cleanliness is well ensured. Though the lake is beautiful, and the dam is 20 meters deep, you cannot swim there. You can enjoy nature by visiting this amazing place. There are restaurants and a few shops available at the lake and also near the lake. The mesmerizing view of this lake in the morning gives a soothing impact to the soul. The sight of this lake at the time of sunset is one of the best views you could ever enjoy.

Hatta Safari Mountain Thrill Drive

A 4×4 drive in the mountains gives a refreshing experience with epic desert campaigns, the lifetime memory. The off-road tours would be one of the best and also an incredible way to explore the landscape. It is also great to experience the desert safari in Hatta, which has the mountains of Hajjar in its surroundings. You can also enjoy the sightseeing of ancient forts along with a mosque that holds a history of more than 200 years.

Hatta Tour | Hill Park

It offers you a beautiful place for your celebrations and sweet memories with your family. You’d like to come again to view its beauty and nursing۔. The park was opened to the public in 2004. The fantastic park is located over a mountain. It is one of the most favourite spots for tourists that come from all over the world and also the local ones. People opt this place for picnics and also do BBQ. The park also includes children playing fields, running tracks, and sports fields. Timings of this park are 8 am till 11 pm.

Hatta Tour | Wadi Hub

One more attractive tourism point, especially for kids, is the water slides that are 12meters high, which make up their moments memorable and exciting. Take the short drive to the mountain for an exciting adventure. Rent a bike and tackle 52km of the trail. You can also book alternative thrills such as archery or axe throwing. The best time to visit this place starts from 1st October to 30th April.

You can even enjoy horse riding as well. It is one of the best ways to explore the scenic area on the Arabian horses. Charges for horse rides are different. Timings for this place are 8 am till 8 pm.

Hatta Kayaking

While visiting Hatta, don’t forget to take out time and see this amazing place. It is also one of the best and most famous places among the visitors. Kayaking is a way to enjoy the turquoise water while you are in kayak and paddling in the lake or dam in Hatta. It is up to you if you want to rent a single paddle kayak or double paddle kayak. Timings for this adventure of the kayak are Sunday to Thursday from 7 am till 9 pm, Friday and Saturday are from 7 am till 10 pm. World-class Kayaking takes place at Hatta dam, to make adventure lovers’ trip a classic one۔

While visiting this place, you must know that kayak is not allowed for kids under 16years on a single kayak. You cannot hunt any animal or pick honey. Hunting fish is also not allowed. All the boats are available at night, but some areas are restricted after the sunset due to some safety measurements.

Hatta Tour | Honeybee Garden

The first honeybee garden that is located in the middle east is an attraction for the tourists to come here and enjoy the amazing sightseeing. You can have the experience of a beekeeper for almost 60 minutes. Later you can have a chance to buy organic products made from pure honey. Even you can purchase natural wax candles and other cosmetic items. Our tour guides are very professional and will give you all the information regarding this place. You will not regret visiting this wonderful garden.

Other Tourist Attractions

Other than going for Hatta Tour, you can also visit different places when you are going for Dubai City Tour. You can explore this beautiful city and get to see its cultural side. Most of the people who visit Dubai want to go Dubai Museum and Jumeirah Mosque. Because they get to see beaches and marvellous cityscape. If they say that money cannot buy you happiness then you must visit Dubai. There are multiple tourist attractions like shopping centres, gigantic organizations which provides you with the feel of looking world’s best designs delightful expectations. This city always lives its life to the fullest.

Everything in the city provides you chances to find a decent activity that will make your recharge completely. Other than this, most of the people like to travel to this city by year-end and enjoy the celebrations of the new year. This celebration gives people a chance to witness record-breaking fireworks that are being displayed by Burj Khalifa. Not only this but you can also see the performance by different starts and galas on the beach. People from all over the world visit Dubai to witness the celebration of the new year.


Hatta is now becoming a favourite spot for tourists all over the world. The city administration has created many adventurous sites. There are numerous places to mesmerize the beauty of nature. Click photos to make them a lifelong memory. Hatta will be holding the same popularity as other cities of the world in the near future.

The visitors mostly visit Hatta for the weekend as they want to leave the hustle-bustle of the city life and want to enjoy the calmness. We hope that this article might be helpful if you are planning to visit Hatta. Hopefully, you will enjoy most In this trip of yours

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