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How can you Exhilarate Custom Boxes Packaging? [Guide for Beginner Brands]

If you are running a new brand or store, you will probably have spent so much time and effort introducing its products. Being a new brand owner, targeting customers should be your main goal. But apart from the product quality, there is another essential feature which can add the product with extra glam. Yes, we are mentioning about the use of Custom Boxes packaging!

Choosing an ideal custom packaging and its sound design will significantly affect product sales. At a time, packaging was just the medium of wrapping and fully covering the products. And for the company, the quality of the product always played a central role. But now, the whole scenario has been changed, and people are much more conscious about checking the product packaging and how it looks.

An attractive box design helps boost brand sales and makes your product look prominent in the middle of so many other products. The new brands must understand the actual need for packaging and how it can work for you.

What is meant by Custom Packaging?

Custom box packaging is a simple way for brands to pack their products attractively. For them, it is just the display of the packaging with which they can target maximum customers in less time. Thus, it often plays a significant role in reflecting upon the identity of any company. You can add it with colorful fonts and great designs and have the brand logo artwork on the box.

There are different reasons for choosing custom box packaging, such as:

1.      Great customer experience:

Customer experience is not just about placing the order of any product on the website. There must be an excellent packaging experience for the customers to grab their attention. It would help if you always aimed to provide your customers with a memorable and good shopping experience.

2.      Brand identification:

Packaging is undoubtedly a valuable medium for letting your brand be the identified and prominent one in the market. It would help if you went for the calm, creative and minimalistic box design to make your brand look different and extra unique.

3.      Easy customization:

You can also opt for the box designs according to the themes and seasons. And this is just possible due to the easy customization of the Custom Packaging Boxes. This will make the box look extra appealing for the customers to buy now.

What are the Major Qualities of Using Custom Boxes?

Every best thing in the market is in demand because it has some qualities that make it different from others. They do hold vital importance in your everyday routine. 5 essential qualities of custom packaging are:

1.      They are unique and versatile

If you want to improve the product sales and advertise it better, then letting your box appear unique should be your primary role. A box with a special touch will allow the products to appear alluring and enchanting. They will attract more customers in just less time.

This is the moment which gives you a sign that now your brand is flourishing. Stay unique to be the prominent one in the challenging market competition!

2.      It can easily fit into any product

Any product which is perfectly got fit into any of the packaging is something which the customer prefers the most. It will ensure the sense of staying protective all the time. Moreover, it will also build a more vital trust between the brand and customers.

Hence, custom packaging is always designed according to the shape and dimensions of the product. This makes it perfect even for shipping fragile items.

3.      Brand identity

Custom design packages are the excellent way with which you can easily communicate with your customers in a much better way. Every aspect of it will portray what your brand is all about. But for that sake, selecting the right box design is extremely important.

Be careful with the selection of packaging material and the color scheme. Using green packaging with great material will make the whole process extra feasible. And at the end, it will build a powerful image for your brand.

4.      Increasing the customer satisfaction

Any product packaging in white or brown cardboard boxes will never grab customers’ attention. You need to pay attention over the use of different elements. This includes the name, as well as ingredients, logo, contact number and brand authorization.

In short, perfect packaging is capable enough of describing every single detail. They hence know how important it is to build customer trust in your brand.

What kind of add-ons can you include on a Custom Box?

To make the Custom Printed Boxes look attractive and charming, you need to pay special attention to the box customization. Different add-ons are available for the box designs, which we are discussing below with you:

1.      Offset printing

First, we have offset printing, which is excellent in letting the visual content appear consistently. This is how you can display the sharp images on your packaging box. You can hence use this printing technique for printing artwork on different leather, wood, metal or fabric materials.

2.      Layouts

The layout of the packaging is hence influencing the closing and opening mechanism and its whole appearance. Some brands hence choose quirky and fun layouts to make their packaging appear attractive on shelves. Layouts can be bright or soft depending on the product you are about to display.

3.      Spot UV

Spot UV is the best add-on customization, letting the box add visual content’s power. This feature will also include a shiny glass look by covering the area where the printing work needs to be done. It is hence an eco-friendly option which you can hence use without causing any harm to the environment. In short, it brings drama and intrigue into the whole printing content.

4.      Hot foil stamping

Egyptians used to add hot foil stamping for beating the gold medals into the thinner artwork strips. This is how the technique of stamping comes into formation. You can even use the stamping technique even on the smaller boxes to add a feel of fresh sparkle. The sparkling metal shine on the content and exclusive design will grab the attention of more customers.

A variety of great color options are available for the technique hot foil stamping. Thus, a few basic options are metallic shades, i.e. gold, silver and bronze. Few shades of metallic red, pinks or royal purples are also available.

5.      Lamination

Last we have lamination, another common add-on for the box customization. Lamination is the artwork you can use to add the matte and glossy look to the visual box content. It also protects the box against any smudges, scratches, as well as abrasion, wrinkles or tears. Thus, a longevity aspect will be part of the whole box surface.

Contact Claws Custom Boxes to Place Orders for Custom Boxes

To have versatile and the best designs of Custom Boxes, you can get in touch with Claws Custom Boxes right now. We have some unique box designs for you which can bring extra charm to your product display. Let your product appear ravishing with our great-looking custom box designs. Please place your orders with us in bulk right now.

Thus we have a tendency to appreciate an in depth speech communication and at intervals the minimum work time offers the simplest quality custom boxes! So, what are you waiting for? Get Your Quote currently!



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