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Banana = Banana is one of the most healthy food . Banana is very rich in carbohydrats , it gives energy to human body and boosts with stamina . We suggest you have one or two banana around an hour before your morning workout . Banana is also good for height growth and hair growth.



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Lemon is very rich in vitamin C, calcium or potassium and magnesium. Lemonade is a refreshing drink that energizes the human body instantly. Having this before the morning workout regime is a very good way to get started workout.






Oats are loaded with carbohydrates. Oats are one of the best choice when it comes to energizing your body before a morning workout. A bowl of milk and oats makes for awesome pre-workout food. You may add nuts, fresh fruits or dried fruits in your oatmeal to add more nutrition to it.






You may not feel like eating anything in the morning. But you can always drink a glass of smoothie. Smoothies are loaded with nutrients that are essential to get you through your workout routine. You may add protein powder and nuts or dried fruits to your smoothie to boost energy.






Brown Bread Sandwich = Brown Bread Sandwich is also a very good and healthy food . White bread is not good for health but brown bread is best .We suggest you everyone eat brown bread sandwich when you want eat any healthy and tasty food .






Protein Shake = Protein shake is one of the most best option when you want energy in your body. There is no doubt that protein shake is best and very healthy . Protein shake Boost Your Body with energy . We suggest you drink protein shake when you feel tired.






This is another delicious and nutritious one of the best option. Simply boil sweet potato and cut it into many thin slices. Place the slices between the bread, sprinkle some salt and you are good to go. You may also add peanut butter to increase its nutritional value. This super food is high in carbohydrates and fiber.






You can make tart cherry granola bars at home. These bars offer energy that can take you through your workout session. You can prepare these on the weekend so that you don’t require spending much time in the kitchen before hitting the gym every morning.






Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium, yogurt makes for good pre-workout food. You may add fresh fruits, honey or cereals to it to increase the nutrition level and boost energy. This can keep you going through your workout session.






Loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber, blueberries make for an easy morning snack. Have a handful of blueberries 30-45 minutes before your morning workout to keep the energy levels high as you exercise.

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