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How to Boost WiFi on the PS4

Every gamer’s greatest nightmare is a poor internet connection, yet it’s a problem that many people encounter today. Unless you’ve somehow interfered with your PS4, your WiFi router and connection settings are generally where the issue is. One way to get better and quicker WiFi rates is to adjust the DNS settings or move the PS4 closer to the WiFi router. Here we have discussed some of the best ways to boost wifi on the PS4.

Slow connections on the PS4 are frequently caused by WiFi routers that are far distant from the device. Signals can be weakened by doors or walls because of their thickness. These sluggish speeds could be caused by DNS settings. The problem can be resolved by switching to custom settings or bringing the PS4 closer to the WiFi router.

For a connected gaming experience, we’ve included a number of ways to get the fastest speed from your WiFi router. Other circumstances, such as an overabundance of connected devices or switching to a faster WiFi, can affect DNS settings. Your PS4 WiFi connection will likely be faster as a result of these variables.

The causes of a slow WiFi connection on your PS4

No matter if you’re using your PS4 to play games or just stream video, a poor WiFi connection isn’t ideal for anyone. The enjoyment of the entire experience might be easily diminished by a slow connection.

Having said that, PS4s with poor WiFi connections are not unusual and can happen on any of its variants.

Some of the most frequent causes of a slow PS4 connection are given below.


It is one of the most frequent reasons why your PS4’s WiFi connection is slow. The WiFi signals can readily be distorted by solid concrete or brick walls. This problem can also be brought on by other components, such as hefty structural components or doors. Place your PS4 as close to the WiFi router as you can. A faster ping, a stronger signal, and less interference from thick walls are all provided by being closer.

Overloaded Connection:

Make good use of the limited bandwidth that your WiFi router has to offer. A slower connection results from the bandwidth being shared among several devices on your WiFi network. To ensure that you have enough bandwidth to support your PS4, limit the number of devices you join to your WiFi network.

WiFi that is faster:

An older 2.4 GHz WiFi connection has a lower frequency and bandwidth, making it slower. For a higher frequency and bandwidth, think about converting your WiFi to a 5 GHz connection. A 5GHz WiFi connection is supported by both the PS4 Slim and Pro models. In general, a more advanced and pricey WiFi router will address several problems.

How to Increase PS4 WiFi Speed

As was already said, playing online multiplayer games can occasionally become agonising due to a poor WiFi connection.

Fortunately, we’ve provided a list of some quick fixes to make your PS4’s WiFi perform better:

Router Position:

Your WiFi speeds might be significantly impacted by where you set your router. Avoid putting your WiFi router in a corner because signals will be sent outside your property because it delivers signals in all directions. Placement at a height will aid obtain faster WiFi because routers also have a tendency to signal downhill.

Network Settings:

Although there are many different options available, we’ll cover some of the most popular ones so you can get the most from your router. First, have the most recent software and firmware for your router’s manufacturer installed.

Then, disabling outdated router protocols will also aid in boosting your WiFi speed. Even though your router is brand-new and uses the most recent 802.11ac protocols, you can still have devices connected that are still using 802.11g. These units should ideally be taken off the network because they slow down the total connection speed.

Change DNS:

Changing your DNS (Domain Name System) settings can frequently make a PS4’s WiFi perform better. DNS servers assist in supplying the IP address of the that is connected to the website you enter. As a result, the DNS settings can affect how quickly your PS4’s WiFi operates.

In the section below, you may learn how to modify your PS4’s DNS settings:

How to Modify the PS4’s DNS Settings

As we already mentioned, your PS4’s DNS settings have a big impact on how quickly your WiFi connects, thus switching to the best DNS settings will undoubtedly improve WiFi connections. To modify your PS4’s DNS settings, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to “Settings” after logging onto PS4.
  • Enter “Network Settings”
  • Select “WiFi”
  • Choose “CUSTOM”
  • Activate your home WiFi network.
  • Look for the DNS screen after selecting “Automatic Settings.”
  • Select “Manual”
  • Enter for your “Primary DNS” and for your “Secondary DNS”

Try adjusting the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to if these changes don’t work.

The PS4’s best DNS

Bad DNS might slow down your internet connection and perhaps put your security at risk. The three most popular types of DNS are mentioned below for you to choose from, depending on which best meets your needs:

Google DNS: Google DNS offers faster speeds since it uses centralised data servers. One of the most dependable DNS servers is Google DNS. However, Google DNS collects information about users and distributes cookies to its advertising partners. This is done to serve tailored adverts, and even while using incognito mode, the tracking is still in place.

In order to assist users disguise their identities, Cloudflare converts domain names into IP addresses, earning them a reputation for having remarkable security standards. Cloudflare may also reverse proxy because all of the traffic is diverted to hundreds of their servers. Amazing speeds and unmatched domain protection are both features of Cloudflare.

OpenDNS: Although it performs similarly to Google DNS in terms of security, OpenDNS definitely outperforms it in terms of features. You can make your own allowlists and blocklists of websites with OpenDNS. With the help of their DNS server, they also upgrade your standard IP address.

Replace Your WiFi Router (Best Solution)

Let’s face it, installing and setting a new WiFi router is a procedure that not many people enjoy, but it is the only way to significantly increase your WiFi speeds.

Fortunately, router manufacturers have greatly simplified the setup and installation procedures for the common user.

Here is a list of some WiFi routers we suggest:

  • Router NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 6
  • Nighthawk Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System from NETGEAR
  • Mesh WiFi System from TP-Link

A solitary WiFi router will work wonderfully in a tiny house or apartment. A mesh WiFi system is a far better choice, though, if your house is bigger and has numerous storeys.

These systems typically consist of a base unit that connects to your modem and a number of access points you install throughout the house to dramatically boost the WiFi signal. They are quite simple to connect to and set up.

Take a Look at a Wired Connection

It could be best to switch to a wired connection if, after trying the aforementioned tips and tactics, your WiFi speed on your PS4 is still unsatisfactory.

The simplest and quickest solution to your WiFi speed issues is to use an Ethernet cable. You’ll need to plug in your ethernet wire to both your PS4 and your internet router. Once finished, you won’t need to be concerned about signal quality or interference.

Final Take

This was a detailed information of how you can improve your wifi speed on PS4 and get the best gaming experience.

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