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How healthcare has been reshaped in UAE as a result of technological advancements?

The United States of Arab Emirates is a country that has always moved forward with the changing times. UAE doesn’t like to be left behind and this is how it should be. UAE has developed itself in only a couple of decades and today they have the 2nd best economy in the Middle East. As mentioned earlier, UAE has moved with time, this also implies all the technological changes as well. UAE is very serious about adapting to technology and has taken several initiatives that will help them achieve modern advancement.

Technological advancements have changed the course of the world. Everything is somewhat changed due to the advancement of technology and it is undeniably for the better. Technology makes our lives easy and we can carry out tasks more efficiently. Healthcare is a department where the use of technology can prove to be extremely beneficial because it deals with the matter of someone’s well being. Technology has allowed the healthcare sector to grow rapidly and is considered a game-changer for the future with expected advancements.

Pakistan #1 Thesis writing service has put together some of the ways technological advancement has reshaped healthcare in the UAE.

  1. 3D Printing and Modeling

3D technology has proven to be very important for the health care sector. 3D bioprinting helps the medical officials by printing cells, tissues, and other anatomical models for patients. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has established a Lab that allows 3D printing for healthcare purposes. This will not only help with body organs but it will also prove to be beneficial for medical equipment used for surgeries, etc. Medical tools and equipment need to be precise and 3D modeling and printing will create designs that are according to the requirements. Some procedures require CT and MRI scans and still, the diagnoses seem to be difficult, in such situations, the body organ that needs special attention can be made with 3D modeling and will allow the officials to look at it in depth

  1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a great initiative. Telemedicine is basically a remote consultancy from a doctor. Patients don’t have to leave their homes to go sit and wait for their turn in a clinic, they just have to book an appointment and consult a doctor from the comfort of their home. A lot of patients are diagnosed with diseases that make it impossible to leave the house often and going for regular checkups turns out to be a hassle but it can’t be avoided because of its importance, so telemedicine has been extremely favorable for such situations. Doctors and patients can easily be in contact with each other over the internet via video conference, etc.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking initiative for modern technological advancement. AI has made things a lot easier in the healthcare sector. Storage of data, analysis of data, diagnosing diseases, and prognoses, etc are now easier with the help of Artificial intelligence. UAE, department of health has set policies for the use of AI in the health sector. DOH implemented a new policy in which the use of AI in healthcare was governed. With AI, medical technology can boost. AI robotics can carry out complete surgeries more precisely with human assistance. AI has and will help in the diagnosis of diseases at an early stage.

  1. Data Management

Another important factor in healthcare is the management of patient data. Creating and storing data for every individual patient is not easy but with the help of technology it has become not only easy but also a lot efficient. UAE has worked to establish and maintain a complete storage system without the use of any paper. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) completely transformed the patient’s records by transferring almost 1.5 million records to an initiative known as the Salama program.  Salama program is an electronic medical record initiative. Digitization of records is important because finding anything written on a paper is a hundred times more difficult than just typing in the patient’s name into a computer program and getting all the provided information within seconds. The Healthcare sector needs to be fast and quick and so why should storing records be slower?

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