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How To Choose The Right Men’s Leopard Cashmere Scarf

This wardrobe item is especially relevant in winter and spring. At first glance, it seems that choosing this item will not be difficult. However, in reality, a quality scarf helps complement your style and can be a staple accessory in your leopard cashmere scarf look.

With the arrival of frost on our streets, there was an urgent need to insulate not only women’s but also men’s wardrobes. When a sweater, socks, warm pants, a hat, and gloves have already been purchased, there is only one thing left – a men’s scarf.

There are no clear instructions for listing specific colors. There are only general principles of combining a scarf with clothes. You should rely on them. It is necessary to take into account not only the color, but also the material, its thickness, texture, style. An elegant silk comforter is unlikely to go with a rough parka or a semi-sports jacket.

It is believed that the scarf should not merge with the top, that is, with a sweater, jacket, coat, jacket, etc. The scarf should stand out. However, if it is textured, and the clothes are smooth, the contrast will be quite obvious even without the color variety. However, a scarf in the color of your clothes is still a rather boring solution. There are other possibilities as well.

Choice of materials

Regardless of where you want to wear a scarf, first of all, it must be made of quality material. It is desirable that it be a natural material, pleasant to the touch. We can single out the most popular ones, on which it is worth stopping your choice: wool; cashmere; silk; tweed; vicuna; acrylic; cotton; linen. Of course, you can try to save money and buy a product made from synthetic fibers.

Outwardly, such a scarf will look no worse than a product made from natural materials. However, the feeling of such an accessory will not be so pleasing to the skin. This is due to the fact that the skin on the neck is very sensitive and thin. Therefore, contact with synthetics may cause discomfort, tingling sensations, and irritation. Colors When choosing a color scheme, remember that it should be predominantly conservative. Therefore, for daily use, gray and blue products, as well as scarves without a pattern, are more suitable.

Accessories of this color will be harmoniously combined with almost any clothing. A more stylish and original option is a checkered cashmere scarf, made in gray and blue tones.

For lovers of casual style, the choice of color is not limited at all. Lilac or blue scarves, as well as original striped products, are best suited for creating a casual look. However, it must be remembered that choosing an overly bright accessory for a man is considered bad form. In addition, you should not stop your choice on black scarves, as they age and give the face an earthy color. When choosing a color for a scarf, you should remember that the best option is one-color or two-tone products. The combination of three tones is already considered overkill.

General scarf style

When buying a scarf, you must decide for what purpose you are buying it. It is important to immediately find out what kind of clothes you are going to wear it with. The general style of the scarf and its material depend on this. For example, for a business style or a combination with a classic coat, a silk scarf is best. For a walk, you can use a scarf made using bulk knitting.

A cashmere scarf is considered more versatile, which is suitable not only for classic things, but also for the casual style.


When choosing a scarf, you should carefully consider determining the correct size. For going to work, in combination with a business suit and coat, a relatively narrow silk scarf is best suited. For walks and simpler clothes, a knitted voluminous scarf will be an excellent option. If you want to wear an accessory every day, then it is better to choose medium or short length. More sophisticated and stylish is a long scarf that can be tied in a Parisian knot or just one turn.

What the scarf goes well with

Traditionally, it is believed that a scarf is best combined with a classic coat. Here, it acts not only as an elegant accessory, but also as a collar protection against sebum. In this case, the coat is much easier to wash and does not need to be cleaned. The scarf to be worn with the coat should not be too long so that it does not wrap around the neck. The scarf thrown around the neck should not reach the waist a little. Silk, cashmere or woolen products are best combined with classic clothes.

The choice of material for a men’s scarf

As in most cases, there are two options here: buying a product made from natural fabrics or synthetics. Choosing between the two, it is quite possible that you will not notice visual differences. However, when you put it on, it will immediately become clear what you paid for. It is about the tactile perception of the material.

Frequently used materials for a men’s scarf:
  • Wool fibers;
  • Linen fabrics;
  • Cotton;
  • Tweed.

The human neck area is distinguished by the fact that the skin is much more sensitive there than on other parts of the body, so we recommend leaning towards the choice of natural materials that will not cause you discomfort, tingling or itching.

In addition to aesthetics and comfort, natural fabrics retain heat better while allowing air to pass through, which allows the skin to breathe normally.

How to choose the color of a men’s scarf

If you are looking for the most versatile model that will go well with your clothes, then you should pay attention to the conservative classic shades of gray, black or dark blue, without drawings and inscriptions.

To give the image a special style and personality, you can look at checkered scarves in the same restrained shades. Cashmere models look especially stylish and rich.

Play of patterns is encouraged in casual looks. Moderately saturated striped models will perfectly dilute the monochromatic winter look. But do not “play around” with shades, because too bright a man’s scarf is perceived by society as very extraordinary.

If you are still in doubt about which model to choose, then start from a reliable rule: for business meetings – one-color, for everyday walks – no more than 2 colors.

How to wear a men’s scarf

First of all, it all depends on what image you are using or what you want to achieve. Business or classic styles love the silk material to show off your status. But this does not mean that they are not suitable for a regular walk. Quite the opposite: silk scarves are very versatile, therefore they will fit into any look. But for walks in the fresh air, volumetric models are well suited.

Add color with a neutral tone

If the clothes are not black or gray, but colored, a neutral scarf will always be appropriate. For example, a dark red sweater can be complemented with a gray scarf, a blue coat with a black one, a green jacket with a sand one, etc.

Complement neutral clothing with a bright color

If the image is composed only of neutral and conditionally neutral clothes, you can take a scarf of any bright color – the one that suits you. This juicy accent will make the austere and boring look more fresh and interesting.

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