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How to buy a web name for your site (best tips & tricks)?

When it comes to buying a web name, it is critical to assist clients in looking beyond a simple web address for their websites. A cheap domain name will serve as the foundation of a brand for years to come. Thus, before buying a domain name, it is critical to conduct preliminary research to guarantee that it will fulfill the client’s demands in the long term.  And to assist you, here are ten tips and tricks to consider when you buy a web name for your website.

Best Tips and Tricks to Buy a Web Name

1. Examine the competition

Examine the web addresses of competitors and industry leaders in the clients’ industries. Please take note of any keywords they use and their domain extension (also called a TLD). For example, relevant domain names for a client running a cycling business would most likely include some variant of bike, bicycle, or cycle.

When you’ve found something, you like, use Navicosoft’s free domain checker to see if it’s still available. Besides, buying a domain name from them gives a great payment option to buy domain with bitcoin.

2. Make it simple to type and remember.

Even if a website scores well in SERPs, it is still crucial to have a web address that clients can pass on through word of mouth. Also, it’s tough to imagine and memorize domains with weird spellings of words, several hyphens or any other characters, numerals, etc. Thus, this can limit creativity a little.

People should be able to type it the moment they hear it or after a quick explanation. It refers to the “radio test” in the domain sector. How does your client say the domain if they talk about the firm on the radio? For example, something like is more problematic than for a cheap domain address.

Avoid words with more than one standard spelling, such as ambience (also called ambiance). If you must use one of them, try to register a second domain name with the alternate spelling. It is simple to forward the variant to the main domain, allowing people to find the website without difficulty.

3. Avoid slang and pop culture references in the web name

Consider how you might appeal to a millennial generation today by using the phrase Xtreme in a web domain. Of course, you might attract a slew of forty somethings, but the target market would find your choice of terms embarrassingly out of date.

Planning for long-term sustainability means selecting a web address with timeless appeal rather than one that will become obsolete in a few years.

Avoid slang or use only generally recognized slang. With the internet’s global reach, it’s not unimaginable that you’ll attract some people speaking English as a second language. So, to make things simple for them.

4. The shorter web name is better

A good web name is easy to remember – and shortening it helps. If the domain contains many words, people will need to recall all of them and the sequence they appear, not to mention accurately typing the entire thing out. Unfortunately, there aren’t many one-word domains accessible right now, but we’re about to go through an important method for selecting a short domain. 

5. Look beyond the .com to buy a web name

The average length of domain name at the time of writing was roughly 15 characters. Even when broken down into many words, that’s quite a mouthful. Fortunately, as the internet grows, new domain extensions are launched, and there are now approximately 300 of them.

Looking for a unique domain that tells a story about what you do can make all the difference. For example, consider working with a customer who owns and maintains an upmarket yoga studio. You wouldn’t have had much luck if you used .com for their web address.

Fortunately, the studio TLD was introduced soon enough to make more short and unique domain names available. It’s also a good fit for the sector and would cause little difficulties for consumers trying to remember the site address. 

6. Examine social media handles

Before registering your brilliant concept, check if it’s already used as a username on social media networks. It’s ideal to have a web domain, and social media handles match to build a stronger brand. Also, visitors will feel more secure in discovering your client online, and they will gain credibility if you share all of the wonderful things you’re doing. 

7. Avoid using trademarks to buy a web name

With all of the various domain extensions available, an unscrupulous individual may be tempted to ride on the reputation of a well-known company. For example, consider buying a web name with the word Nike combined with a released domain extension and then using it to sell the sports gear you aim to impress. It may appear to be an easy victory, but it wouldn’t be long before it drew the attention of Nike’s legal department.

It may also happen by accident, but you’re on the hook in any case. If you have a brilliant idea, check sure no one else has it first by conducting a simple search at a free domain checker. It will show you if anyone else has acquired the basic word mark you want.

8. Safeguard your brand

Even if you patented your brilliant invention, someone else could replicate it without legal ramifications. An impostor of your client’s yoga studio, for example, would attempt utilizing a similar domain with a different extension, dropping .studio in favor of something else. You can deter illegal actors by registering various variations of the domain you like to protect and directing them to that web property. 

9. The use of hyphens is a close call.

If a domain name consists of two words, it may be tempting to incorporate a hyphen to improve readability. The issue is that visitors may forget about the hyphen and end up at someone else’s website.

Once hyphenated, web names were easier for search engines to comprehend and had higher SEO value. Yet, it is now known that search engines connect hyphenated domains web names with spammy behavior — and may punish them as a result.

10. Numbers are the same way.

Numbers, like hyphens, might create confusion if people aren’t clear if you’re using a numerical or writing out the number. Most of the time, it’s acceptable to presume it’s stated, such as twosisters or threedaisies . Yet, numbers in a street address or year may present a barrier and a branding opportunity. You may get around this by buying two versions of the domain and then redirecting one to the other, with the stronger domain serving as the main address.

Don’t hesitate to buy your perfect web name in 2022

Register a cheap domain name as soon as possible if you’ve already used Navicosoft’s free domain checker to find a web address that your customer would adore. Hundreds of domains are bought each day, taking them off the market. When you identify an available domain that corresponds to a brand, buy it and its variants. If you are going to purchase a new domain for your website, So must consider these steps before buying the perfect and cheap domain name for your brand or business website.

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